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  1. Weaning Off Of Zoloft While New To Gluten-free

    Hey Gettinbetterbaby! Welcome! I, too, am new to the board. And I can definitely relate to the withdrawal symptoms of Zoloft (and many other types of antidepressants, as well) and I completely agree that its very similar to be glutened... its like weeks long (or longer) type of hangover, only w/out the fun times before! The exhaustion, can't get out of bed, let alone no energy for exercising type feeling, nausea, headaches, etc, feels awful. Perhaps, like you said, there may have been gluten contamination of some kind, but if its the drug withdrawal, hang in there.... your body has been used to this drug for 17 years; you're bound to have some uncomfortable withdrawals. Take care & I hope you start to feel better very soon!
  2. HI Swimmr! Thanks for the welcome! And yes, the East Coast is growing on me About three months into moving here I underwent some severe culture shock... it almost felt like I was surrounded by aliens! Maybe that's why I had as much beer as I did... just joking! But then, I got over myself & realized I needed to give my new home a chance & stop comparing it to back 'home'! So, once the semester ends, I'm looking forward to doing some winter New England activities! And, to answer your question, I'm 31.
  3. Thanks the welcome, yolo! I do know what needs to happen... just no more slipping!!! Uggghhh, this feeling of exhaustion, fogginess & 'rock formations' is NOT fun. I can't believe this is what the 'old me' was putting up with!
  4. Help! Having A Hard Time Coping

    You know, I pack some of my fave treats w/me in case I can't eat what others are having... almonds are huge for me! Also, in the past I made some tasty riceflour pancakes in bulk, flavored w/anything from cinnamon to apple chunks that can easily fit in sandwich baggies & stuff them in my purse. That way I'll have something sweet to munch on if there isn't anything I can have.... Hmmm... now that it's the holiday season, I wonder if making riceflour pancakes w/pumpkin would work? Sounds tasty to me! Hope this helps!
  5. Ha! I just signed up & had the same freak out! I'm glad I found this posting! Have a great weekend!
  6. Hello everyone! As I mentioned in the subject line, I'm new to the forum & happy to find some kindred spirits! I am gluten intolerant - diagnosed through diet elimination & extensive diet analysis w/my Naturopath, three years ago. Up to that point & starting as a baby, I was a chronic sufferer of constipation, or as I not-so-lovingly called it: "my rock formations". With lifelong constipation, came frequent lower, left quadrant abdominal pain, gas, bloating, anal fissures/hemorroids, bloody stool & the ever embarrassing clogging of toilets! Aside from that, I also endured lifelong cyclic depressive & anxiety-ridden episodes, that at times, left me absolutely debilitated, not able to leave my bed. I also suffered from various skin issues: whether it is weird, 'dry', patchy looking circles anywhere on my body, severely itching plagues on the base of my scalp or dry, raised, flaky skin around my hairline, eyebrows & chin. And, lastly, joint pain that gets worst when glutened; although, this was more of an adult onset symptom. I also have been diagnosed w/degenerative disc disease - unclear if this related, but worth noting. Finally in my mid-twenties, I said ENOUGH & wanted answers to what was causing all the above. So, I did the following: 1.) went to gastroenterologist for my constipation (who did do a colonoscopy & luckily found nothing but scar tissue from years of 'rock formations', but would/could not do testing for celiacs because I didn't have chronic diarrhea. He prescribed some sort of sorbitol mix to soften my stool. In the end, he passed me off as an OCD-ridden, twenty-something female who needed to drink more WATER & have more FIBER.... UGHHH! I could have strangled that man!). 2.) Underwent exploratory abdominal surgery through my OB/GYN due to my chronic, lower left quadrant pain - they wanted to rule out any potential endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc . They didn't find evidence of any endometriosis, but found extensive adhesions & found that my lower, left area of my large intestine was adhered to my abdominal cavity, as well as a benign cyst on my uterus. SO, could the adhesions be related to gluten intolerance? I don't know... Needless to say, even after they removed the cyst & 'released' my colon, I was still having pains. 3.) Underwent nerve conduction testing because I was experiencing some numbing/tingling in my hands... everything was 'normal'. However, I did get an MRI for neck & back pain & they concluded that I did have degenerative disc disease... their suggestion that I do strength exercises to build up my spinal column muscles & I may not be able to have children w/out excruciating pain... good to hear... 4.) Underwent YEARS of psychotherapy through various practitioners, even Psychiatrists who put me on several different types of medications - some helpful in getting me out of my depression, but none really helped my anxiety. Finally, I'd had enough of the side effects. The one that became the last straw for me was night sweats. I mean, so much so that my sheets had my exact body outline in sweat! I've got the pictures to prove it! When I mentioned this side effect to my doctor, he just wanted to prescribe ANOTHER medication to counterbalance it!! That was IT for me... done! Had enough of 'conventional' medicine! I knew in my heart of hearts that something more fundamental was wrong. Something essential & basic was being overlooked; I was too young to be experiencing all these issues. Actually, nobody regardless of age should ever have to experience these symptoms. So, I went to a Naturopath; a pregnant co-worker of mine suggested her as she was seeing her for acupuncture therapy. I took a shot & never looked back! She took my myriad of symptoms & took a holistic approach by looking at the WHOLE picture; could these be all related? One of various things she did was analyze a very detailed food diary, which also charted my symptoms... NONE of the MD's did this. Through an elimination diet & a cleansing, my bowel habits improved drastically! I was no longer clogging toilets & not experiencing painful defecation! No more avoiding single toilet bathrooms in public for fear of clogging them!!!! W/in a couple months my anxiety & depression faded, my painful joints were subsiding & my skin started to clear up. As we added things back to my diet, we found I also had a corn sensitivity - itchy, cloudy vision, scalp irritation. Dairy products (milk, icecream & soft cheeses in particular) also seemed to give me acne, so I backed off of those as well. My life was truly transformed... I became a completely different person. All of a sudden I had the energy to become physically active - picked up surfing & snowboarding @ age 28/29 & fell in love w/the sports, biking to/from work, exercising in the gym on a regular basis (wanted to keep up on my spinal column strength building exercises)! Eventually, life landed me where I am today, on the East Coast... I'm a West Coaster by heart: born & raised, but I was ready for a change & challenge. So, I packed my car, drove across the country & here I am. Six months later, after much stress (finding a job, starting school, getting used to East Coast Culture , finding friends), I became lax on my eating habits... sneaking bits of bread, beer, cookies, pasta, breaded anything, even cereal... you name it, I probably had it! Well, here I am... w/my bloated belly, rock formations, exhaustion, depression, hurting joints, skin rashes; aka Super Sexy! But like I said before, it's amazing how our bodies remind us when we get off track. While, I'm not in the best shape now, at least I know what to do! Get back on track & know that this 'fog' will go away! Because, those glorious holiday treats are just not worth feeling like this! Ok, now that I've told you my life story, I look forward to being an active member to the forum! Have a great weekend everyone!