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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Laura in regards to laced cannabis, this is a myth in 99% of all grass you will ever smoke, in fact it would cost drug dealers MORE money in order for them to lace your weed and selling it at the average going price of the market they would in fact loose money. If you saw a girl pass out after taking 3 hits it could be in fact a very strong strain of cannabis, the usual strength is rate at approximately 10%, and some strains even go as far as 22%. Ed Rosenthal though was caught with plants though at 30% THC which is probably the strongest known to humankind and in my opinion downright stupid. So depending on the strength/potency of the strain it also depends on how much you can smoke. ON THE OTHERHAND the 1% of grass floating around can be laced... most of the time when you do come across this it is laced with speed, or MDMA powder. You will hear myths about growers spraying their crops with morphine.... you can thank the DEA for that myth as 1 bag of morphine would be about $10,000, and the entire value of the crop. It is just not viable for people to lace their product. If you are concerned about smoking laced pot, the taste of a 'snow cone' is generally a banana type like flavour, and I advise that if you taste that in the smoke SPIT IT OUT.
  2. Marijuana useage guide by Gus. no worry about marijuana, it is gluten free. Hemp seeds do not contain any gluten and are a good substitute for flour. Hemp flour contains major amino acids and oils and is incredibly good for you. as for smoking marijuana it will not harm you unless you are predisposed to a SERIOUS mental illness in your family. Keep in mind smoking too much marijuana can cause toxic psychosis which is a temporary form of insanity/psychosis which is not permanent. Toxic Psychosis is indefinately an overdose and is reachable. It will not kill you, but it can cause disturbed thoughts and hallucinations visual and hearing. To acheive toxic psychosis you would need to smoke past a threshold, a usual person who smokes it might smoke .5-1g a night, a person with an addiction might smoke 3g's to 7'gs, in this case long term use over a period of 6 months would be a build up to an episode of toxic psychosis. Keep in mind if you do screw up, and smoke too much and the doctors are blabbing on about skitzophrenia.... do not take it to heart, toxic psychosis is misdiagnosed in about 80-90% of cases as the government does NOT provide enough information regarding it as they use the issue in itself as a scare campaign for marijuana related skitzophrenia, and or psychosis. If you have a mental illness such as bipolar, or skitzophrenia (which is caused by a salt imbalance in the brain and you are prescribed lithium chloride) I DO NOT reccomend cannabis. The best forms of cannabis are INDICA for medical applications, Indica cannabis has a lower rate of people developing a temporary form of toxic-psychosis, sativa on the otherhand is notorious for this. If you live in a state which it is legal to purchase cannabis with a medical marijuana card the PARTICULAR strain you want is called AFGHAN 1# or any other PURE indica breeds. If a pure indica strain is not available please ask the pharmacist for the next strongest indica dominant. If you do not enjoy smoking it, I advise 'tinctures' or a vapourizer. But Keep in mind Marijuana Smoke works completely differently to TOBACCO smoke, even though it might contain 'more' carcinogens amazingly there is less of a chance of developing lung related illnesses. There is not a single case on earth of one person contracting lung cancer from smoking marijuana directly, and the DEA has failed to even provide this evidence when on request. Keep in mind! marijuana is not for everyone, it can cause panic attacks in some people particularly the sativa strains. IF YOU SMOKE IT, DO NOT USE ROLLING PAPER... the GLUE CONTAINS GLUTEN I suggest smoking it through a 'perculated bong' made entirely out of glass. Many people do not understand the difference between smoking it and vapourising it. A) vapourisation takes longer, and is less narcotic in terms of pain releif but lasts longer (preferable if you need to work or study) Smoking the effects are felt within 2-3 minutes and there is no waiting period in regards to use as it is a combusted material. C) The effects of a vapouriser are different, more mental than physical and is NOT reccomended for pain releif, it also costs more to use. D) Smoking generally means you use less, even though 'technically' by vapourising the material you get more THC, BUT the problem is there that the vapours do not go as deep as smoke. In my opinion I would suggest smoking in fact or eating it. Vapourisers are only good for using pure straight hash.
  3. I would like to set the record STRAIGHT....... for people who are morally against marijuana you are entitled to your opinons, and do not have the right to force your MORALES against another person who is using it for MEDICAL reasons, an example is I DO NOT GET SEIZURES if i smoke pot, I DO NOT GET DIORREAH if I smoke pot I DO NOT VOMIT OR HAVE NAUSEA if I smoke pot I DO NOT GET DERMATITIS OR THE SKIN RASH PROBLEM if I smoke pot, I DO NOT LOOSE WEIGHT if I smoke pot, and having not smoked pot in the last 3 months and also being on a STRICT gluten free diet, I AM STILL SICK WITH a gluten free diet... but not as bad. BUT with pot I can chop up firewood, put on muscle, work better, sleep better... and I actually can dream. I do not get muscle aches, I do not crap out blood in the toilet, I do not get cramps I do not get spasams, or feel like my insides are on fire. WHAT gives a human being the right to turn around and say "oh well so what its illegal, you cant have it so your just going to have be sick because people who abuse it ruined it for you, and blah blah blah blah....ect. I have been told by doctors to 'just deal with it, theres nothing more we can do' and let me give people out there a peice of my mind when it comes to medical marijuana, my grandfather had celiac disease and got small bowel cancer at 20, I am 20 years old, I have had 6 tumours cut out of my colon. and IF one person has a go at me for my choice in medicine, which will stop me getting worse all I can say is that they are an ignorant human being. glad I got that off my chest.
  4. Gluten Addiction

    I just signed up, and im glad im not the only one who has these killer cravings........ I love doner kebabs, and burger king...... all of my favourite foods.... I know now that im not going nuts from not just eating a gluten free diet... never even thought it was possible to get withdrawal symptoms.... the smell of a bakery makes me so hungry,