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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I live in Key Largo, FL and my husband is an avid fisherman. When we fry fish (dolphin, snapper, grouper) he uses a medium ground cornmeal and adds salt & pepper and some spices. YUM! Of course, I love cornmeal. We've also used a brown rice coating (can't remember who makes it), but it was made specially as a substitute for flour for frying foods. It was good, too. You can probably find it online at some of the Celiac speciality stores (that where I found it).
  2. I, also, was told I just had gluten sensitivity, not Celiac Disease. I've been off gluten for 2 years and just recently, to test myself, started adding it back in. Well, that didn't work. Started getting all the old symptoms back. So, I am totally gluten free for life! I think that with either diagnosis, one should eat gluten free. PS Stephanie, I LOVE your avatar!
  3. I agree with Michael. A lot of times instead of too much acid, your stomach does not produce enough. Your best bet is to ask your doctor to do a Heidelberg (sp?) capsule test which will tell how much acid your stomach is producing. Too much acid and not enough acid will produce the same symptoms. A lot of doctors just hand over the Prevacid or Nexium without making sure that's what is actually needed. As for the palpitations: For years I had SupraVentricular Tachycardia. I had it checked out by my Dr, he said no big deal, so I didn't think about it too much. It would kick in every 5 or 6 months for several minutes and then go away. About 2 years ago my stomach problems started. A month or two later, my tachycardia started to get worse. It would flare up every week for over an hour. Long story short, I had an ablation and now I'm cured. MY POINT, and I do have one, is that my cardiologist told me it was quite common for his patients with SVT to have episodes brought on by Acid Reflex. Those palpitation are part of your body's response to the upwelling of acid/gas. I still get a very minor palpitation after an "upwelling", just a few seconds thought, nothing like the 180-200 bpm of old Your best bet is to try to get the gas/acid issue under control. Good luck with that, though. I'm still trying after all this time.
  4. Sushi

    The only other issue I know of regarding Sushi is to avoid the imitation crab as that usually contains wheat. Most Sushi restaurants I go to don't mind if you bring your own soy sauce. Enjoy!
  5. South Flordia Doctors

    Hi fellow South Floridian! I live in Key Largo and have to commute to Miami every day for work so my doctors are in Miami. My gastroenterologist is Dr. Paul Fishbein who works out of Baptist Medical Center in Kendall. He's pretty good as far as doctors go. He's a very good listener and spends a decent amount of time with you. I also take digestive enzymes and he has no problem with the ones I take. I was diagnosed by another doctor as having Celiac Disease because my Gliadin AB IGG was 63 and IGA was 31 (Those were the only tests that were elevated). Dr. Fishbein said I might just be intolerant to wheat (my biopsy came back negative) and to try to reintroduce it back into my diet after a couple of months. I haven't tried because I feel so much better without gluten in my diet, and he respects my decision. As far as your Thryoid, I have Hasimoto's thryoiditist (sp?) which is an underactive thryoid. My endocrinologist is Dr. Diane Kreiger who has a practice in South Miami (near South Miami Hospital). She's also very good and very knowledgable. Let me know if you are interested in any of their phone numbers and I'll pass them along. Good luck in your search for good doctors! I know from experience that it may take a while to find one you can connect with, but don't give up!
  6. Geographic Location

    I'm with Karen; message board illiterate! I'm posting to see if this turns out right. We've got a good health food store in Key Largo with some gluten-free foods and the owner is very receptive to suggestions for additional products. There's also Wild Oats in Miami for those who want to make the trip up the 18 mile stretch.
  7. I take digestive enzymes before every meal and they have helped with my gas problems quite a bit. They take away the full feeling after eating. I use AbsorbAid which I get from my health food store (I'm sure you can get them off the Internet, also). I still have some upper digestive tract gas, but the enzymes have definately helped. In fact, my husband now takes them.
  8. I, also, lost a lot of weight when I was diagnosed 1-1/2 years ago (30 lbs). I have not really been able to gain any back and have pretty much come to accept the fact that this is what I am going to weigh. Being gluten free, I have basically been on a low carb diet. Very little pasta, bread, no fried foods or pizza. I'm concentrating on excersizing and strength training with weights in hopes of adding a couple of pounds the healthy way. You might try to add healthy carbs and fats to your diet if you can tolerate them. If you feel self conscious about swimming, try walking or biking. Really, as long as you are healthy, being skinny is better than being overweight.
  9. Hi Christyg90, I get AbsorbAid from my local health food store. I have also found it at Wild Oats, which is a health food grocery store we have in Miami. You should also be able to find it on the internet. I hope you have good luck with the enzymes, they've definately helped me.
  10. I've been taking digestive enzymes for about 8 months (AbsorbAid). They help a lot with the fullness and bloating feeling after you eat. My main complaints have been upper digestive tract gas. The enzymes, along with the gluten-free diet, have helped.