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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Penzey's spices are ok with me, and it would depend perhaps on the brand of frozen raspberries but they should be ok as well.
  2. I am suspecting I may have MCAD. I had a bone marrow biopsy done in January and the doctors said my mast cells looked normal (although at the time I had quite low platelets, WBC and RBC) so I guess that would probably rule out mastocytosis. But I haven't had tryptase tested or anything else like that. I'm not sure the allergist I'm seeing knows much about it :/ the hematologist hasn't been much help either. I have improved on the low histamine diet. I encourage everyone who thinks they may suffer from some sort of mast cell disease to look into that. I am also trying to find a medication, either an antihistamine or a mast cell stabilizer, to help deal with symptoms.
  3. Worst Episode Ever

    The pain radiation to your back and chest is concering and makes me think the gallbladder might be involved. I definitely think a visit to the doctor is necessary.
  4. That's very interesting information. What kind of doctor would I see to talk about mast cell diseases? I haven't been to a doctor in 1.5 years.
  5. So their oat products are produced away from their other products? That's good to know. I may have to give them a try. I'll go crazy if I don't find some donuts I can handle!!!
  6. It's tough, I've been looking for a safe rice myself. I have reacted to Lundberg, Della, Alter Eco and Planet Rice. Lotus Foods rice is one brand I haven't tried that might be safe, I don't know if others here have tried it or currently eat it. I'm about ready to give up looking for a safe rice :/
  7. It's really annoying because so many gluten-free companies use oats. Is it something with the proteins in oats that causes a gluten-like reaction, or is it that oats are basically impossible to be gluten-free because of where and how they are grown?
  8. Saw some of their donuts at a grocery store and looked up their website, they seem to have a wide variety of baked goods. I'm a bit worried to try them because some of their products have oats and I react to oats in the same way I react to gluten, even allegedly gluten-free oats. So I'm wondering, has anyone else tried their products?
  9. Do you find that this process works for any type and brand of grains so that you can eat them, say for instance a generic bag of rice from Target, or are there still only certain brands that you can handle even with washing? Also thanks for the well wishes. I'll be ok in a few days
  10. I had the khao deng ruby red rice and it got me :/ on their website it says everything is gluten free except one of their chocolates, because their chocolate maker uses an ingredient that can come from either corn or gluten. But I thought that would be so insignificant that it wouldn't matter because their products come from different places, it's just they are all packaged by Alter Eco. Perhaps the contamination came from where the rice itself is harvested, processed, etc in Thailand. I don't really know. Anyways, has anyone else had a reaction to their products?
  11. If you have problems with oats, you may react to Lundberg rice products.
  12. Pastariso Pasta

    Haven't tried it yet, but I tried the Namaste pasta (without the seasoning packet) and I think it was fine. It's expensive though for such a small amount.
  13. Has anyone tried it? I got some but I'm not sure about it. I've reacted to Tinkyada and Rizopia so I'm trying to find a pasta that I can handle. I called the company (Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods, they make a few other things) and the lady said it was free from contamination, but she didn't offer any information about where they get their rice from and whether they test for gluten, don't produce gluten grains, etc. She just said it was safe. It would be nice to find a safe pasta so I'm hoping its ok.
  14. I saw one by Gluten Free Sensations. Has anyone tried this brand?