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  1. Thanks for the insight. Sounds like you have been suffering with this disease for a long time and have covered the wide array of meds. My daughter has done a very long stretch of steroids and just came off a few months ago. The side effects are miserable. She tried Remicade about a year or so ago and by the third dose had a severe allergic reaction and we had to stop. I think that the doctors really messed on that one. She did not seem to respond to the first two doses and they waited nearly 6 weeks before administering another. I've been told that the time lapse was too long and she may have built up antibodies in that time period and rejected it. We then switched to Humira about 6 months ago. I really hate to have her at such a young age on these strong medications, but we tried just about every other medicine out there. Flagyl worked well, but she started to have neurological problems and had tingling and loss of feeling in her hands and feet. So she went off of that and they stepped up Humira to once a week instead of every two weeks. It's so hard to not get discouraged that even on the strongest meds possible for Ulcerative colitis/Crohns, she still has not gone back to a normal state. I guess that's why I have to believe that something else is going on to continuously aggravate her condition. Allergy, sensitivity....I don't know. Humira was supposed to be the cure all and it's not working. We gave up on the doctor at Johns Hopkins because she gave up and was ready to do surgery. At 16, I just couldn't see having them start to take parts of her intestines. I tend to think that maybe she is at an age where hormones and other chemicals are constantly changing and maybe that has made it difficult for her body also. I'm determined to keep trying diet and supplements and keep searching every avenue I can. We started the Gluten free to try to get some improvement so they wouldn't double her Humira. I wonder if all the mucous could be the lining healing. Maybe that is just wishful thinking. I think I may go to the Naturopath to see if she can explain it to me. Am I crazy to think that there is something that has to work?
  2. Stool Question

    I was just going to post a question about the same thing with changes in my daughter's stool. She was diagnosed with colitis 2 years ago, but none of the medicines (and there have been a lot) have improved her condition. Doctors don't seem to want to pursue the gluten sensitivity possibility so we decided to try the gluten free diet and she is on her 3rd week. She also noticed that she has less solid diarrhea (mostly flaky particles) and a whole lot of mucus (totally clear). When she ate gluten while away on a school trip, she could see the difference. Is this a good thing or a problem? I'm hoping its part of the healing process.
  3. Hi All, I'm fairly new to this site. Been to so many doctors with my daughter for 2 years and still trying to find answers. As you all are aware, it is so difficult to get a doctor to discuss nutrition and/or supplements. My daughter was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and a liver disease 2 years ago. Since then the diagnosis has gone back and forth from Crohns to UC repeatedly. Tried every medication know for these diseases and sometimes five at a time. At one point she was taking 22 pills a day. Her white blood count is so low due to the imunosuppresents. I started to do my own research on Celiac since the doctors never tested her. The doctor she has now, just did some testing for the first time and it came back negative. From what I've been reading, that is not too uncommon. I have to believe that something must be going on in her body that is continuously aggravating her intestines. Why else would none of these medicines work after two years? We went gluten free almost 3 weeks ago. She has been coming off of some of her meds and her condition is stable which is a good sign considering at one point she spent a week in the hospital due to dehydration, extremely high fever and bleeding. It's so hard to tell if it is the diet or she is just responding to some medicines. I am a thorough believer that we have to heal the body, not just treat the symptoms and will do anything to help my daughter live an easier life. We're getting used to the gluten free concept.....although it can be a bit challenging to get what you need in your pantry to cook all your meals. Luckily, she loves to cook. My big question is this. Before we started the diet, she used to have blood and mucus (occasionally) in her diarrhea which has been a permanent thing for two years. Bleeding seems to have stopped, but on the gluten free diet, she has a lot of mucus and things seem to digest less. She went away on a school trip and had to eat some food containing gluten and she found that she had less mucus and more form to her stool. This just seems a little backward to me. I can't seem to find any answers as to what the diet does to the intestines that may be causing all of this mucus and is this a good thing or a bad thing. We don't want to stop since she has been sticking with it for so long now, but it just doesn't make logical sense to me. Has anyone had this reaction to the diet change? Are there any resources available to look into this since the doctors don't seem to want to acknowledge diet as possibly the culprit of her problem. I'm considering going back to the naturapth we saw about a year ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.