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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I ordered a bunch of Rancho Gordo and am still trying them out. Shipping is a flat rate, so order with a friend, to save. Cheaper than any organic or heirloom beans I can find locally at Whole foods. So far they are great.
  2. I had DH or eczema/psoriasis all over my neck and scalp and that has almost completely gone since going to Dessert Essence gluten free products - I think I react to all those other harsh chemicals in regular products. Redken was killing me.
  3. I have been asking in Atlanta for the last 6 months and no test market here...go figure. Mellow Mushrooms are everywhere in Atlanta, and when I ask, they look at me like they have never heard of gluten free pizza. Only one midtown store said they really wanted to offer it.
  4. Mourning The Loss Of Gluten?

    I was the biggest baby and went into a depression over bread, pizza, gravy and my normal way of cooking. At first it seemed impossible. Eating out is the worst and I still get glutened. I am fine with it now, if that is what it will take to get rid of my rash. Udi's products, Homemade pizza with glutino or similar frozen crust. The expense kills me. Get up to date on all skin, shampoos, cosmetic, dental preparations.
  5. I think gas, as well as slow digestion causes mine. Mine has improved since going gluten-free. Some theories are candida, soy, diary, wheat as well as food allergies cause bloating.
  6. Probiotics And Enzymes

    While I don't buy into the enzymes working on gluten enough to relieve an attack, these enzymes could still be useful for general digestion enzymes. Even MD's are prescribing enzymes. If one starts out slow and takes enzymes in low doses for their particular digestive issues, it might help and be worth a try for me, at least.
  7. From what I have been reading people respond well and some respond poorly to different probiotics and enzymes, depending on what enzymes they might be missing, what food gives them trouble, and what supplement ingredients they react to. It also seems to greatly depend on how sick you are, as well as other digestive issues.
  8. Probiotics And Enzymes

    I have been researching this a bit. I found this site today. http://www.enzymestuff.com/ There are all sorts of enzymes and probiotics for a multitude of issues. Dosage varies greatly, but easing into them is important. Enzymes can also be found thru juicing and raw foods. I think I am going to try Enzymedica gluten free (they make many types for many issues. I am als0 green juicing. No enzyme is going to allow anyone to ingest gluten as part of the diet. But I have severe skin issues which can be caused by DH,celiac, leaky guy, allergies, auto immune issues, all of which may be helped by cleaning up diet, juicing, enzymes and probiotics along with going Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, casein free.
  9. Home Remedies

    Interesting about urea being aggravating - it is in a lot of lotions for dry skin.
  10. What Does Dh Look And Feel Like?

    I got purple scars on some areas, especially in the beginning. I still have remnants of a few of the first places.
  11. The Hives Are So Bad

    I have some areas that look just like that. I feel prickly burning sensation before the itch begins too. That is how I know it is not a scratch first then itch syndrome that the doctors try to convince you of.
  12. Bout To Lose My Noggin- What Is Making This Worse?

    I sympathize - I have been having bad attacks and don't know if I got glutened or if I even have DH. I just went off dairy a few days ago - again. I am also try to get 20-30 minutes of sunshine a day - I used to tan a little and had great skin. As for shampoo - I switched to Dessert Essence gluten-free Coconut Shampoo in the tube. My scalp is much better and my neck base has cleared up. You can get this at most healthfood stores and whole foods. I just use this for soap (when I need soap). I just have not been using a lot of makeup or beauty products. Mascara and lipgloss. Trying to get the diet as clean as possible and not giving up. Wheat and wheat products were making me fat. I have lost a lot of weight, and taking the advice of others and not going crazy with gluten-free baked goods. I find Udi's bread in moderation and Whole Food gluten-free bakery cheese biscuits are a good treat. I backed off of my green juicing and it has hurt my health and I think affected the rash. I have been using lac-hydrin but it burns and irritates the worst areas of rash. It is great for the rest of my skin. I use lubriderm free on the other areas.
  13. I bought the food for life rice flour like tortillas and they are terrible. I wonder if mine are old or something. They are like glue and cardboard. On the other hand I like the sprouted corn tortillas. All corn tortillas need a little moisture and wrapped up in foil when heating for pliability. Can quick heat them in a skillet.
  14. Just ok tasting. 2 of them gave me a stomach ache.
  15. I like Mary's Gone Crackers. Good with cream cheese type of spread or with salads, they are crunchy. Udi's bread and blueberry muffins. Ktoos chocolate cookies are ok, the vanilla ones are gritty. I like Amy's mac and cheese, as well as a few of the frozen dinners. Pamelas lemon shortbread cookies are ok, as well as the little chocolate bites. So far I like Whole Foods Cheese Biscuits and I will try other things. Don't care for almond crackers by blue diamond. Rice tortillas are terrible, but Corn tortillas are good, sprouted corn are hearty but pretty good