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  1. I would just go with the correct (gluten free) OTC medication for whichever symptom is causing you pain. And I would throw in a digestive enzyme with every meal for a while.
  2. I just get the Udi's now, but I use to use the Pamela's bread mix and make pizza crust out of it. I would get three out of it. I would prebake them. Use one for that night's pizza and freeze the other two for use later. Here's the important part. After the prebaking part, transfer the crust to one of those pizza pans that have holes (can't do it for the prebaking part as the dough was soft enough that it wanted to seep thru the holes - could use foil, I guess). Anyway, the holes really help dry out/crispin up the center of the crust. Otherwise, to me, it kind of comes out soggy. Do you think your crusts weren't done or were they soggy? I got my pan at Target. Nothing fancy about it except it's full of holes.
  3. I voted other. I like my homemade version. The only store bought I have even tried is Betty Crocker. It's fine when I'm in a hurry and it's extremely convenient because my local grocery store carries it. I find that the Betty Crocker cakes (both chocolate and yellow but especially the yellow) are sensitive to over baking. I think they do better as cupcakes. Using the 8"/9" pan, the edges tend to get a little dry. (IMO) I think I'll have to give the King Arthur's a try as well.
  4. I've done that myself. It makes me feel bad because I was really trying to give a thumbs up to somebody. You can PM a mod and tell them what thread and maybe they could undo it. Or if you want to create a lot of traffic in that thread, you could post the link here and EVERYBODY can go take a look and give about a bajillion plus pushes.
  5. I've used mostly their cream of chicken and cream of mushroom with no problems. I use Kroger store brand for chicken broth which says gluten free on the label. Cheaper and also no problems.
  6. Can someone explain this to me? How can you be a carrier? I thought you were either genetically predisposed or not.