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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is great stuff! I get mine at Whole Foods, 2 local stores already had it, the 3rd I special ordered it and now they sell it like hotcakes. Nice taste, seems a touch strong, gets me loopy quick and the hangover is not the best, but it sure is nice to drink beer on Sundays with Football :cheers
  2. Darlin' Deb In Please>>>

    Deb, lost your email, my new email is higitiki@hotmail.com, gimmee a shout please, -Tim
  3. When Will The Doctors Wake Up In The Usa?

    I hate the thought of the suffering people will have to go through in those next 10-15 years, so many of our relatives for instance. When I try to explain to people about Celiac I tell them in 10 years everyone will know about it and believe that to be true. I really believe 10 years is about 10 years to long though. Change needs to happen now.
  4. Tired All The Time...

    If I have a "minor" gluten accident, like my roomate used the same spoon for her food and mine for instance I'm wrecked for a few weeks. This is after 16 months "gluten free" with many such accidents. When I steer clear of any accidents (which is not easy I know) I feel better and better with each passing hour. I suggest being more careful about the accidents. I know little about vitiman supplements but take a complex/complete supplement and a calcium complex regularly, I won't suggest a brand but highly recommend you be sure it is glutten free and says so on label before you take it. Many brands do some cost more but it is worth it IMO. After 3 months I was still feeling God awful though better FWIW, 16 months later I'm a million times better but the accidents are very noticable,and I do mean very. The tiredness (FOR ME) got alot better around the 6 month period. I'm still nowhere near what I remeber of myself but it's gets better everyday as long as I don't have an accident. From my experiences I can't recommend highly enough staying away from those accidents no matter what that takes. For me that means preparing all my own food and only eating what I am 100% (not 99.9999999%) sure is gluten free.
  5. When Will The Doctors Wake Up In The Usa?

    Thank God for bright Celiacs like you Karen. I only read the full thread in bits right now but will give it a more clear reading tommorow, but your idea is the one that just might work it seems to me. $ talks and maybe we just must work with that as horrible as that is. It is genius though, really! Maybe this idea is the answer, it very well might be. I love it Bless your heart! Fight fire with fire instead of just ranting and raving and getting upset like I do, You have a solution that could just work. It's all about the $ but maybe we can use that. I'm giddy thinking about it. Brilliant! So Glad I signed back onto this forum tonight. If you have any more great ideas, links to threads here and elsewhere please show me the way. I really HAVE to do something to make a difference, not for me so much but for my niece and other children who should never have to go through what I and so many of you have.
  6. The medical community is completely clueless about our problem in the usa, that is absolutely clear. Why? Is it because there is no money in informing the public? Because prescribing drugs of all sorts is much more profitable? I can't think of any reason except ignorance. Sorry if this has been said before many times but maybe it needs to be said over and over again until there is change. To many people our suffering and having their Lives ruined do to the ignorance of the medical community as a whole is just not acceptable. The fact that a loser like myself can figure all this out and the proponderence of the medical community can not is so ridiculous I have no words to express it. What can we do to help the next generation from suffering? How can the ignorance continue at such a obvious level? Doctors as a whole need to WAKE UP now. I'm just a simpleton but I can see it clear as day. There is something horribly wrong with the medical community in the usa. It really is sickening. They just keep pushing their drugs to mask the symptons, I suppose because that is what is profitable. Sickening and pathetic.
  7. Outback Steakhouse

    I've eaten twice at my local outback and once while on vacation, ordered from the gluten free menu all times and explained how very important it was each time. Got sick all 3 times. I work in a resteraunt and have off and on for 25 years. I know how these request's are just breezed over. I woudn't trust an outback anymore than Dunkin Donuts.
  8. Interesting Info

    I thought the British were smarter when it comes to Celiac, but maybe I'm wrong. I traced my recent sickness to distilled viniger and alcohol that I thought were ok. Kraft Mayo makes me gluten sick for example. I don't buy the trace gluten is ok for one second and no longer trust the distillation process removes gluten.
  9. Anyone Gone On Vacation?

    I'd suggest bringing all your own food, except meats, veggies, fruits ect. Get a room with a kitchen to prepare your own food. I would not eat out. I don't think it is safe to eat out for celiacs, not in the usa and I doubt most places (maybe some countries like Britian but I'm only guessing) I work in resteraunts and have done most my life, to many hazards in a resteraunt in the usa I know that for a safe meal to be prepared.
  10. Help

    The best thing is you now know why you have been sick and all you have to do is not eat gluten and you will be fine. The tough part is you need to be very careful with what you eat and how or who prepares it. Be more careful than the doc tells you. I would stay with whole foods for a while that you are 100% are safe and add foods only after you research them first. Trust yourself more than the docs and dieticians so many of them are cluless. Prepare your own food and be careful it is prepared without contamination. Don't eat out at all. Enjoy not being sick anymore the limited diet is way better than being sick and ruining your health.
  11. I trust my Sister and roomate with my life but not with my food. I prepare all my own food, I don't believe a non celiac could ever understand how careful they must be. Evertime my Sister or Roomate or Outback with their "celiac free" menu cook for me I get sick and it just isn't worth it. Prepare all your own food is my only suggestion.
  12. Hidden Gluten

    Viniger including some distilled vinigers in products. Also distilled alcohol, I have no faith in distilled viniger or alcohol anymore. Things like mayo, ketchup, whiskey and other items with "distilled vinigers and alcohol" I do not injest anymore. I trust very few "prepared" products at all anymore.