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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Stomach Bug Or Food Reaction?

    Did the problems start before or after you began the digestive enzymes?
  2. Do you take asprin or advil? I was told by my doctor that occassional use can cause traces of blood in your urine.
  3. Hello Everyone!

    I do remember you being on the boards! Congrats on your pregnancy!
  4. Immodium Not Working :(

    Sound crazy but try Citrucel. I know most people take it in order to go but it can help bulk up your stool if you are suffering from diarrhea. I've used it with good results. Also apple cider vinegar can help sooth your stomach during a virus. Not the tastiest though.
  5. Chick-Fil-A

    I eat at Chick-fil-a frequently and never have issues. I get the fries, the grilled nuggets, the honey roasted bbq sauce, the side or grilled salad, fruit cups, and ice dream cups. Sometimes in the mornings I get an egg and bacon with hashbrowns.
  6. I do get bunless double cheeseburgers at McDonald's on occassion. So far no issues but locally the employees tend to be older and quite competent.
  7. Did I Do A Bad Thing?

    It's hard to tell if gluten was a factor, some people find that their stomach will be off in response to traveling alone. You are eating different foods than normal, possibly at different times than normal. Lots of factors can come into play. I would just go back to basics for a few weeks until everything feels normal again.
  8. Lady And Sons, Savannah, Ga

    Good news! I love Savannah and I was sad I'd never get to eat at Lady & Sons' again! Thanks for the update!
  9. Restaurants In Columbus Ohio?

    BD's Mongolian BBQ can be done gluten free. Tell them it's an allergy bowl and they will cook your selection in the back and take extra precautions.
  10. I wouldn't say your are crazy. All I can say is that I wouldn't worry too much about a blocked bile duct. Symptoms are usually pretty severe. My husband had one and he was doubled over in pain, the whites of his eyes started turning yellow, and his urine was day-glo orange!!! Couldn't hurt to see your regular doctor and ask for some labs though!
  11. I would probably just order a drink and sneak in something small like a Larabar or the gluten free Luna Protein bars. They are tasty and inconspicuous.
  12. Mixed Up The Applegate Boxes!

    They do look a lot alike! I've never mixed them up but I find myself getting all OCD and checking them a couple of times before I check out. Then I check them again before I cook them because I fear this very thing happening!
  13. Celiac Means No Coffee?

    I had a friend who is on the paleo diet send me a link to this article. She seemed kind of offended that I didn't trust it. Honestly the terms "functional neurologist and functional endocrinologist" immediately raised a red flag. I used to think I had some sort of reaction to coffee, not at all similar to my gluten reaction though. I would get tingly lips, tongue, and gums! I was drinking coffee with almond milk daily at this time. I ditched the almond milk and have had no issues. I drink coffee with milk or soy frequently!
  14. Still So Fatigued...

    I wish I had advice for you. I have had chronic fatigue for 3 years. After extensive testing for EVERYTHING I've been diagnosed with chronic mono and found to have a chiari malformation. Basically I have to work in order to have insurance so really going to work is all I get done and it easily overwhelms me. I do the minimum required at home in regards to cooking, dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and laundry. If I get a burst of energy and try vacuuming, mopping, ect. I pay for the next week or so. I do hope you get some answers soon! Wish I was of more help!
  15. Glutened By Mellow Mushroom!

    As for the 20 minute fast and furious...not sure if it's normal but my reactions are always that fast.