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  1. Thank you. I will check them out. It turns out that my physician has celiac and his wife is the nutritionists. I am hopeful that they will provide some imput. Thanks again for the information Vicki
  2. Hello, I am newly diagnosed with Celiac sprue. I have had symptoms for the last year or so. My blood tests were positive and I had a biopsy which confirmed the disease. Before the diagnosis I lost about 20 pounds. I am trying hard to eat the right things so that I can gain some weight back and gain some energy. One of the biggest problem is actually determining if something is Gluten free. I have an appointment with a nutritionist next week, but I would love some book, or web page that I could just look up the product name and brand and they would tell me if it was Gulten free. I'm probably asking too much. Anyone have a good resource? any suggestions? Vicki