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  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that I went to that new cupcake place in NYC yesterday. BABYCAKES. They make everything there and are very knowledgeable about the ingredients. Gluten, refined sugar, casein, dairy and egg free!! I tried the vanilla and carrot cupcake (carrot was awesome and the vanilla was good but a little dry) and the chocolate chip and cinammon-raisin cookies. They were both delicious. They also have chocolate and lemon cupcakes as well as a chocolate chip banana loaf and poppy seed loaf. They are also taking orders for thanksgiving cakes, so if anyone is in the area and wants one- i would call or stop in. Nothing is cheap, but most prepared gluten free stuff isn't. The cookies were $1 each and the cupcakes $2.50 each. The cakes are pretty expensive ( $20-40), but they have a variety: apple crumb, carrot, chocolate crumb, spicy pumpkin, applie pie. After trying the carrot cupcake, I might order the carrot cake!! The info is: 248 Broome Street 212-677-5047 www.babycakesnyc.com Just wanted to share as I feel I have gained a lot from the rest of all of you! Linda
  2. Hi LR girl, I am eating sterks bread, the high fiber italian bread and the cinammon raisin bread. it is wonderful! After toasting, the breads taste so much like regular bread I couldn't believe it. it is crunchy and absorbs butter etc, unlike others I have tried. Hope you like it!! Linda
  3. Hi everyone. Diagnosed about 8 months ago and on gluten-free diet since then. Was recommended to Glutensolutions.com website to buy Sterks high fiber italian bread and Schar pasta. After ordering both and now trying the Sterk's cinammon raisin bread, thought I would share my thoughts about both products. Schar pasta- I had been eating the tinkyada and thought it was okay, but reheated pretty poorly. The schar pasta is from Italy, which is I think the key here, as the country is really together for their gluten-free people. It is delicious and reheats perfectly. My husband (non-gluten-free) and I eat it all the time. The only problem is that I haven't been able to get it outside of the internet. Sterks's bread- obviously, like most bread, toasted or warm. still can be a bit crumbly, depends on the batch. BUT- when toasted is crunchy AND butter actually MELTS into it!! I have been eating sandwhiches and toast. Have tried many breads, but have not been able to try a lot of the ones recommended on this site, b/c I also can't eat egg. NO EGG in this bread! They also make a pizza crust which is some of the best I have had. This morning, I tried the cinammon raisin bread and was very happy! Anyway, just thought I would share my experience, as I have had a lot of help from all of you over the past months. Take care, Linda gluten-free since 11/04
  4. Terry, Boston Market posts a web site which lists which of their items are gluten free. http://www.tccsg.com/BostonMarketGlutenFreeList.pdf I have been eating there recently, always start out my order by saying NO corn bread or Gravy please and THEN tell them what I want. I watch to make sure nothing falls onto my plate etc and have not been sick at all over the past few weeks during which I have eaten their chicken, mashed and corn a few times. Obviously, some people will tell you not to eat there as all the foods are lined up near each other, but I guess this needs to be a personal choice all of us make for ourselves. Good luck! Linda
  5. I'm Expecting!

    Hi, not expecting yet, but in the process sometime soon. I asked my nutritionist about it (she works at a celiac center) told me to take regular adult multivitamin, vit b complex (which contains 400mcg of folic acid - all you need) and 1500 mg of calcium a day (works out to 500mg three times a day). If you need extra iron by tests, they can always add it. I get them all at whole foods- their "365" brand. they all say gluten free on the label. Just some other thoughts besides the typical prenatal Congrats and good luck! Linda
  6. Hi everyone. This is Linda- gluten free since 11/04. (Also egg intolerant.) Had to pass along my excitement after making a batch of Pamela's egg free chocolate brownies. My nonceliac hubby and I ate them last night out of the oven and then again today ( not warmed up) and they are DELICIOUS!! You can't tell there is any difference at all. I bought the package of chocolate brownie mix at Whole Foods in NY, but I know you can also buy it online. The egg free recipe calls for water, oil and appleauce + nuts if you want. I had the cookies made by Pamela in the past, so I thought maybe these brownies would be a good try since the cookies always tend to be pretty good. Just wanted to pass it along. Especially for those of you with kids or a sweet tooth! Take care, Linda
  7. Sounds like it is not an allergy, but a reaction likely related to the celiac. My allergist told me that my 'intolerance' to eggs might go away after my intestines were healed, but that there would be no way but to wait until my antibodies and biopsies showed healing and then try again. On a side note, what do you use to replace the egg in recipes. I have the energ egg replacer, but haven't had any success with it yet. Good luck, Linda gluten-free x 3 months
  8. I agree with Richard, stay off if you are feeling well. I may be a newbie, but I have read enough to say that your blood tests (anti gliadin, endomyseal etc) should be negative if you are off the gluten, that's how they monitor your progress. Further, there are a few blood tests (antibodies) for celiac, none of which are 100%. People can be diagnosed with biopsy who have had all negative blood results. As for your baby, you get him tested if you think he is developing signs and symptoms of the disease. ( I have a 7 month old and have been discussing a lot of things like this with my pediatrician- when to test, do I introduce gluten if he is not showing any signs etc. . .) You would get him tested even if you didn't have the disease and he seemed sick, so does it really matter if you have a stone cold diagnosis? The biggest hurdle is getting the doctor thinking about it and you will have no problem with that. Also, eczema and other dry skin related diseases are actually really common in kids, so I don't know if you can relate that the gluten or not ( obviously, I don't have all the information). I am certainly not telling you that your baby does not have celiac, just that common things are common and eczema and other skin things are VERY common in babies, who often outgrow them. If you are trying to get pregnant, given that you are a little older (no offense here), I would say there is little time to waste. You can always do your challenge later if you really feel the need to know 100%. These are obviously just my thoughts. I wish you all the best and good luck with your child and the plan for a new one!! Linda (Diagnosed 11/04)
  9. My pediatrician told me all rice cereal is gluten free. you can also check out the beechnut website which lists which of their baby food are gluten free http://www.beechnut.com/Our%20Baby%20Food/Results.asp Good luck! I am still deciding what to do about my little one. I was diagnosed about two months ago and my little guy is almost 7 months. my pediatrician is encouraging me to give gluten as one normally would and see what happens. I am a little nervious about it, and she seems to be fine whatever my decision. hope all goes well, linda
  10. Glutenfree Menus With Us Airways?

    Stef, Would love to know what happened with US Airways. I am supposed to fly with them in March. Good luck, Linda
  11. Rice Cakes

    Stef. Thanks for the tip! Have been having PB&J and butter and really enjoying it! Even my nonceliac husband is eating them! Linda
  12. Survey

    celiac -yes diabetes - no female Good luck with the project! Linda
  13. Mel, I too have celiac disease, which was actually diagnosed while working me up for what turned out to be an egg allergy! I was gettting bloating, voming and diarrhea and the worst abdominal pain I have ever had ( and considering I had a baby 4 weeks before that was really saying something!) The combination is hard, as a lot of gluten free products or recipes in books for breads, cookies etc have egg. I do know that Breyers is gluten-free AND egg free as are some of the stoneybrook farm organic icecreams. Haagen daas and a lot of other ones have egg. Gelato actually has egg yolk (which is normally not what people are allergic to it is the white) and sorbet has egg as well. Sherbert is fine. On gluten free mall there are some egg free and gluten-free breads and other items. I don't know how active your celiac is, but I was told by my allergist that it is possible that these other 'sensitivities' may actually improve as celiac damage to your intestine heals. They can do testing to find out if it is a TRUE allergy, but that is rare to develop as an adult. Would love to hear if you find any yummy egg free/gluten-free products. I am only two weeks into the gluten-free diet and about 2 months into the egg free. Good luck, Linda
  14. Thanks everyone for your responses. The doctor said we should start introducing food as we normally would ( a little more carefully b/c of my other allergies). I guess I am just worried that he will get sick and I won't pick up on it right away and then he will become malnourished which at his age could be very detrimental. I know I am overreacting, but I am still getting used to the idea, I guess. I definitely don't want to deny him stuff, especially if he doesn't have it. I have tried talking to my brother about himself and his son, but didn't get a very good response. He said neither of them were sick, so why should they go get tested? Any suggestions? Thanks again, Linda
  15. Hi. I am newly diagnosed celiac (with newly diagnosed egg allergy as well) and am looking for some advice on how to handle an upcoming conference I am going to in New Orleans in March. I will be staying at a hotel ( no fridge in the room) and will have breakfast and lunch at the conference. For breakfast they usually put out muffins and bagels with butter, cc or jelly and for lunch they normally provide a box lunch ( sandwhich etc). All of the food is provided by the hotel. Should I try to call the hotel in advance and see if they could have something ready? Who should I ask for? I live in New York and don't know anyone in New Orleans. Are there any resaurants anyone can recommed for dinner? What should I bring with me? I am new to this and trying to get over the feeling of being embarrased to be 'different' at the meals. I have actually contemplated not going, but it is for work and I know that would be stupid. And advice for me would be appreciated. Thanks, Linda