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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Boars Head

    Thank You And all of the others that have replied to this. Boars Head is new to our local store. EVERYTHING Boars Head has offered in the meat and deli section is labeled as Gluten Free. So far I have only seen the condiments not labeled Gluten Free. The nutritionist at my local Health food store made a terrible mistake and offered me and other celaics a new product. we all got sick because there was Oats in it. My fault was I did not double check the label before I tried it. Back in the day there was no internet to access info. And meet other People with celiac disease. Showing my age here lol But the Doctors did not have a name or know what the rash was for HD. They called it jungle rot. I want to try the BH condiments only after some one else tries it first. Thanks again Everyone bonn
  2. Boars Head

    Thank You for your input I have been gluten with HD Since I was a child. Some gluten free foods bother me. I do try a lot of what you are saying. But I can handle the gluten injestion and get over it in what ever time it takes. But no way do I want the blister again in my life I lost 90% of my skin once. It was no picnic. I have the right to question what is in the words Natural. Maybe it is the old way but it is a safe way. Thank you for your input. Please understand Trust in a non celaic is hard. They do not know everything. I also tested possitive to have an allergy to wheat. One can not blame me to want to do more research on something new. Before putting it in my mouth. bonny
  3. Does or has anyone used Boars Head Condiments? The Label says Natural Flavors. But does not say Gluten Free. A person working for Boars Head said yes it is Gluten Free. And I said most Celiac's stay away anything that is labeled Naturel Flavors. So he called his boss from Boars Head and she asked to speak with me. She told me I was wrong that Natural ingreadents ment dried ingreadents only. She told me that Wheat Rye Barly and Oats is the only thing to stay from. She said it is not true about things that come from gluten. Hidden things. Like extracts, carmel flavoring etc. I asked questions about where they get them from. She answered she did not know. She only wanted to tell me what was in the mustard bottle. I asked if the same was in the barbecue sauce and she said no. So I asked why natural ingredients were not listed. She had no answer. I asked her if she went to the warehouse to read labels of the idems that were put in the Conciments and she said no. She is the head nutritionist for Boars head. But does not read the labels of the ingredents of what is being put into the condments. And Argued with me about Celiac do's and don't. Hello I have been Celiac all my life. It is Hard enough to stay healthy. Please anyone. Tell me what you think or have experienced. With Boars Head.