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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey buddy I sent you an email saying this I'm currently completing the ADF recruitment process (applying for General Service Officer Part-time Reserve) and have attended a YOU session and submitted my medical questionnaire. Due to my Coeliac disease I have been classified as Class 4 - permanently unfit for service. Though I am currently compiling an appeal as my only symptom of the disease is mild bloating which I do not believe will interfere with any duties I may be required to undertake during service (especially considering I am applying for the reserves). Does anyone out there know what the chances are of a Coeliac successfully appealing an unwarrented medical classification? I understand that there are Cealiacs who are active members of the ADF who only became diagnosed after their recruitment. If the appeal process is unlikely to succeed what other options are available? Is it possible that the medical questionnaire and associated files are discarded after a certain period of time and I will be able to reapply then without including the unnessecary complication of the Coeliac condition? (I understand that if I did not disclose that I have cealiac disease in the questionnaire than it would not not have been an issue as the standard medical examinations do not test for the disease.) Thanks in advance for any help in this situation, I'm determined to prevent my negligently mild condition from influencing my career. Aaron Hope you can help me out mate, Cheers