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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Non-celiac Spouses Please Advise

    I am the non celiac, my husband was diagnosed years before we met. When he was first diagnosed, gluten free cooking was a science experiment. He and the ex wife (or maybe just the ex) decided not to go out of the way for non gluten experiences. I find gluten free cooking fairly easy, with all of the products available now. How do you think my husband felt to have,lasangna, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, for the first time in years? When we go out to eat, I explain things to the server....mostly because I thought his description was over the top and uneccessary. I can explain very quickly what could be a complicated conversation. I am in no way embarrassed by my husband's gluten intolerance. I can't imagine what he went through before diagnosis.
  2. Quinoa Flour

    Quinoa is considered one of the best sources of protein in the grain family. I have only tried one recipe so far, but I substituted Quinoa exactly like flour and the cookies tasted great (no after taste), and they held up fine, with no crumbling or loss of consistency.
  3. I just found Quinoa flour, and so far it is working wonderfully for my baking. I use it in place of regular flour with no extras needed....no xanthum gum, no extra flours to mix. I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday and my kids loved them. My father in law has made pie crust that no one even realised was gluten free. I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this!
  4. All Rice Flour Mix

    OK The Quinoa Flour works perfect, I used it in the exact measurement of regular flour and same baking times etc....and the chocolate chip cookies turned out perfect. They didn't flatten out like they do with regular flour, but that might have been because I used to much baking soda. There is no after taste, they are not dry, they hold together well ( no crumbling) and even my kids couldn't tell the difference. You can use this stuff and not even have to explain that your dish is gluten-free. I will let you know how this goes with other recipes and I am still going to try the rice flour mix.
  5. Low Carb Diet With Celiac

    I followed an extremely low carb (10 or so a day) regiment....although not specifically anyones plan. I lost 20 pounds the first month and continued to lose for another 8 months (a total of 100 pounds). Although everyone said my weightloss was too fast, I felt good and was comfortable with it. After the first 20, I also started walking. I went from a size 22 to a size 5/7. I have had no adverse kidney, blood pressure or cholesteral problems ( according to my doctor). I had started reintroducing carbs into my diet, when we realised that I was suffering from celiac disease. After being wheat free for a year, the amount of pain I had when I reintroduced carbs was amazing. My then boyfriend (now husband) has celiac disease and he was always substituting for wheat. Tortilla chips, rice, different flours, potatoes etc....as you can imagine that was to many carbs for me. I immediately started gaining weight. When we both went carb free, we realised he had a serious problem with diet coke. After quite alot of research we found that amoung all the other awfull thing that Nutrasweet does to your body, it triggers a carb craving. Sooooo now he drinks Diet RC, and we have aggreed to go back to a very low carb lifestyle.....right after the holidays that is lol!
  6. All Rice Flour Mix

    Ok Connie, Lets see if I have this right.....use slightly more of the rice flour mix.....temperature down a bit.....and the mix will be stiffer than usual....right? I am going in search of the needed rice flours today, as I have been trying to find an EASY way to make my regular Christmas cookies and pies. I did get some Quinoa Flour, which I haven't used yet. I have read that it can be used as a straight substitute for regular flour.....has anyone tried this? I am going to try half a batch of something in a couple of minutes, and I will let you know how it comes out. Bobbi
  7. Heritage

    I am German French Irish & Scottish. Although they won't get tested, I am sure that my mother and at least 2 of my kids are suffering from celiac disease. Has anyone else heard that the rate is much higher in twins? My husband and I each have a set of twins and all four have celiac disease. My husband is Scottish, Welsh and more Scots. He was diagnosed 9 yrs ago. Since then his parents have also gone gluten-free. They are convinced that his only brother also has celiac disease, but he has no interest in being tested. I think people shy away from the testing because a doc tells them that they have IBS, and they don't have to change much. Going gluten-free is such a major thing, most people would rather just live with what they have always delt with.
  8. Totally Glutened...

    Believe it or not Maggie, many cold cereals are gluten free. Of course you have to go over the label pretty well. I was pretty lucky for thanksgiving, my inlaws are also gluten-free and we went to their place. My own family on the other hand thinks i'm exaggerating, or overreacting or whatever....my mom has made a point to look for gluten free recipes for me for my holiday baking. But the rest of the family just doesn't get it. I think they look at it as a 'diet', something that you can cheat on when its inconveinient. But really, I'm the only one who has to understand, its my body my choice and my pain. If you end up going somewhere for Christmas that doesn't have safe food, you might try bringing your own. You can always say that you didn't want anyone to have to go to any trouble because of your ILLNESS. Let them know that Thanksgiving made you sick for days. They will get it or not, but you won't be at their mercy.
  9. Oats

    OK, now I am confused. We just added oats back into our diet because the level of contamination was found to be so low that it wouldn't bother celiacs. I have not seen any adverse reactions, and I have been using oats in place of bread crumbs for meatloaf, and as a crust for cheesecake etc. I know celiacs were told for years to avoid oats, but it is now listed as a safe food on celiac.com. http://celiac.com/st_main.html?p_catid=14&...-05102604299.58 that page has links to lots of studies saying that oats are safe. But as we all know, the only true test is how you personally react to any product
  10. Even my digestive specialist said that the best way ( other than a small bowel biopsy) to tell if I was celiac, was to go gluten free for awhile. I would give it about six months. That allows your body time to recuperate. If you go gluten-free for six months and your still having the symptoms, you will no that you need to keep looking for answers.
  11. I went gluten free about six months ago. My boyfriend had been diagnosed about 8 yrs ago, and the more he talked about celiac the more symptoms I recognised. I had also been low carb for awhile and realised that I felt much better when all I was eating was meat eggs and cheese. As far as eating out goes, BBQ (sauce on the side) nachos, even subway makes salads. There are really lots of choices. Because we have 3 celiacs and 3 normal eaters I sometimes run into a problem with dinner, but a few chicken breats or hamburgers on the Foreman usually save the day. Good luck, and don't let yourself get overwhelmed!!!
  12. Dating

    When my boyfriend and I first met he explained being celiac breifly, and to start with that was enough. When we go out to eat we usually choose a Mexican or BBQ place. Nachos have become a staple diet for us! In the resturant if I tell the server that he is "deathly allergic" to wheat they go out of their way to make sure no one gets sick. Although this isn't exactly accurate, it works welll enough that we usually don't have any problems. I have also found that with the popularity of the atkins diet, resturants are including "no carb" areas in their menus.