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  1. It could just take time for him to get better...don't give up yet!...Now 10 year old boys tend to be picky eaters by nature (trust me had a 10 year old brother 5 years ago). So..Have you thought about making some home made chicken and rice soup? Now I don't know if your son is a big veggie baby but one of mine is...You could cook up some fresh veggies.. Gluten Free vitamins are a must here at my house..4 year old isn't big on veggies...Homemade chicken nuggets using Brown Rice Flour for Breading (and you can bake them too)..I have to use Brown Rice as my youngest son is highly allergic to White Rice.. That's another thought...Keep a food diary- everything that goes in..maybe something isn't aggreeing with him.. Well thats all I can think of right now...If I come up with anything else I'll be sure to come back here and post it for you...Hope this helps some.. Steph Mom of 2 1 w/Celiac, Reflux, Gastroparesis 1 w/Severe Reflux, Gastroparesis, and a EGD w/Biopsy scheduled for the 19th.
  2. My son started showing symptoms when he was 18 months old (he basically stopped growing and stopped weight gain). At his 3 year well baby check up is when the doctor first mentioned Celiac's and wrote up the order to get his labs drawn. 2 out of 3 were positive (IGG were positive, TTGAB was negative). Ended up getting a bone age done at 3 years and 5 months had bone growth of 2 year 1 month old child. HGH, Thyroid, Liver, Pancreas all tested within normal limits. Biopsy done in Feb. 2003 showed long and intact villi AND patchy Inflammation (had spaghetti the night before). Started on gluten-free diet 2/2003. Shortly after starting gluten-free diet my son started Growing like a weed, and is now in the 15-25% for his age group on height and weight. And gluten-free he will remain. Now my youngest son is short for his age but suffers from chronic reflux and Gastroparesis. He is having a EGD with Biopsy Tomorrow. Kinda wondering what it will show. He already had a IGG and IGA done (twice, but I only know the first set of results= IGA 19, IGG 28). But I will be sure to let you all know how that goes...Hope this helps...Steph
  3. Why Can't Doctors Agree?

    Well Gluten Free it is to be. My youngest son has a biopsy scheduled for tomorrow morning (trying to figure out why his Reflux is soooo bad. As for my oldest the GI doc can discharge him from his care, and I think I'll just let his Pediatricians deal with what they can for him. I'll try to keep you all posted but sometimes I can be rather forgetful. Thanks for all the support it is greatly appreciated (you truly don't know how much so)....Steph
  4. Sweetneet, Unfortunately for most of the tests for Celiac's you must be eating Gluten containting products. The only one I can think of is the HLA-DQ2 which checks for a certain gene. But for the IGG, IGA, TTGAB and the biopsy you have to be eating Gluten. There is always Enterolab, though I must admit that I am not sure on the reliability as I have not used them *yet*. Hope this helps you out some..Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Steph Mom of two. One with Gluten Enteropathy, Reflux, Gastroparesis. Youngest with Reflux and Gastroparesis (scheduled for Biopsy tomorrow morning).
  5. Why Can't Doctors Agree?

    His previous GI ordered the HLADQ2 but the results hadn't come back when he saw the New GI (must admit laziness on my part- forgot that he had to have them done and so they didn't get done until the week before his appt). But I am going to make sure that his pediatrician keeps a eye out for it (just want to know what the results were as my son doesn't take being poked by needles very well), but to be honest I am not sure it matters...given his favorable response to the diet I am not planning on taking him off of it anytime soon...Thank You all for your continued support..Steph
  6. My sons both suffer from Gastroparesis. My 4 year old has had the IGG, IGA, TTGAB, Endoscopy with Biopsy: IGG 118, IGA 48, TTGAB Neg., EGD w/biopsy: Long and intact villi, patchy inflammation present. Now I had emailed a dr (sorry can't remember who) re: my 4 year old and he replied with this "Celiac Disease can cause Gastroparesis"..I almost fell out of my chair. Now my sons Ped. GI says since Biopsy was Negative that my son does not have Celiac Disease. I and my Pediatrician say "Since he has responded so favorably to the gluten-free diet (no more tummy aches, constipation, and he is finally growing and gaining weight- catching up to his age group in both categories) that he does have Gluten Enteropathy and that he is staying on the diet. I hope this helps some...Sorry I cant find the email that I had showing the reply...but I couldn't help but answer you post..I would have to say that yes it's possible to have celiac disease and Gastroparesis (as in my sons case the Gastroparesis was caused by Gluten Enteropathy). but that is just my opinion and I am not a doctor..Hope this helps some..Steph
  7. Okay...well I just took my sons to see the New GI doc (old GI doc is retiring) and I must say that I am not impressed..Just looking for opinions here..and it's been a while since I posted (last time I posted was on the "old" board). My oldest son, Daniel, is 4 years old. First noticed that we were having problems when he was 18 months old (he basically stopped growing). Took Pediatrician til he was three to say okay there's something wrong here..Does a slew of lab work. On first round of labs everything came back wnl...2nd round of labs and a bone age everything came back not normal...IGG 118 and IGA of 48. Carotene 6. TTGAB was negative. Biopsy showed long and intact villi but patchy inflammation. oh Bone Age was 2 years 1 month (He was 3 years 6 months old at the time). Pediatrician said to try him on a gluten-free diet for 6 months, eventhough GI doc said to leave him on a reg. diet. 6 months later and still gluten-free, he is catching up on his height and weight, has more energy and no longer has dark circles under his eyes (a new child!!- and Mommy is a Happy Camper!)..Now he saw his GI doc today...He says biopsy neg., ttgab neg, therefore no need of gluten-free diet. However his pediatrician disagrees and says that due to my sons response to gluten-free diet that he feels he has Gluten Enteropathy (went from wearing 18 month old clothes to now weaing 4T and 5T clothes all in 8 months). So now GI doc is d/c'ing his Reflux Meds (Reglan and Zantac) and wants me to put my dear baby on Gluten again and says if he starts having problems then give me a call.. I say NOT!! I have seen too much improvement in my son the last year (almost a year gluten-free- Feb. 18 2003) to even want to try and give him Gluten Again...No Way!...I guess what I really need is your guys opinions...I think I am doing what is right in the best interest of my son but it would be nice to have others opinions to confirm this feeling...so...Give your opinions...Thanks soo much in advance...Stephanie7297..Mother of 2 boys (1 with what I feel is CS, the youngest with GER, Gastroparesis and a upcoming EGD w/biopsy)
  8. My youngest son had problems with Rice Cereal too. Made his gas and colick worse and even broke him out in a rash (all over) and the most horrible diaper rash I have ever seen. He also had problems with formula. He ended up on Alimentum. Don't know if my youngest son has Celiac's but my Oldest son does, so both my sons are Gluten Free.