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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Attended Chicago Gfg Mtg.

    Westie, thanks for your continued support. You just make so much sense and are very encouraging! we need more people like you ALL around us! I hope that I can be ther for you when you need it. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July............
  3. I am soooooo convinced that the mold did me in! In fact those nights that I was sick this with abdominal syptoms this week after taking it..... I also had horrible throat itching. It was so bad that it woke me up. My entire head was stuffed and pounding. I could not get any air in or out of my nostrils. It actually started shortly after taking the Beano but I hadn't given it much thought. so much for what they claim!
  4. Attended Chicago Gfg Mtg.

    Westie, Thanks for the detailed response. It was very helpful to me. I don't eat anything with preservatives or any type of store bought frosting. My dad had made that...anyway, after much detective work I found that the BEANO that I had ben taking, at my nutritionist's request was causing me to get sick. I am very allergic to molds! I didn't read the fine print on the bottle aobut how it is made.In addtition to the abdominal pain, muscle pain, nausea and bloated tummy I was waking with and tichy throat, terrible sinus congestion (couldn't breathe...Nostrils wre closed shut!) and headache. after I read the ingredients (with my glasses on this time) ont he back of the bottle I recognized the word Aspergillus Niger from reading it this board so I did a search. I gathered as much info as I could and am now convinced that is what is making me so sick. I've been taking it all week and have gotten so sick all week. I actually started to feel a little better last night......I DID NOT take the Beano. I did a lot of on line research and found that it as used to ferment citric acid...something else that makes me really sick and I never knew why. it is also used to make enzymes........lactaid was making me sick and I have never been able to take any enzyme supplement (no matter how much I tried at everyone's suggestion). With my online research I have found so many other sources of it and am keeping a list. skbird form this board has been very helpful and provided me with a lot of info. Others have also emailed me with suggestions, like you that i have found helpful. Each day I am learning and have realized that I will ahve to be the one to help myself. I can't keep getting the sick the way that I do. The doctors have not been there for me and have not helped at all.........actually in some cases they have made me worse. LIve and learn. thanks again, I appreciate you help!
  5. Attended Chicago Gfg Mtg.

    What is the SCD diet?
  6. I am sooooooooooo allergic to Mold! I had itching in my throat all last night too! Who knew? I'll never make that mistake again. I am also going to keep away from all citric acid! I am finally starting to feel a little better now......but it's been over 24 hours! and to think this has been ging on for days! NO MORE BEANO FOR ME! I don't think the tiny amount of gluten was as much a problem as the mold was. thanks for all you help and for this website. When I saw the ingredient on the back of the Beano bottle I decided to investigate. I remember reading something about aspergillus niger here a few months ago and did a search on it. that's how I got all the usefull info. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'll be able to get out!
  7. LUUAP...........thanks for the advise. I will check out mercola.com. i had another reaction yesterday and actually was up all night again with the same reaction.....flu like symptoms, muscle pain, headache, sick feeling, bloating, etc. so.....I checked everything I put in muy mouth yesterday! I really didn't eat much so it wasn't hard. I started to feel better during the day but the after dinner got so sick again. I found the culprit to be "BEANO"! My nutritionist had me taking it with my dinner to help me digest. I was up to 2 tablets and boy was I getting sick. After researching I found that I must be sensitive to the mold that it is fermented on. I am so allergic to molds! anyway, I did not have it with dinner and am not having a reaction tonight! I guess I am very sensitive and highly allergic to many things. It is finally STARTING to make sense to me. thank god for this board. I remember reading somewhere on this board about Apergillus Niger...which coincidentally is listed on the back of Beano as possibly causing and allergic reaction. I researched it and think that was what was making me sick. It's also in a lot of the other things that have been making me ill. I am going to try to avoid it in other foods by checking for other names that it may be hidden under and hopefully avoid some of these unecessary incident. thanks again for all your help guys,
  8. Glad to hear you found out what was bothering you. I still haven't gotten my own toaster.....i guess that's next! Take care,
  9. I used to take Zelnorm for the IBS..but found that after taking it for a while it caused too much movement! I cut the does in half an only took it with my largest meal. It helped me get through some rough patches. I try not to take anything for long periods of time.
  10. thanks for the responses. I think i found the culprit...BEANO! Coincidentally I've been sick since I started taking it and seem to get more bloated and feel more ill right after I take it. Isn't it supposed to help you digest??? anyway, after doing some research I found that it is made from a fungus and that some may be sensitive or allergic to it. given all my food allergies I'm sure that is what is making me sick. Hopefully by stopping it I will feel better in a few days! this is soooooooooooo upsetting and crazy. another day in the house feeling awful. I took 2 last night with dinner and was up all night!
  11. I've been really sick lately and didn't know what was wrong with me or where I was getting contaminated from. I checked all my foods an meds and have hardly been eating. but my guts has been blowing up and I've been feeling sooooooo sick. I've been waking during the night sweating, stomach pain,muscle pain, and heachache. Just a really sick feeling. I haven't even been able to get out these past few days. I noticed that after dinner I've been getting more bloated and that's when I relly start to feel ill. I realized that I've been taking 2 Beano's with dinner (to help me digest) but actually get more bloated and feel sick to my stomach. I did some research this morning after reading the ingredients and found thta the product is derived from Asperigillus Niger. After looking it up I found that it is some type of fungus and it says on the bottle allergy not: if sensitivity occurs discontinue and consult your doctor. I know they write these sort of things to protect themselves but after reading what it is I am pretty sure that it IS making me sick! It' is too coincidental tht I've been getting sick since I started taking it. I also remember reading on this board that someone else had a problem with Aspergillus Niger but didn't know what it was or that it was in Beano at the time. any thoughts> anyone else have a problem with Beano? Help>>.........I am at the end of my rope with feeling so sick form this!
  12. I just started taking zantac 150 and think I am OK with it. I've taken it before in the past and don't remember a problem with the brand one. I have been taking Beano lately too and FINALLY realized that IT is making me sick! make sure it isn't something else making you sick!
  13. I went and bought OTC Zantac 150. Let's hope it helps! the IBS is really bad too but I don't want to take too many different meds! When it rains it pours....My abdomen is soooooooooooo bloated and it hurts!
  14. My entire gut feels like it is inflamed from this gluten incident! I've had 2 sleepless and painful nghts with all the toxic symtpoms. I had to take a zantac during the night to stop the burning> Is there anything better out there that would help the inflamation (short term) while I get this under control again. I'm really sensitive to a lot of meds and of course need a gluten-free one. any ideas or just stick with the zantac?
  15. Attended Chicago Gfg Mtg.

    Westie, You said that you have a lot of food intolerances. I am in the same boat. I am intolerant to gluten, soy, eggs and dairy. I also have IBS and have a hard time digesting a lot of other foods...especially the starchy ones like rice! I was working with a nurtionist at Columbia Presbyterian for while but then stopped because of other health problems (also needing dietary restirction). Lately I have been eating lot of corn but have been having the same familiar allergic like symtpoms. I hope that i am not having a problem with that too! Any suggestions on where to go or when I can get more information on multiple food intolerances and what to eat? i've been having a reaction for a few days with abdominal pain, gas, headaches, fatigue, vertigo, muscle pain and muscle cramping.....all the symtpoms of when I eat gluten or soy! The other night I had some frosting of cake that my dad made...the smallest amount....and have been sick since. I was up all night sweating and feeling like I was poisoned! I didn't think the little bit of dairy would bother me but I guess the gluten form the cake seeped in..yadda...yadda....I konw I shouldn't have....and I've been doing so good! what was I thinking. I'm still feeling sick but not getting better actually worseform Monday night. I started to think that maybe the corn is getting me sick now too! I did the york allergy testing and of course all of the above came back high positive and corn was a weak positive. I just don't knwo anymore.........gotta get this heart to stop beating so fast! any advise would be welcome! thanks,