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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. So it seems that Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles are fine, much to the delight of my daughter!
  2. Hi everyone. I am the mum of a newly diagnosed 8 year old and we are slowly adjusting to her new diet (and still making some mistakes!). Last summer, I sent both my daughters to a YMCA overnight camp for 2 weeks which they loved and would like to send them back. I called the camp and spoke to the head of the kitchen who reassured me that they could work with me to allow my daughter to attend camp. Basically, the hard work will be mine, as I will have to review the menu and provide food substitutions, any special cookware, and detailed food preparation/handling instructions. I know this is a lot of work, but feel it would be good for my daughter to do the things she loves, if possible. Am I being overly optimistic? Has anyone done this successfully? Any reassurance and/or personal experiences would be welcome. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone... I am relatively new member, with an 8 year old daughter who has recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She has not been well, despite the gluten-free diet, and it certainly very unhappy about her food choices. I read a reference to Post cereals Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles being gluten-free, and went ahead and bought them for my daughter. But now I am unsure... has anyone CONFIRMED that Post Fruity Pebbles and Coca pebbles are in fact gluten-free? Thanks for your help... Meg's mum