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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. It took me approximately 9 months of going gluten free before all my issues cleared up. I have been educating my 3 adult children for about 5 years. They have almost completely healed during those 9 months. My condition was severe. I went on disability and remained on disability for about 1 year and hope to return to college to retrain for the work force. I devoted those 9 months to monitoring my diet and taking care of me.
  2. Dating

    I think it would be cool to have a gluten-free establishment.
  3. happy and healthy

  4. Relapse?

    Other intolerances/sensitivities are probably rearing their ugly head.....after a year of trial and error I discovered I was GI, THEN I diagnosed myself with Oral Allergy Syndrome before allergist confirmed it. I'm allergic to at least 77 items to varing degrees. The primary are dairy, wheat, raw vegatables and fruit, as well as nuts and tree nuts. Extremely sensitive to yeast. Cinammon is definitely a no-no.
  5. My 1st time back in months....this makes me wonder why I stayed away so long....I think I'm feeling much better now, thank you very much....also ready to give dating a try,again... lol!
  6. Something Made Me Sick...?

    I finally booked an appointment with an allergist after I initiated an eliminations diet 5 years ago. The list of allergens was growing. I was tired of the restriction,frustrated and desperate for answers. I gave him a list of suspected allergens, and he added a few that I suspected. The test was positive for all of them. Self diagnosed as gluten intolerant/carb addicted with multiple allergies. Allergist confirmed my suspicions. 6 months ago I started making meals from scratch from gluten-free free and organic products. gluten-free products were making me ill and ADHD. Now, I have to inspect every package to ensure that they were manufactured in an allergen free assembly line. I feel okay now, and hopeful that my digestive tract will continue to improve. Its a real pain in the posterior, and I turn into a ogre when I have to be so picky. But, its way better than being ADHD, and told by friends that I'm being a so and so.
  7. I had to give up cat sitting for a friend because the cat was making me sick whenever she licked me. It was even harder to leave a relationship because of the gluttening from kissing. As much as we love our SO they can make us deathly sick. He didn't wash his hands or brush his teeth before establishing contact. I was sick for 6 weeks after. He met me after work so his clothes were contaminated as well. I withdrew from friends and relatives, then signed up for various support groups on the net, until my immune system improved. Loved ones can communicate with me via a prominent social group. I'm educating them while still maintaining a safe distance from contaminants. Even a hug will do me in. It is definitely a crazy life we lead. Most people think we are paranoid. What's interesting is that this is hereditary. Those same people are suffering from allergies and food sensitivities, and they are living in denial. Hopefully, they will learn something from us, and one day thank us for educating them about GI/Celiac Disease/Autoimmune diseases.
  8. I started seeing a doctor, when I was about 10 years old because I would get an occasional irregular heart beat. He said it was a heart murmur and that I would grow out of it. I went to another doctor because I wasn't convinced it would go away. Also, I complained of migraines and constipation. The doctor prescribed aspirin and laxatives. For about 4 years I continued searching for a doctor to give me answers that satisfied my concerns. During that time I started eliminating foods such as dairy, most vegetables and fruit, and lived on a diet of mostly fish, rice and corn. I noticed the symptoms went away, so I just continued to subsist on those items. Fast forward a decade, and a change in diet, that included fast and processed food. This change was a result of living a busy life in the city. Within 4 years my health deteriorated to the point my thyroid stopped functioning. 2 years later I returned to old diet but it took several more years before I started to recuperate from heart palpitations, panic attacks, irritability, skin eruptions, hives, sneezing, itchy eyes.... 3 years ago I started to notice that within minutes of consuming certain food my heart would pound wildly. Last year, the frequency increased to the point that just about everything I touched or ate caused my heart to race. I knew my immune system was deteriorating. I started to consume only seafood, rice and corn again. The symptoms have all but disappeared. I noticed a rapid deterioration of my body after consuming gluten. It was worse after ingesting carbs. Irregular heart beats have been an indicator of allergies since I was a kid although most doctors didn't have a clue what was wrong with me or how to treat it. Although I new I had multiple allergies that responded well to a change in diet I needed proof from an allergist that I am GI and allergic to many item. I've since been diagnosed with Oral Allergy Syndrome, and Gluten Intolerant. The allergist recommended I remain on my diet. No more wild irregular heart beats.
  9. I shopped for a doctor who would listen to my concerns and understood celiac disease/gluten intolerance. Now, I plan to return to a specialist I met 17 years ago after my thyroid stopped functioning. I self diagnosed my condition of food sensitivities, then I went to a Naturopath to confirm my diagnoses. I returned to my GP to order blood tests, then requested a consult with an allergist. The allergist asked my opinion and I said I felt I have multiple allergies with an intolerance to gluten/carbs. 5 years prior to that meeting I took the initiative to start an elimination diet. I estimated at least 40 food, chemical, and environmental allergies. Last summer I discovered that I was developing allergies to fresh fruit and vegetables, and nuts. Until that time it wasn't an issue. That prompted me to seek answers. After much research I discovered that I am reacting the protein in several items. I told the allergist that I suspect I am gluten intolerant because I break out in a rash similar to dermatitis herpetiformis and the halitosis returns as well as the indigestion which are the result of H. pylori. He said those are definite signs of gluten intolerance. Last fall after 6 month gluten free, I decided to return to gluten. The result was severe arthritis and muscle pain. I met with GP for referral to doctor of internal medicine. He ordered blood tests which indicate arthritis and mixed connective disease. Once I resumed gluten free diet the symptoms subsided. My blood tests show 9.4 ELISA Units. Negative. That's because I've been gluten free 4 months prior to test. The allergist and I agreed that the tests would probably come back negative because of being gluten free for a lengthy period. Blood tests indicate that there is no arthritis present. He said I could consume gluten and test again, but I run the risk of symptoms similar to last fall. I am reluctant. He said I could just remain gluten free if I feel that my health is better without it. I reacted to 30 allergens during the skin test. 20 of the items I was unaware of, and I have added those to my list of 40 for a grand total of 60 allergens. The allergist gave my condition the name of Oral Allergy Syndrome. The doctor of internal medicine is quite please my condition has improved and feels my prognosis is very good. I anticipate a full recovery.
  10. Does The Craziness Go Away?

    I went for allergy testing on Jan 20th. Glutened a few days before appointment, and I prepared a casserole of suspected allergen ( items I haven't consumed for sometime). Tested positive for 30 allergens. I began an elimination diet in 2005, by fasting for several days then introducing one food at a time. Had no idea this was considered an elimination diet, but I needed to know how many things I was allergic to. By the time I met with the allergist, I found about 40 allergens. Apparently, there is a name for my condition - Oral Allergy Syndrome. Until, that day I called it the Crazy Making Syndrome. My dear dr. turned to me and asked if anyone ever said I was crazy. I was stunned then I replied that yes on several ocassions some did say that to me. He told me in a very kind and compassionate voice that they should not say that to me. Then he proceeded to assure me that I'm not crazy, but very ill because I am just allergic to too many items. That afternoon I cried for all the times I was told I was crazy. It took a few days before I felt calm again, and all the allergens had left my body, and I am feeling normal again. Now there is laughter mixed with tears. I still count my blessings.
  11. Be careful with items that say traces of such and such. Especially, if you may/maynot be allergic to it. I am allergic to items that never bothered me before. For several months I thought I was just getting gluttened although I was being ultra cautious. Then, a light bulb went off....I must be allergic to something. After eating strawberries, nuts, and grapes for 50 years, I am now allergic to them. The grapes were increasing yeast infections. I am scheduled to see an allergist next week to confirm what I already suspect. During the last 3 months I changed shampoos, toothpaste, haircoloring products, makeup, soap, detergent, gum,etc. I use gluten free vitamins and meds. For the past 2 months I have been making every dish from scratch with organic and gluten free items. That brought the greatest relief.
  12. Boy.....where to begin. Started dating new guy 2006. I had 1st blackout in my life on our first date. Fortunately, my friend joined us that eve. He told bf that it isn't me. I don't usually talk like that. I don't remember what I said, but the look on bf face said it all. He finally left me last year, after an on again off again relationship. After watching me go ballistic at a party he felt it was better to seperate. I'm so grateful. Now, I know that I am sensitive to alcohol. The brain fog is lifting to a point I have 90% of memory. I recall going to the emergency several times in the late 70s and early 80s. The doctors called it alcohol indigestion. In fall of 2006, I received a DUI, although I had consumed 1.5 drinks in 4 hours. It didn't register on the breathalyzer, but I looked unstable, so the charges stuck. I wondered how this could possibly happen. I'm just happy I didn't hurt anyone, including myself. I've spent the last 18 months telling people about my experience. Hopefully, they will seek medical attention if they can relate to my stories. I reside in a small rural town, where there are no resources to help me. I just prayed and meditated, and followed my instincts. Thank goodness I have an analytical mind. 100s of hours of research and trial and error I have food relief from the pain. I lost everything. Now, I am coming back from the brink. I practice the attitude of gratitude.
  13. Does The Craziness Go Away?

    I've had gluten intolerance all of my life. Whenever I started consuming too much carbs I would get the crazies/ADHD. The digestive tract converts it into an opiate/morphine type substance. This worsened as I go older. 2009 was milestone for me because I decided to kick the carb addiction. I wondered if I should check myself into the psych ward. Besides who goes ballistic when they can't have a piece of bread. It took about 3 months to break the habit. I've quit smoking, and drugs with no problem. Never dreamed I would go through horendous w/d from a baguette. Hang in there. 2010 is looking promising for me. For the first time in my life I feel normal.
  14. Panic Attacks & Gluten

    The panic attacks I've experienced were related to allergic reaction to chemicals, and certain food. Daily yoga sequences helped me overcome the ADHD/OCD and addictive behavior. There is a sequence to help reduce the severity of brain fog. Since I am a spiritual person, my yoga practice nourishes my body, mind and spirit. Once the panic attacks and brain fog subsided, I was able to do hours of research to determine the cause of my physical ailments. The doctors finally told me that whatever I am doing, keep doing it because it is working. I still experience the occasional gluten attack, but those are less severe as my digestive tract heals.
  15. I followed an elimination diet to determine which items were allergens. Once I eliminated those items all my symptoms cleared up. I occasionally become glutened even with the best intentions. Those flares are unbearable. As my digestive system started healing the reactions to an accidental gluttening decreased. It did start to get better. Hopefully, your flares will decrease in intensity.