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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaack

    Hi aljf, We all do these things. It's important to take the best care of yourself that you can. I've been gluten-free since Dec. 2004, and sometimes at the beginning I would 'sneak' something which I knew had glutten. But, it really wasn't worth the pain and the worry that I was further damaging my body. So now I try not to eat anything harmful. Something which helps me a LOT is to find gluten-free alternatives. There are heaps of good brands around which are gluten-free. I can't give you a list, as I'm in Australia, but I know there are many in America etc. as well. Once I found the gluten-free alternatives, it seems to stop the binge eating, and therefore, you feel so mauch better, physically and mentally when you know you're doing the best for yourself. Cheers, and be well.
  3. Yes Kimberley, I truly believe in the power of prayer and the healing power of God. I have been healed of asthma, which I had most of my childhood. As we wait for the LORD to heal us, we need to totally and completely stick to a gluten-free diet. If God does heal us, and that decission is His alone, then we still have to have be tested again with all the tests necessary to confirm it. Keep well, and stay happy.
  4. How To Handle This . . .

    I agree with Ajlauer. They don't deserve to have you attend. Send them that lovely card, and have a great day at home, where you'll be safe. Your health has to come before anything else. They'll just have to live with the consequenses of their selfish actions. Hang in there, and never allow anyone to jeopodise your health!
  5. Anxiety And Mild Depression

    I'm on 75mg of anti-depressants for anxiety/depression. I've been on them for five years, due to other side issues, as well as some of the symptoms I have with celiac disease. I think I'm better off staying on them at the moment, at least until things settle down, both with the side issues, and until I stabilise with celiac disease. I've only been gluten-free since December 2004, and I am still quite anxious about a lot of things which are going on in my life. I agree that celiac disease does cause anxiety, but check with your dr before going off any meds, particularly anti-depression meds. There is no shame in being on something which genuinely helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  6. How To Handle This . . .

    I have my neice's wedding in two weeks. We HAVE to go, she is the only daughter of my brother and sister-in-law, and also the only niece/nephew at all on my side of the family. Luckily, my bro & sis-in-law know I'm a celiac and have made note of it to the chef at the reception. We're going to a Chinese restaurant the night before with by brother, his wife, sand other people we haven't met before. I'm more concerned about THIS than the wedding feast. I've asked my brother if he wouldn't mind checking that the restaurant cooks without MSG. I've also told my brother that I'm happy to order my own meal (he was going to order for us all) rather than take the risk of eating something with gluten in it. I think, sticking to the basics is the best bet. Things such as vegetables, fruit etc will be safe. It's better to be safe, and look a little different than to be ill the entire time. I intend to remember Melissa's big day as a wonderful time, not as the day I felt like cr^p all day.
  7. New Member

    Hi Meghan & SueD. Nice to have you with us. This is a great board. You'll get a lot of help and support when you need it. Sounds like you're on the right track already. Remember, we all have little accidents occasionally, and don't be down on yourself if it happens. Just start again.
  8. Cd & Exercise

    I'll hold onto those thoughts, Steph and ianm. This past few days especially, I feel really wrung out. So I'll try and look to the future and see that light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. I've been choking a lot when I eat. I don't think it is any particular food. It seems to get stuck as I try to swallow it. I've always been a slow eater, but I am particularly slow the past couple of years. Not because of the fear of choking on food though. I just take a long while to chew and I guess I find it hard to swallow anything that's not completely mashed. Meat just may be the hardest food for me to swallow. I really have a hard time with steak, so don't eat it too often. Last night, it happened again, and really scared me. I was eating organic chicken drumsticks (pan fried in olive oil) with whole baby beans, sweet potato and Basmati rice. I'm not sure if the rice is a problem for me. I get pain from normal white rice, so I don't eat it anymore. I choked on a bite of the chicken, and had a hard time for a while before I could spit it out...sorry about the graphic details. ...but that's how it was, and often is. My husband really doesn't know what to do what this happens, and so panics and bangs me on my back.. where I hurt from fibromyalgia-type pain. Does anyone know why I may be choking, and is this a common thing with celiac disease? Also, should I see a doctor about it? My General Practicioner (GP) is the only doctor I see apart from if he refers me to a specialist. I feel that he isn't interested in my celiac disease problems, so I'm thinking of changing GPs. Trouble is, as is probably the case with all of us, , my medical records are as long as both my arms put together. Sorry this is so long. I know I'm having a whinge, but you guys are really all I've got to 'talk' to.
  10. Cd & Exercise

    Stef, thanks for that. I feel so useless at times. I've only been gluten-free since December 1st 2004, so I guess it's still very early days, and as you said, it improves. It's good to know people know what it feels like. Thanks for the encouragement.
  11. If all else fails, get a bowel d%$#@#$ kit. In other words, an enema. i've no idea how much they are outside Australia, but they are fairly cheap here...$25.00AU. approx., and they are reuseable. Needless to say, you sterilize it after use. It has helped me when I'm desperate.
  12. I'm better than I was before going gluten-free. I used to have to rock back and forth, digitally get it out , and try to get rid of a little at a time. Now, it's not so bad. I take Peratine Herbal Laxative capsules every day. That helps a lot. Plus make sure you have a lot of fruit, vegetables and as it was said before..PRUNE JUICE...it sets you free! Well, hopefully anyway.
  13. Cd & Exercise

    I'm finding it a real challenge to do any excercise at all. I get really short of breath, and my balance isn't good at the best of times, but if I'm tired ...when aren't I tired? ...I'm worse. My heart races all the time too. I have a faster than normal heartrate. I can't remember exactly what the rate is, but I'm over 60 beats per minute sitting down. I get a weird feeling just above my heart quite often. It's hard to descibe. Sorta like my heart is weary. Does that make sense? Sorry for taking over this thread at this point. I'm a bit worried about myself. My doctor isn't giving me a lot of answers. I think he thinks I'm a bit of a hypercondriac (sp??) .
  14. I have black stools from taking iron. It can also cause constipation. I've always had undigested corn and nuts amongsth other things. I still have the floaties too. even after three months gluten-free. I just think it takes us a while for our systems to return to normal. It took us a while to get this sick, so it makes sense. Try not to worry too much. Talk to your doctor if you feel you need to. And remember we're all in this together to help each other. God bless.
  15. To All Members

    welcome mike'speanut. This is an awesome forum with great people who are willing and available to give support and advice. We're in this together and here to help.