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  1. Mn State Fair 2012

    Yes! And if you stop by the booth and talk to them, in the past anyway, they have a wheel to spin for some coupons! And they generally hand out coupons any way I think. I had forgotten about it, so thanks for posting this!
  2. Mn State Fair 2012

    Hello! This is my 3rd Minnesota State Fair being Gluten Free, though I missed last year. I have never gotten CC'ed, but never chose the options where it seemed likely to have that happen. There are gluten free (Udi's bun and all!!!) Chicago Style or State Fair Style Hot Dogs this year!!! And some gluten free Risotto Poppers! Yum! I cannot wait to try them. I stick to some kind of pickle thing...it's a pickle wrapped with cheese and prusciutto (sp?) or ham or something. I forget where it is...the building has a giant pickle on it haha. There is always the corn! And the milk stand lol. The northland celiacs site is where I have always gotten all my info, but haven't gotten to it yet. Good luck and have fun!!!
  3. It seems as though gluten hides everywhere, even licking an envelope to seal it has glutened me (little did I know....). I have been gluten free almost 2 years and look at every label, everytime, and still get glutened occasionally from cross contamination. Hope you figure it out! Good luck!
  4. Wife's Weird Reaction

    My boyfriend is not gluten-free, but since I am the chef of the house, he is forced to eat anything I make He happily does it, but in the beginning he did say it made him feel weird. Never went farther than "weird", but now he never complains...maybe it's just introducing something different? I dunno..according to Dr. OZ 99% of us have some kind of gluten intolerance.
  5. Glutened

    I haven't had a reaction, but there could be CC, and you could have been very unlucky. I ate multiple kinds of Lay's chips that were "no gluten ingredients, but processed on the same equipment blah blah blah"....I was fine probably 20 bags in, I got glutened and will not eat them again. All it takes is that one time to ruin it M&M's and Reese's are great, too!!
  6. I Tried Diary Today!

    Yay!!! I went off dairy for about a week after being diagnosed, so good job on the waiting!!! It's hard enough going gluten-free, so good for you!! Worth the wait I am sure...
  7. Anyone Find Out Something Else Was Wrong, Too?

    Wow, thank you everyone!! Lots to think about. My cousin is a dietitian who happens to specialize in Celiac, weird huh? Maybe I will speak with her and see what she says. I just want to feel good! Tired of this crap....literally...
  8. Anyone Find Out Something Else Was Wrong, Too?

    Thanks!! Glad to know I am not alone. I hate the thought of cutting anything else out...but before I was diagnosed I couldn't imagine cutting out gluten, yet here I am very confident about eating and cooking gluten-free. Are there blood tests my regular doctor could do to see if I have other food intolerance? Of course I am going out of state this weekend...so it may be hard to start cutting out other things immediately. I will try it when I get back.
  9. My posts are always so long...I just try to be detailed. Thanks to anyone who reads this and has advice! I still can't believe I lived so long with my bathroom issues I had before getting diagnosed, and that's why I am trying to figure this out NOW. After finding out I had Celiac Disease, and went gluten-free, I couldn't believe how much better I felt! I was diagnosed Nov 2009, and have been secretly glutened a few times, but have always come back strong and back to normal. Well, in the last couple weeks or so, I feel as though I am getting glutened every day. I have been only eating at home and being super careful. I cook everything myself, so there's really no chance of cross contamination as I am OCD with cleaning my kitchen nowadays. Headaches have been occuring on a daily basis for a few weeks now, bathroom visits at least 3 times a day, sometimes 8 or more. Not really having the big D, but having urgency to go and pain to go with it. Every time I go, it's very loose. And I am so freaking tired! Drinking tons of water, constantly, as to ward of dehydration. I feel like I did before I was diagnosed, afraid to go out somewhere, and always having to know where the bathroom is. Stressing about it doesn't help at all, but I am popping the Imodium and Tylenol every few days as I HAVE to leave my house to work. That can't be very good for my body either... Could I have another food intolerance suddenly? I have also heard when you have one auto immune disease, you are more likely to get more. My mom was diagnosed with Addison's Disease well over ten years ago, and now just a couple months ago my dad was diagnosed with Lupus...so now I am worried I have some other intestinal auto immune disease, since obviously auto immune diseases run in my family. Should I check in with my doctor???
  10. Celiac In The Summer

    February...BUT, I was born in New Mexico, a warmer climate maybe? I dunno lol
  11. If You Could Start Any Business....

    I agree about the 100% gluten-free restaurant...I have this dream as well! My whole family says I should, too bad it's a lot of money to get that kind of thing going. There is ONE that I found in Asheville, NC called Posana Cafe http://www.posanacafe.com/! We drove through there on our way to the East Coast and I was SO excited to eat there. There must have been some kind of event as there was literally, zero parking. We drove around for 30 minutes, and left...18 hours from home and we couldn't get in! I was so disappointed...maybe some other time. So I can't say if it's yummy or not, but it seemed to be pretty busy when we drove by 12 times.
  12. What Regular Beer Has The Least Gluten

    I agree about Redbridge! I drink it all the time, and they have it at our new Twins Stadium here in Minnesota! I was so excited, I ordered two as they are only at a few locations around the stadium. I had been drinking them out of the bottle the whole time, and at the game they poured them into a cup. They tasted like real beer!! I actually had three of the people I was with taste it as I was positive I got real beer. Lol...maybe for people who don't like it, they should pour it into a glass!...or maybe after two years of gluten-free my taste buds are playing tricks on me. Woodchuck is always yummy
  13. Gluten Free Feeling Worse?

    In the beginning as your gut heals you can have a harder time processing dairy. I had the same problem, I just laid off the dairy products for a few weeks and it went much better. Slowly introduce it back...I did hear some people say they stayed off of dairy for months, so it all depends on your body. That's the advice I got on here, so hopefully it helps you, too! Also, I have no idea what kind of peanut butter, almonds, and whatnot you're eating, but be sure they are gluten free. I have seen a few nuts have "wheat" listed on their packaging...Hope you feel better!
  14. I haven't had a another endo, but I had the blood tests and they all came back normal (no antibodies). I still have bathroom issues occasionally, I am wondering if there's something else my body isn't tolerating...afraid to find out :\ But really the joint pain in your shoulders and thumbs you mentioned stuck out to me. I don't get really bad pain, but enough to be annoying pain. It will be there a day or two, then completely fine the next day...then for days/weeks it will be gone and then hit me again. Really pinpointed to one place, too. I have nothing for you, no idea why...but I thought I would let you know you're not the only one
  15. Possible Glutening By Lay's Chips?

    I have been fine every time for almost 2 years...but now I am afraid to eat them! It's like playing roulette with my gut. Not a game I like to play.