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  1. UPDATE: I saw my Ped today who said the test results are borderline positive, so they have suggested that I try a Glutten free diet with my son for a month. Just wondering, have any of you had borderline results and continued with the treatment? I'm wondering how accurate the results are for a young child? Thank you for your time!
  2. My son has been suffering from what has been called extremly rare & severe full body eczema for months now. It actually first when he was 4 mths old in his diaper area and has recently spread to his whole body. Everyone is confused by what it is caused from (we are doing a biposy soon) but I recently went to an Allergist to do some testing. He gave me the results today and didn't really explain them, instead just said that he was negative for everything. After I left, I saw that 2 levels were actually low and he made a note to retest him in a year. My question, can someone help me figure out what the low parts are/what do they mean? His Celiac Disease Comprehensive Panel: TTG Antibody, IGA- <3 (normal is <5) Gliadin Antibody (IGA)- <3 (negative <11) IGA, Serum- 17 (normal range 24-121) LOW TTG Antibody, IGG- <3 (negative <7) Immunoglobulin G- 522 (normal 533-1078) LOW Immunoglobulin M- 52 (normal 26-218) Immunoglobulin E- 19 (<OR=93) So like I said, the doctor said he was fine, my question is what are the low results? I'm confused by what they mean. All I got was the little note saying to retest in a year. Thank you for all of the help. I really appreciate it.