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  1. Thanks Joyce! Your results from Prometheus were labeled just like mine...that's exactly what I was trying to confirm! I think I may also get the Enterolab genetic test too, since it seems they can detect the other gluten sensitivity genes that Prometheus doesn't test for. Thanks again!!
  2. I was hoping someone would respond to me...maybe my questions in my first post were too detailed?? Or maybe I should have posted in a different category?? How about this...does anyone out there who has the DQ8 celiac gene have a copy of their Prometheus or Enterolab genetic results available to look at? Can you tell me exactly how your DQ8 gene was labeled? Did it say DQB1*0302 .... or did it say DQB2*0302??? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  3. I got my Prometheus test results yesterday and need some help from someone who is more familiar with genetic "language". My results were as follows: Alleles detected: DQ8 Heterozygous (DQB1*03/DQB2*0302) Ok, so I think I understand that "DQ8 Heterozygous" means I have 1 copy of the DQ8 celiac gene which I would have received from 1 of my parents. Right? Now, what does the "DQB1*03/DQB2*0302" mean? I tried Googling that exact phrase in quotes, but got no hits. I also tried Googling just the "DQB2*0302" part and again got no hits. From the research I've done, the DQ8 gene is normally labeled DQB1*0302, and not DQB2*0302. Can someone please explain to me what exactly "DQB1*03/DQB2*0302" means? Did Prometheus perhaps made a mistake (maybe a typo) in the way it labeled my results? And does anyone know if having the DQ8 gene coincides with having lots of other food allergies/sensitivities? I also had a food allergy blood test and found out I have Class 2 IgE allergies to milk, corn, soy, orange, peanut, wheat and garlic, as well as IgG sensitivities to 28 different items (which included VERY high sensitivities to gluten, milk & yeast). I'm wondering if I should have the Enterolab genetic test done as well to check for other genes that Prometheus didn't test for??? Thank you for any help!!
  4. The Chesapeake Tidewater Celiacs (a chapter of the Celiac Disease Foundation) will have its next meeting on Thursday, December, 17, 2009. Please join us for a gluten-free cookie exchange! Thursday, December 17, 2009 Chesapeake Lifestyle Center (next to the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center) 800 Battlefield Blvd North, Chesapeake, VA 23320 6:30-8:00pm Optional: Members and guests may bring gluten-free cookies to exchange, if desired. All are welcome, and plenty of cookies and fruit will be available to celebrate Holidays as a group. Suggest that you bring cookies in quart-or sandwich-size baggies, which will hold
  5. The following list of restaurants that offer gluten-free menu items (or will accommodate gluten-free requests) in the Hampton Roads, VA area (including Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach) has been compiled by Chesapeake Tidewater Celiacs (a chapter of the Celiac Disease Foundation). Chesapeake [*]Carolina Cupcakery Dessert Caf
  6. Hi, I just took my first 2-capsule dose of Candex this morning. When you starting taking it, did you feel slightly nauseous and light-headed? Also, you said you scaled back your sugar intake...did you eventually completely eliminate all sugars or just reduce them? Thanks!
  7. I live in Virginia. By the way, I was surfing different posts on this site, and read several of yours. A lot of what you wrote sounded so much like what I've been going through...especially the part about desperately wanting a definitive diagnosis but trying to get used to the fact that you might never get one. I swear if my IgG test results come back completely negative for everything, I'm just gonna lose it. I had an endoscopy done a month ago and the really frustrating part was that my sm intestine biopsy showed "non-specific" results. I had increased lymphocytes (white blood cells) in the villi in my sm intestine which, according to the pathology report, could be associated with a variety of problems including: gluten sensitivity, sensitivity to other alimentary proteins, gastric H pylori infection, intestinal parasitic infestations, bacterial overgrowth syndromes, drug reactions, autoimmune conditions, and inflammatory bowel disease. So now I have to go through all of these possibilities and eliminate them! I asked my gastroenterologist what these results meant. He basically said "well, just try to figure out what you can eat and then stick with it". I was like "well, no sh*t Sherlock...what do you think I've been trying to do?!!"
  8. Hi, thanks for the response. My family doctor (an MD) sent me to an allergist for the IgG blood test. Unfortunately, the allergist did not tell me that I needed to be eating the foods I may be suspecting are causing my problems at the time they took the blood...UGH! I had only been gluten free for 2 weeks and dairy and soy free for 1 week prior to the blood test, so maybe I'll still show a reaction. I'll let you know what happens. I'm sorry to hear you're having more problems with hives despite getting rid of your suspected foods. All of this is definitely frustrating. Best of luck to you too!!
  9. Hi, I'm in a similar situation as you. I've been having test after test and keep being told that everything is fine. I'm anxiously awaiting my IgG test results on Nov 19th. I've been gluten free, soy free and dairy free for almost 3 weeks and have seen some improvement but am still dealing with heartburn and abdominal pain on most days. I'm pretty sure that there are other foods that I may need to eliminate, but I can't seem to pinpoint them. The IgG blood test I'm having is through Alletess Medical Lab and they are testing me for 96 different foods. Do you know how many foods you were tested for? And did you also show a positive reaction for gluten, wheat, barley or rye? Thanks for any help!
  10. This is my first post, but I've been reading the topics on this forum for several weeks now. I'm hoping someone may have had a similar sm bowel biopsy result as mine. First, here's a bit of my history: I'm 39 and have been dealing with GI issues most of my life. I was diagnosed with IBS in my early-20s based upon my frequent diarrhea symptoms. For the most part, I was able to manage my IBS by taking psyllium husk w/acidophilus supplements twice a day. It never completely went away, but I just learned to live with the fact that I would always need to know where the nearest bathroom was located. About 6 months ago, my IBS started to flare up more than usual. Then it suddenly got better, but I slowly started developing heartburn, chest pressure, gas and abdominal pains which seemed to get worse each week. I went to see my family doctor in Sept and he diagnosed me with GERD and gave me Kapidex (a new proton pump inhibitor) which did not help the heartburn. I have also tried taking Maalox, Zantac and Prilosec and even drinking baking soda in water. None of these antacids help the heartburn. Next they ran several blood tests (CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipase, H. Pylori, and T-Trans IGA & Total IgA Level), and I was sent for an abdominal ultrasound. My blood tests were all normal