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  1. Like you, I have gone through decades of misdiagnosis. Yes, even with all those tests, they can still miss the problem. Not only I am allergic to all fruit (not intolerance, but a true allergy) but found out all my aches, pains and fatigue is due to gluten in the diet. Finally found a good doctor. Found that celiac from a simple colonoscopy. Also found intestines destroyed and have to eat pureed vegetables, that was even harder to do. Trouble is, if you go on a gluten free diet, then get tested, the doctors will say you don't have gluten problems. I would keep the money and not give it to the doctors and start a gluten free diet. It takes time for the body to heal so there may not be a dramatic change for two weeks, sometimes more. Others reported changes within days. Be patient. There is a lot more help on eating a gluten-free diet now. More and more stores provide gluten-free food. They will order some in by case if that is feasible for you. By the way, the list by Scott is better than the one I got from the doctor's office. This is best website I have seen. If it isn't this problem, then at least you will know and go back to eating gluten. Then maybe check for allergies. Wish you the best.