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  1. I was trying to figure out why I was swelling up more and more as the day went on. I looked pregnant and felt awful! I've been gluten-free for almost 3 weeks and was doing great then BAM - balloon! So I did some research. (TONS actually) Turns out low stomach acid is the culprit. It is incredibly common in Celiacs. I got some HCL tablets and took one 20 min. after a meal. The next meal I took 2. Last night I did not get very bloated. I am hoping today is even better because I only took the pills twice. I HIGHLY recommend anyone with stomach bloat, burping, gas, and pain look into hydrochloric acid. Not producing enough is called hypochlorhydria. A lot of people get a burning sensation and take ant-acids, but low stomach acid has exactly the same symptoms as too much stomach acid! So taking antacids can make things so much worse. I am so relieved - physically and psychologically. Here are a couple of information links: http://www.aim4health.com/stomachpains.htm http://www.bodyecology.com/07/09/20/low_st...id_symptoms.php I am so excited to have this resolved.
  2. Thanks Neroli. I gained almost 5 lbs overnight - woke this morning to still being bloated. I'm like the girl in Willy Wonka who turned into a blueberry. I've never experienced anything like this. What you said about gluten masking other things and how going gluten-free can reveal other sensitivities makes sense. I have eliminated dairy - the almond cheese was a fluke. (Why put dairy in almond cheese??) I read a bunch of other forums and found out that is is insanely common to experience what I expereinced after going gluten-free. But no one explained it like you did. So today I am going to basically go low-carb and eat only protein, veggies and my green smoothie that has some low-sugar berries. I seriously feel hideously swollen and I know low-carb works well for me. I'm also going to back off on the supplements until everything is cleared out of my system then do what you suggest by adding just one thing at a time. (I know my iron sup doesn't bother me so I will continue on that as I am severly iron deficient) So it's a journey. Thanks so much for your post and excellent advice.
  3. Yesterday I ate almond cheese and afterward read the label and found it has casein in it. I have been avoiding dairy since going gluten-free. Yesterday I was doing great - felt like the program was starting to work, had lost a little weight (a good thing), energy improving, mood improving, bm's improving. Today I had a headache (first one in awhile - used to have them all the time) and by the end of the day my belly was swollen like I was 8 months pregnant. I have been gluten-free for 2 1/2 weeks. All I ate today was a green smoothie that I have had every day since going gluten-free and some homemade chili that I made myself. I even soaked the beans all night. Could this all honetsly be the almond cheese? Is it just part of going gluten-free? I'm really bummed because last night before bed I was thinking how great things were going and how I seemed to be losing some belly bloat and my energy was climbing... ANY ideas? I don't know if I'm dairy sensitive but I ate it all the time before going gluten-free. (I'm Norwegian ) I am truly puzzled. I doubled checked my vitamins. (I just started some high-quality supplements yesterday but they are all gluten-free) I ate less today than I have in ages and wasn't really hungry - which is really new as I usually eat all the time. Thoughts? Thanks everyone.
  4. Check out: http://www.fatfreevegan.com/gluten-free/index.shtml This is a site for Gluten-Free Vegan recipes. Also, look into raw food cookbooks. There are a TON of amazing recipes that are all vegan and gluten free. You can make lasagna and pate and noodles and ravioli and desserts. Raw is a great resource for Celiacs. Plus, making raw food is faster than cooking. I make a mock-tuna that is to die for. It is vegan and gluten free and is great as a dip, on salads, or on rice bread. Vegan and Gluten-free are actually very complimentary. Too many vegans eat a ton of bread and crackers and pastas just to have something to eat. It's better for vegans to be gluten-free because they then tend to eat healthier whole foods and get more veggies. All the best to you both.
  5. Extreme Fatigue After Eating

    It sounds like you may have something called "pancreatic insufficiency". Pancfreatic enzymes are the treatment but I don't know anything about the dose, etc. Pancreatic insufficieny is commonly found in Celiacs. It would explain the fatugue after eating. The rest of your symptoms...I don't know. Have you had your ferretin (blood iron) checked? I know Celiacs can affect the liver, too. It may just take time. You may also want to look into something called bacterial overgrowth. Good luck to you.
  6. Great post! I'd say definitely get her on a gluten-free diet. I didn't find out I had Celiacs until recently but EVERY issue I've had is explained by it and responding to gluten-free. Gluten intolerance can cause a host of problems like brian-fog, not focusing well, anxiety, depression...your daughter may have symptoms that she can't articulate. She may also develop symptoms and not know it is Celiac related. I showed signs as a child but was so "normal" and "healthy" I was never tested. I wish I were diagnosed and gluten-free as a child. It would have helped in so many ways and would have prevented the stuff I now deal with as an adult becasue I waited so long before going gluten-free. There are so many issues for Celiacs and it can be worse for those of us who are symptom-free because we can develop issues that can kill us and we don't know they are coming because we feel fine. It will be easier for your daughter in the long run, for so many reasons, if you show her how to care for herself before she has any symptoms. It is a smart and loving investment in her future. Plus, gluten intolerance (including Celiacs) is genetic. You may have it, too, and simply not be showing it. Gluten-free is healthy for everyone. There is a book called "Healthier Without Wheat" that talks a lot about kids. You might want to check it out. Celiacs can be triggered and become active at any time. Usually when you have bad enough symptoms to finally see a doctor you are well into the disease and the damage takes longer to reverse. I don't mean to scare you. I just know that it is a dangerous condition and your daughter is lucky it was discovered at such a young age because she has the possiility of never getting sick from it. Best wishes to you. And kudos to you for reaching out.
  7. Hi Diva~ Enzymes don't help with gluten but they do help with inflammation. There are enzymes called proteolitic enzymes that are a group of enzymes that can greatly reduce inflammation in the body. The issues with gluten intolerance, including Celiacs, are malabsoption and inflammation caused by an over-active immune sytem. Enzymes help both. I think everyone should be on enzymes. To fight inflammation you need to take enzymes on an empty stomach. This way they don't get used to digest food and, instead, can be used by the body to fight inflammation. Enzymes are totally non-toxic and are only contraindicated if a person is taking blood thinners as enzymes can thin the blood. A brand I like because it is high quality and cheaper than others of similar quality is the line by Dr. Michael Murray. Can't remember the brand name but you can google him and find it. Hope this helps.
  8. I suspect you have 3 or 4 unrelated things causing the various problems you are having. You will find answers, just keep at it! And you may want to go to a Naturopath if things don't change soon. When I read your post a couple of things stood out: The painful belching after you eat. You may not be producing enough hydrochloric acid (quite common, especially after the age of 30) and you may also need some digestive enzymes. If you aren't producing enough hydrochloric acid you will still have malabsorption issues. Get some HCL tablets. The way you take these is: Take 1 with a meal (avoid taking with citrus fruit and something else I can't remeber but hyou can find if you google HCL). Do this for 2 days with each meal. If you do not get any burning... Take 2 pills per meal. Continue adding an extra pill every 2 or 3 days until you get a heart-burn feeling or unitl you reach 4 tablets. DO NOT take more than 4 tablets per meal. This should alleviate the belching and improve absorption. The other thing that stood out was the raking leaves part. Do you know what your ferretin levels are? You did not mention that you are taking iron but iron is one of the first nutrients to not be absorbed with Celiac. Your ferretin (blood iron stores) needs to be between 45 and 100. If you are lower than 45 it is very likely that you will get easily winded. My ferretin used to be at 10 but I was told I wasn't anemic. I would feel like I was going to fall over just after climbing the stairs! I suspect you are ferretin deficient. It's a simple blood test but you have to request to know your ferretin levels - GET THE NUMBER, don't just let your doc say that you are within normal ranges. Normal ranges are 10-150. I have never heard of anyone feeling good with ferretin under 40. Most men don't get ferretin checked because it is rare for a man to be anemic. But not with Celiacs! Lastly I would say to get a food allergen blood test. Guessing which foods to eliminate on your own can take a really long time and it sounds like you are too miserable right now to be guessing. I have a friend who found out she is highly allergic to asparagus! I NEVER would have thought to eliminate asparagus. She was eating it a couple times a week and feeling horrible, not knowing it was a problem. The fact that your glands hurt makes me think you may be dealing with an allergy still. Recap: take hydrochloric acid for the belching get ferretin levels checked get a food allergy test My low iron (ferretin) made me in pain all the time. My muscles ached, I was tense, I was fatigued, depressed, anxious, and I got winded and wiped-out from the littlest physical exertion. Hope something in here helps you. All the best. Sending good luck vibes and prayers your way.
  9. It can take 3-6 months for the villi to heal - longer for some people depending on how sick they are and how old they are. In the later case it can take 1-2 years to really feel 100% and some people never get there because they are too old for the villi to totally heal. A lot of celiac issues are due to malabsorption. You need to make sure you are taking probiotics, enzymes, and eating really good, whole foods. I make a green smoothie every day as it is easier to absorb and has great nutrition in it. Once you are able to absorb the nutrition it can still take time to replenish the depleted nutients. Months or even years. BUT you will be feeling better and better as you heal so it's not like it will take a year to feel good. I really turned a corner my 3rd week in terms of my worst symptoms but am still climbing out of the hole with things like iron, calcium, healthy bm's, and blurred vision. Good luck and don't give up!
  10. You might want to get a full food allergy panel to make sure you aren't reacting to something else. Some people wind-up eating more of another allergen or food they can't tolerate and don't realize it is a problem. I have a serious problem with soy. I never ate it until I went gluten-free then started eating things made wiht soy flour. I got super sick and felt awful. The only flour I eat now is rice and garbanzo.
  11. Hi Nathan~ It was 2 weeks before I noticed improvement and another week before I felt like I was really feeling better. Be patient. It is different for everyone becasue we all have different degrees of damage. Age, diet, health, etc. all play an important role. Drink LOTS of water to help your body and make smoothies with good nutrition in them so you are giving yoru body what it needs to heal. Probiotics are super important, too, especially if you have gut pain. I take PB8 - 4 caps 3x's/day.
  12. Hi. You might be having a reaction to another food. The IgA test is less common and a bit limited and needs to be done by a very experienced person. The IgG and IgE tests, when elevated, mean you are negatively reacting to a food, any food. It is very easy to accidentally be eating gluten so recheck all your food and beverages and make sure everything is gluten-free. If it is, you might want to request a general food allergy blood test that measures both IgE and IgG against a whole list of foods. I didn't know I had a problem wiht dairy until I had a cold and quit dairy but stayed off the gluten and after 2 weeks I ate some dairy and had what felt like a gluten reaction. Turns out it was the cheese. Tunibell's post is interesting. I'd say cover your bases, be diligent and be patient and you will get this figured out and feeling fine in no time. Best of luck to you~
  13. Hi Chris~ I felt awful on and off the first 2 weeks I quit gluten. I recently read that up to 80% of people gpoing gluten-free can experience withdrawal. I had a good 5 days of feeling more tired than I had and I broke out all over, like 80 pimples, I got headaches and was super grumpy. I am now coming out of it and feeling better than before. Make sure your girlfriend drinks LOTS of water. Green smoothies would be good, too. I felt so miserable I couldn't believe it because I thought I was supposed to feel better and I definitely did not! I bet she is having withdrawal. It should clear within 2-3 weeks. Best of luck to you both.