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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok - I have been on the diet and eliminated most dairy too but still have bad diarrhea. It is embarrassing and annoying. My doctor said to take Prilosec - but that was for heart burn (stomach acid)!??? How long does it take for NORMAL BMs - it is so lame to be asking this but where else can you ask other people!? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info. I had my 5 year old tested and found out that she was normal. Right now that is. I think their suggestion was to wait 3 years b/f the next test. I am thinking of waiting a little bit with my 3 year old. The GP suggested this. Of course if I start seeing something that could link them together then I will opt for testing immediately.
  3. Glutened In My Own House!

    I am new to the celiac disease world (recently diagnosed) but have had it for 6 years (pain and misery that I just "lived with") In my research I have heard after you have been glutenized drink Aloe Juice. Haven't tried it yet but what the heck if it helps! www.glutenfreefreak.com - seems like a weird site though...
  4. Thanks for the info. Was going to get one but figured I would research it first! Wendy's it is
  5. I am in the process of getting diagnosed with celiac disease. I haven't heard from Doc and all blood panels where very high - so I have a very good chance that it is. My girls are 5 & 3. When should I get them tested? Their doctor says they are probably to young unless they have symptoms. Maddi does get Headaches and egsima which I don't know is unrelated or not. El - seems fine. Should I wait on that? Also would my insurance cover it (generally?)
  6. This will be my first Thanksgiving at my parents house and they are trying to be accommodating to my new needs and I am concerned that something will get missed. I know this is a new way of life but I am freaking out and looking at the food as if something is hidden inside that can hurt me. I know my parents will have the Gluten-Free stuff but it is the cross contamination that I am most concerned about. They think I am "overkill" on this and being too dramatic. I am not dramatic at all - just careful. I think if they make the turkey in the roast with no stuffing and get one that is Gluten-Free (any recommendations?) and then the mashed potatoes and some other stuff I should be good. I may go early to make sure nothing gets cross-contaminated and then bring a just in case frozen meal. I would love to bring pumpkin pie. EASY recipe please. I think I will by the premade crust at whole foods (I suck at baking). Then can I just use the standard recipe????
  7. I recently had a blood panel done (Sept 09) and it was Very Positive. Friday I had my biopsy. However, my doctor (on our first visit and b/f my biopsy) said that he likes to do 2 biopsies. He does one to confirm and then another in 5-6 months to make sure my body is healing. I have never heard that and don't like the idea of that. I am very disappointed by that b/c it is invasive and a simple blood panel will test negative if I am doing well with my diet. I may have to switch doctors - I will if I have to but I want to have him a second chance. Maybe I read him wrong...
  8. I just got my biopsy and pretty sure it will come back positive. Haven't heard anything yet. I miscarried at the beginning of the this year (March 09) and was 8.5 weeks. I didn't know that it could have been b/c of celiac disease. I am concerned b/c I have a 3.5 & 5.5 year old and want another child. We were already supposed to start trying. I read 2 months of Gluten-Free and you could try again. Has anyone heard that? My doctor is saying 5-6 months from now. I know to him that is not a big deal but it is to me. However, if it means not another miscarriage - or other issues then it is worth it. I just don't know if I want to wait and if we "have" to I may be done. I don't want a large span of time b/w kids. I have 2 sisters and we are very close whereas my husband has 2 siblings and they don't even talk about they are 5 years apart. I know each family is different and there are so many stories but I want them to share growing up together. I don't know I am annoyed and confused. He is also saying he wants to do ANOTHER biopsy to check my status after those 5-6 months. Can't he just do another blood screening. I think that is a LITTLE invasive!
  9. I am getting my biopsy Friday and have been eating food that I haven't eaten in a month. My TTG was 152 and AGA was 207 so they say I probably have celiac disease. So saw the doc on Monday and he scheduled for Friday. I haven't gotten sick though as I thought I would. I just ate 2 wheat muffins so I am hoping for something. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to eat to get the best result. ALSO - doc said that he didn't want me to try and get pregnant again for about 5-6mths. I had a MS in March (8.5 wks) So is that about right - I really don't want to wait but don't want another MS - that was really rough...