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  1. I posted a while back about my son (who has down syndrome and now 8 months) and his reactions to gluten. He went to the GI last monday. They are thinking it could be possible celiac. Though they said he didn't look like a typical celiac child, but wouldn't considering i've had him gluten free (which he had to be because of gluten landing him hospitalized). We could not do endospy due to that, so we went with the gene test. My question is...once we get the gene test back where to we go from there (assuming he has at least one of the genes)? Am i correct that even with one of the genes, it still isn't 100% that he has celiac disease? Any advise would be greatly appreciated! We still won't know for another 2 weeks...ugh.
  2. so glad you say that, i should have also added he's had an allergy test done for wheat and oats, and he wasn't allergic. I would think that too, if he hadn't had that test done. Thanks for your help Richard.
  3. Hello everyone, i'm new here. I have a son who is 7 months old with down syndrome. I just have a few question on celiac, symtoms, and testing (young baby). Making long story short here, our child has ALOT of health issues. Three times now that he has oatmeal and barley, the same symtoms occured. Two hours later, vomiting, once vomiting subsided diaherra, stomach pains (i suppose, sleep for about 5 minutes, wake up screaming, kind of like he's uncomfrontable, then he'll ease of to sleep for about 5 minutes again, then same thing). Twice this had landed him in the hospital (both times he had oatmeal) for 24+ hours. This happened 3 weeks apart. He's been fine since, none of these symtoms, and nothing but rice cereal, veggies and fruits (baby jar food). Two nights ago, he had baby jar food (tender harvest-carrots, beef, and barley), same thing, vomiting, then diaherra, tired, weakness, screaming in pain. This time it lasted just a few hours, then he was okay (first time rescue was called out because he was lathargic and would only respond to stimulation). So i feel like i have pin pionted what is causing him to do this (oatmeal and barley-only three times has he eaten these-and same symtoms occured two hours later). So i started doing research since i can never get anything done unless i go about it myself (may i add we didn't find out he had down syndrome until he was 2 months old, knocking at deaths door, and i had numerous test preformed while pregnant, never indications or signs of down syndrome, he's our 2nd child). Somehow i have this mother instinct this could be celiac disease. I tried to call him in soon to be tested, but nothing opened until March 2005. I am so upset this morning because i got talked ugly too, saying this is not celiac, he's too young, but we can test him at 13 months to find out then. Like he can just have a birthday then have celiac (maybe i am just confused and have my mind on this). I just want answers. I don't want to keep giving him things and not knowing if i'm hurting him, or whats going to happen in two hours. Is he going to get sick? Should he have this? Know what i mean? He gets aggreviated very easy, but don't really know if this is just his temperment and related to down syndrome, since they can be very emotional people (i have a 2nd cousin with DS). Hoping you girls can give me some advise. Maybe help me to understand, or even say these are symtoms or not celiac-get over it, lol. Thanks for the help, advise and support. It means ALOT to our family!