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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just ran across issues with "candida" and people trying the diet. I'm more than willing to give it ashot since my symptoms fit pretty well. However, much of the information I've run across seems to be very conflicting. Does anyone, who has had success with this, have a food list that they used to achieve success? I'm particularly interested in brown rice, carrots, and processed cheese. Thanks!
  2. Brilliant! Thanks to the OP for asking this, I can't believe it never occurred to me. I think a worry-weight has been lifted off of my chest after reading these responses.
  3. I'm amazed that so many people can get away with not having to explain the symptoms! As soon as I mention it, 4 out of 5 people ask "So, what happens when you eat it then?". 3 years in and I still don't have a good answer. It's not the most feminine or attractive thing to say "Well, I bloat up like I'm 8 months pregnant and have gas that would clear this room and have the bio-hazard team in here within seconds." I think the food poisoning comment is a great idea! I'll try that one out next time.
  4. Cereal

    Not quite sure which types of cereal you prefer but the Chex cereals are fantastic and offer the more "adult" tates of rice and corn as well as the sugary flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, and honey nut. As well, Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles are gluten-free now, too.
  5. ...that.. is THE most brilliant thing I have ever heard!! lol how did I not think of this?! Velveeta here I come!
  6. Does anyone know if this is gluten-free? I had one today and I'm not sure if it agreed with me but I didn't see anything misleading on the ingredients.
  7. So, this has made me feel really guilty because I'm pretty sure I am an exact mirror of your situation. I'm still having my gassy symptoms but I blame it on my addiction to chewing gum, regardless of the fact that it's not always consistant. I'm nearly 3 years in as well and have definitely become lax. I'm sorry that things have taken such a turn for you but thank you so much for posting. I think you've definitely helped me make up my mind to be more strict with my diets. I am not nearly as cautious as I should. May I ask - what foods did you discover weren't safe that you thought were?
  8. Found them at Walmart and Wegmans in upstate NY. Make PERFECT rice krispie treats but alone don;'t taste anything like the original.
  9. Rah Rah Rah! Tmi Btw

    I'll have days where everytime I go to go pee I can/do have a BM as well. Then I'll go 1-2 days without having one at all. I feel fine so I'm not too concerned. Granted, I've never had issues with D but I wouldn't be concerned with the frequency, myself.
  10. Based on my previous tests, I'm guessing I would vomit: A while back I decided to have a naughty day and ate half of a Pizza Hut Hawaiin Stuffed Crust pizza. Mmmm... lol It caused me to throw up as well as have excruciating stomach pain - I couldn't stand up straight. Thankfully, I slept and felt better when I awoke. Not too long ago I wanted to see if it was a wheat thing or if I actually have Celiac, since I never had the biopsy. I had a small bowl of Rice Krispie treats and had D for a couple of days but nothing much worse. I think I'm quite lucky on that front.
  11. I found them! Yay! I noticed that my local Walmart had them on the shelves. I was so excited! I tried them straight from the box and, I'm sorry, but they taste absolutely nothing like regular RK. I can say that I've had RK recently, the regular ones in a rebellious is-it-really-Celiac test, and they are very, very different. Normal RK have very little after taste but these "brown rice" ones stick with you. However! I made RK treats and I am beyond happy to say that as they cooled they began to taste exaclty like the original! If my husband (a gluten eater) hadn't eaten what I had not, by the time he got home from work, I would have devoured the entire pan. Considering that two of us managed to eat nearly the entire thing in one day, I'd say the gluten-free RK treats certainly pass the taste test!
  12. I have these with me for lunch today I adore them! My non-gluten free husband also thinks they're better than regular. I tried them again after reading the "break my teeth" comment and don't think they're too curnchy either. So delish!
  13. Celiac Fashion Wear

    I think the "Starvation" shirt is for the types of Celiacs that were diagnosed in their late teens who are faced with the pressures of suddenyl having to cook "fresh" meals. I was 20 when I was diagnosed and I would have loved that T-shirt
  14. I'm in Rochester NY and have check my Walmart and Wegmans - no luck yet. I'm dying to try Rice Krispie Treats! I was never a big fan of the cereal alone but those treats...yum! Thanks for the review. I've been dying to know They're online, on Amazon, but I really don't want to buy in bulk for a taste test.
  15. Crave Sweets All The Time

    I may be completely wrong but I struggle with binging/purging; I am constantly hungry and when I binge is the sweetest stuff I can find in the house. I've just started anti-anxiety medication (after therapy failed) and I feel loads better. I'm not insatiably hungry like I was before. I don't know what eating disorder you may suffer from but it may be worth considering. Good luck!