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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for your replies... My doctor said that i don't have to worry about being in a gluten free house, as long as things are cleaned well, and that's how it's been in the last 5 plus months. I improved when it comes to malabsorption of fat and protein in stool analysis, but i am in doubt of the stool test for celiac. so many doctors say it's not an acceptable screening method for gluten, or not accurate, and going gluten-free for over five months should clear my abdominal symptoms at least... YES there is improvement, but honestly not worth the extra anxiety/depression that the diet puts on me... I am very strict with my gluten-free diet, i don't eat anything unless it says Gluten Free, i use my own toaster and so on, and finally, my food is so limited and basic, and lacks all kinds of sauces (unless gluten-free). I feel that Im just suffering from Bacterial overgrowth as before, plus other things.... I also susbected that the one time my stool analysis showed mal-absorption was due to taking Xifaxan antibiotics before the test and due to the presence of candida.... DOES ANYONE KNOW IF ITS TRUE THAT GOING BACK TO GLUTEN IS A LOT OF TROUBLE EVEN IF IM NOT A CELIAC, NOR GLUTEN INTOLERANCE. SOME PPL SAY IT TAKES SO LONG TO DIGEST AGAIN.
  2. How long is enough on the gluten-free diet with no improvement? What if im in doubt because im not improving much, and the diagnoses are not so certain to doctors? I mean I have always suffered from what I and doctors thought is IBS, all in my head. For seven years or so, I always tested for bacterial overgrowth and always came back positive. Always took a course of anti-biotic (xifaxan) prescribed by my doctor then (Dr. Pimintol of LA) suffered from moderate (not sever) reactive hypoglycemia, weakness, anxiety, mild depression, joint pain, lack motivation, can't concentrate, sometimes panic attacks, and go on with the unclear symptoms, however the worst of all is to eat a super balanced meal (gluten free), and still get blood sugar to drop to 70 in an hour or so. Too bloated to eat again and feels weak. plus that the diet itself has caused additional pressure and anxiety to me. I would stick to a single type of food if I see improvement, but my improvement is little, or only clinical. six months ago, a doctor in europe recommended a stool analysis, which I did, he said that i have some fat and protien mal-absorption, in addition to the gluten IGG or what so ever, the number came back to 11.5 (max 10) so i was put on a gluten free diet. also because i was on antibiotics, i had some candida in stool analysis. nystatin was prescribed. My food was limited so i started to have more eggs and milk to make up for the protein and have verity in food. Four months later and i still feel pretty bad. so i went back to doctor and he said that my stool fat and protein mal-absorption is gone, but the gluten problem remains. he rain some sensitivity tests (blood) and it says i'm highly sensitive to milk, eggs, banana, hazelnuts, and little other things that i have been avoiding for over four weeks. No major improvement. I was put on Librium twice per day (6.25 mg each) to cope with life, now i was told after four months to reduce it and cut it off, and that my problem is not entirely physical, it must be mental as well since im still complaining about weakness, bloating, mild depression, anxiety, and above all, HYPOGLYCEMIA. Those who are diagnosed properly (by endoscopy at least) are lucky in my opinion, and those who improve as well on diet. How long is too long??? how long is enough on this diet if not much improvement has been shown, I mean I even went for my fifth endoscopy, colonoscopy and celiac was not proven, we even went for the camera pill and had some MRIs done. Im wondering if someone has an advice. All gastros i spoke to said the stool test for gluten is not accurate, and not improving entirely in almost SIX MONTHS on a strict gluten free diet doesn't make sense.....any advice please weather to leave the diet or not, doctor said try and see if you get any worse or not..... Thanks
  3. thanks for the reply, i've read some posts with people who improved a lot on their hypo, some were totally gone. I hope mine goes away
  4. Hi... I have been suffering from many different health conditions mainly with my digestive track. however, i have also had some depression and anxiety etc, but the most annoying ever is reactive hypoglycemia. I have had 4 endoscopies and two colonoscopies all negative, only been diagnosed with gastritis. so many doctors to see and blood work and other medical exams over seven years of suffering. Celiac has always been suspected but never proven until about two weeks ago through what a doctor in Germany calls advanced stool analysis. showing candida as well. I have read so many threads on the other disscussion boards relating hypoglycemia to celiac disease according to people's experience and diagnostics. I really want to know if anyone had reactive hypoglycemia along with their celiac that has been treated as a result of being on a gluten free diet. I've been on the diet for two weeks only and Doctor said it takes time to heal, so let's at least wait for six weeks, but he doesn't entirely believe that my hypoglycemia is totally related to celiac or gluten troubles. He said let's just wait. Anyone please, if you had been hypo as well, did it go away at all, or isn't it related. If so how long on the diet till you see improvement?? I would love to go 4-5+ hours without being so light headed and weak and scared with 10 mood per minutes. Thanks many