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  1. Pre-eclampsia & Celiac

    Hi Anne, I'm sorry to hijack this conversation, but I think I may have Celiac after a long web search and thinking and trying things. I finally searched "celiac" and "pre-eclampsia" and go this thread. Post after post said "HELLP" and "pre-e." I'm a HELLP survivor in my first pregnancy and my second was a mess, but no HELLP, thankfully. Interestingly, I gained so much water weight while pregnant that neither baby got very big and even though I looked like I was gaining (rapidly some months), I was really swelling. I haven't been diagnosed with an AI issue, but I'm really wondering if celiac is the underlying issue. After HELLP, I moved, so I had to get a new OB-GYN. I found one who specialized in high-risk pregnancies, so she was not phased by much. She was obessive compulsive and had me testing constantly. I could tell you my BP and platelet counts almost from 20 weeks on. I developed HELLP at the end of my first pregnancy, so research shows that if you do get it again (and nothing says you will), you get it at the same time or later during the next pregnancy. So, I delivered early and avoided it. Platelets weren't that great anyway and I was starting to spill protein into my urine. It's really a hard decision to make after HELLP. I went in with so much more knowledge and awareness. Good luck with your decision! I can't wait to explore the rest of the board. I feel like I've found people who understand my weird stomach and reading all these Pre-E and HELLP stories just makes so much sense. CJ