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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been gluten free officially for 6 months and have not lost any weight. watch what you're eating carb wise.... try more fruits and veggies and protein. bloating might be from something you're still eating. marsha
  2. Should I Even Bother?

    It's a friggin waste of time. Don't bother. My mom and doc wanted me to see a GI specialist. Saw him last week and he kinda asked a couple times...maybe not directly but "why are you here, i don't have a clue what you're talking about. i only know about celiac disease, i know nothing about food intollerances and other intolerances." he wanted to do a fecal test to check for fat and giardia but i think i decided this morning that i'm not gonna do it due to the cost of the test and they most likely won't find anything. self diagnosed on everything....intolerance to gluten/dairy/soy/legume/nuts/latic acid/artificial color...and possible problems to raisen, potatoes and apples(unsure yet). Marsha
  3. Frustrated

    Sounds like you might need to do an elimination diet. Mine only seem to take 1/2 a day of it to figure out the suspects. I just went off Legumes and am doing better. Spend a day eating the food you think you have no problems with and then start adding other food. last week i spent a day eating bananas, plain rice, apple, hot dog....the next day i was bouncing off the wall with energy. research and keep track of the ingredients to what you eat and when you eat it. Everyone reacts differently but after a week of getting gas and fatigued the same time everyday....it's something i ate for breakfast. Also check lotions, shampoos, deoderant, meds, anything that touches the skin is absorbed. self diagnosed- gluten/dairy/soy/nuts/legume intollerent.
  4. Earth balance does have soy free buttery spread. (it's the red one). Container says , no soy, non gmo, gluten free, lactose free, vegan. Don't know if you can order on-line but the site listed is www.EarthBalanceNatural.com
  5. Glutened Over Christmas

    go back to the basic foods that are known to not bother you. Last week I spent a day eating plain rice, bananas, apple, hot dogs for protein. Did you get a new lotion for Christmas or anything new that you've been using since. It took me forever to figure out that I had to change anything and everything that touches my skin. My newest issue is I think the carrageenan in the coconut milk may be giving me gas along with lactic acid which is in my soy free butter. good luck Marsha -self-diagnosed gluten/dairy/soy intollerant
  6. New And Unsure

    Don't worry about doing this without your doctor, I've heard they aren't always helpful. Mine told me to try going off dairy and eventually did and then i went off gluten and as of last week i am off soy. there is no cheating. If you want to feel better then you cannot cheat. everyone is different but i have had to change out shampoo, lotions, toothpaste, deoderant, vitamins. marsha self-diagnosed gluten/dairy/soy intolerant
  7. First week in 6 months that I have felt normal every day. Awesome! I am self diagnosed gluten, dairy and soy intolerant. What do Soy free people eat? I need some variety.... My day consists of apple, bananas, 'hormel' deli ham (whole package in a day), celery with pb, granola by 'bakery on main', protein shake with coconut milk, and dinners i haven't figured out yet at least to enjoy them. From what I have read, the yolk in eggs has soy stuff? are egg whites ok? I found the organic ghee butter....it's hard as a rock, can it stay on the counter? is it good for baking? is there another option? is generic shortning safe? I heard once that there might be soy stuff in chicken? Is this true? are all meats safe and is organic/natural better then grocery store items? I've been craving carbs, is there a good pre-made bread available or is there a super simple recipe that tastes decent? thank you for your help Marsha -self diagnosed gluten/dairy/soy intolerant
  8. Dog Shampoo

    Unless there is an oat problem, it might not be a problem. I am a dog/cat groomer and I just recently checked into the shampoos i was using and the oatmeal i have is fine. the brand is Envirogroom. marsha
  9. Elimination Advice

    i tried the other day to eliminate stuff but pretty much screwed it up at breakfast, but by the time i got home from work severely bloated i had a guess as to what my problem was. soy. pick 2-3 foods that you know are ok and feel awesome on. if that works add something new the next day. or i think i couldn't stick with the same food all day, (i had to have variety) eat something and wait an hour or 2...depending on how fast you react to something. If you want to feel good then you have to figure it out. Marsha -self diagnosed gluten/dairy/soy intolerant
  10. Is This A Glutening?

    It's not completely hopeless. You just gotta figure it out. Chili and coke i would not trust. If you have skin issues, have you changed out shampoo, deoderant, lotions, toothpaste. Dove and Neutrogena products are safe. Some people don't have issues with these things but some do (and I'm one of them). check your vitamins or anything else you take. Days when you're good and days when you're not.....figure out what you do different those days, write it down, try an elimination diet. start with 2-3 foods that you know are ok and then slowly add to figure out what the bad is. I just did it a couple days ago and I pretty much ruined it first thing in the morning but it got me thinking and by the time i got home from work i had severe bloating and it all came from soy. when i gluten myself i don't wanna get outa bed either and the day is depressing with no energy. oh weight gain...gluten free products have a ton of carbs, also when the intestines are healing they absorb the nutrients completely. laying around probably won't help it either Marsha -self diagnosed gluten/dairy/soy intolerant
  11. i notice a difference.... before gluten free days, i had days where i seemed to have to pee every 20min (not all day, everyday). it comes back when i gluten myself and usually a couple hours before i get it all out of my system. i can go 1/2 the day now before i feel the urge...on a good day. Marsha
  12. It's not always what you eat but what you touch and products you use on your body. I am self-diagnosed intolerant but I have changed toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo, hand lotion, vitamins. The day after i went off gluten i had 6 hours pure energy. it was the same when i went off soy a couple days ago. i actually had energy at work today. you might think about doing an elimination diet to figure out what might be still bothering you. Marsha
  13. Eliminate Soy...what To Do Now?

    thanks everyone. So is it the soy protein that is causing the problem? I haven't been able to find anything much online like I could for gluten. I'm cutting out all versions of soy and will try again someday. I just wanna feel good and have energy. I really miss my starbucks drink. anyone know what drinks are without gluten, dairy, and soy at starbucks or similar places? Marsha
  14. I'm not sure how kids react to gluten and stuff but I'd say he's probably still getting gluten somehow. I don't know how indepth you have gone for him but have you thought about lotions, shampoos, meds. It's possible it could be something else starting up too. I just went off soy because i had bout 2 weeks of bloating. i found out by doing an elimination diet. find 2-3 foods that he is completely fine with. eat the same thing all day, and slowly add in other food and figure out if there are other intollerances. Marsha -self diagnosed gluten/dairy/soy intolerant
  15. Maybe? It might be one of those hit or miss choices.