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  1. Hi guys, Im 5 weeks pregnant and "100% gluten free" and recently getting really bloated..looking like 5/6 months pregnant......painful and walking like a duck. What do u think may be causing it ???? Thanks, Rebeca
  2. Hi guys, Im only 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and using PREGNACARE......from what i read its gluten free.have u heard of it before??? Thanks, Rebeca
  3. Im also newly pregnant- 4 weeks and 4 days. I didnt know i was pregnant until i started feeling really bad stomaches. went to my GP and He recommended doing the test - Positive. I was over the moon because we had been trying for 5 months(not too long, i know)...the doctor told i had to do an emergency scan to check if everything was fine with the baby. Unfortunately, they couldnt see the foetus as its very recent so was told to go back in 2 days for a blood test to check my hormone levels. Got the results on monday and my blood levels were doubled meaning that the baby is in the right place_thank God!!!!! I still have been having stomach aches-the ones i have to curled up on the floor(with goosebumps) until it gets better.Is it normal?????? I still havent had any morning sickness...is it normal?? I think im becoming paranoid.....i just want this baby so much.... im having another scan in 2 weeks and after that i will book my antenatal appointments...... Any comments would be appreciated Thanks, Rebeca