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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. celiac3270, I love the pumpkin fairy idea... Thanks
  2. I like Roben Ryberg's book The Gluten Free Kitchen, I found it at our local library before buying it. She uses corn starch and potatoe starch instead of 4-5 different flours. Corn Starch is 99cents a box and the potatoe starch, (I have even found the potato starch in bigger main stream grocery stores) is usually fairly cheap compared to some of the other specialty flours. My daughter loves the All Purpose Loaf and the Double Chocolate Cookies. We also make corn tortilla grilled cheese sandwiches- corn tortilla, cheese, gluten-free seasoning of choice, leftover meat if you have it or want it, Refried beans,etc.. top with another tortilla and heat. And corn tortillas are very cheap- we can get 100 for 2.49 or 2.99. Sometimes I feel like the "101 ways to use corn tortilla lady..." but oh well .. Also check out the asian section of your market- there are "naturally" gluten-free things there that you might not think of. I found gluten-free crackers there. And if you can find Chebe- it is worth it. We use it for pizza. Good luck
  3. We use Splenda. I make Kool-aid with it and I try baking with it sometimes. It doens't always work with gluten-free baking in my opinion. It is gluten-free. Is it good for you? Probably not, is sugar good for you, probably not. You have to make decisions for yourself based on how something makes you feel. If you try Splenda in your tea and try nothing else new for a certain amount of time and you feel bad, stop using it. I have researched artificial sweetners, my daughter has diabetes, and you can find articles very supportive and very negative in regards to using artificial sweetners. So you have to make the decision. The last time I checked Stevia does have carbs, just not as much as sugar. (I could be wrong it was right after my daughters dx)
  4. If you want to do it yourself without the cost of the meter and strips, because they can be expensive if bought without insurance. Try the Keto strips, if you are on a low carb diet this is not the way to go. And if you have a lot of ketones make an appt as soon as possible with the doctor, go to one of those walk in clinics if you have to. I am pretty sure they are readily available at most pharamacies, because of the Atkins craze. The only potential problem I can see with this is that there might be another reason the ketones are there. ( I am not a medical professional so I don't even claim to know much about ketones except that if you have diabetes you don't want them in your urine) Please don't wait too long to get tested. And tell your doctor you want to be tested, don't ask insist. The American diabetes association has a website and it lists the symptoms (you have at least two from what you have written) Take that with you if you think that will help convince your doctor. Also remind him/her that celiac and type 1 are interconnected. My daughters doctor did the keto strip test, before sending us to the ER when my daughter was diagnosed. I have never seen a nurses eyes get that big. Within 10 minutes the dr had me on my way to the childrens hospital er, would have been sooner but I had to call my husband and the dr called the childrens hospital. Sorry to go on and on, but if you even have a little inkling of maybe you might have diabetes go get it checked out, better safe than sorry. Laura
  5. Please go get checked for diabetes. My daughter has both type 1 and Celiac (we only found out about celiac through testing because of diabetes). I didn't realize my daughter was diabetic until we ended up in the ER. I am not trying to scare you, but please go get checked. Laura
  6. Wow Jnkmnky, That makes me feel a little better. I tried all summer to get my 5 year old to write her name. I didn't want to make it a "thing" so I backed off and I was sure that the I would get calls about how behind she is and so forth. Don't you know that sweetheart came home after the first day of school and had written her name, not once but maybe 3 or 4 times. She did it right away for the teacher. That and similiar experiences with my 6 year old are why at this point I won't homeschool (we are fortunate and live in a good school district). And both of my kids love school. Lucy I wish you the best with your decision, because it is a hard one. Only you know what is right for you and your children. And I don't know if you have already checked it out, but our Christian book store has an entire section on home school stuff.
  7. This is just a thought. But maybe once they realize how much work they will have to do, maybe they will let you supply the meals. People sometimes think that "ahh it is just wheat how hard can it be?" But once they walk a mile in your shoes they might find away around their regs. Good luck and you will be in my prayers. And I like the idea Braunson's-mom had. I will use that one if the situation ever presents itself. (I would have never thought of it on my own, that is why I love this board) Laura
  8. Lucy, My daughter is type 1 and Celiac. She started Kindergarten August 29th. I was a wreck. She takes her own snack, she was able to have one snack that the rest of the class had (carrots and ranch dressing) and she was so excited (that was the heart breaking thing for me not her). I have a sharpee marker and write the carb count and her name on the bag. But I have to say that the school nurse has been great. We have a notebook that goes back and forth. She calls me with any concerns. And she is absolutly great with me calling for any concerns. Granted it hasn't been that long, but I wanted to share a somewhat positive experience with you. Laua
  9. Wow Imagine my suprise when I am flipping through my last minute splurge purchase and find an article on Celiac. It is titled "a disease in disguise" on p 116
  10. Wow Lucy- Our stories are so similiar it is kinda spooky, except my daughter was 3 when she had the endoscopy. She was diagnosed with diabetes at 22 months. And she is asymtomatic. small world. the worst thing for my daughter with the endoscopy is that she couldn't play on the playground before we left (because of the anestesia). Sorry it is late and I can't spell.
  11. Searching The Board

    Thanks - for all the help. Laura
  12. Hi, I am trying to see if a topic has been talked about before, but I can't seem to get the search down to less than a 1000 posts. I took out the word and, that took out 3000 topics. Sorry I just don't seem to be able to figuire this one out. I am looking for any info on tree nut, peanut , and dairy free stuff as well as gluten free. My daughter started kindergarten and there are children with other allergies. Thanks so much for your help. Laura
  13. I got a catalog for oriental trading company. Lots of little junk that kids love. I was thinking about handing that out this year.
  14. He doesn't know all of his letters- isn't that what Kindergarten is for? If he isn't used to being around other kids it will take time. My daughter is 5 and just started Kindergarten she doesn't know all of her letters, but neither did her sister when she started and her sister doesn't have Celiac. I hope everything works out for you, but I just wanted to let you know that not all kids going into kindergarten know their letters. Laura
  15. celiac3270, My daughter is type 1 and Celiac. I know it isn't diet sunkist, but diet Hawain Punch is gluten-free. It only comes in the red, but it nice for a change, even I like it. Laura