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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have a 12 year old also who has been bedwetting since 4 years old. He also has Eczema and has had alot of cavities compared to my other 4kids (who have had none). Researching Celiac disease for myself (I have a looong list of symptoms), mademe start thinking he may have it too and could it be the cause for all his symptoms? Nothing has worked for him either, not even medication.
  2. The holidays. Plus it feels hopeless, like I'm torturing myself and it probably won't help my issues.
  3. Well I failed miserably. And I feel terrible again.
  4. Panic Attacks & Gluten

    This is so interesting to me. I've had SEVERE anxiety and depression for 14 years. SEVERE ezcema type stuff on my ears since I was a child. With each pregnancy-I got worse. (I've had 5) I've also had really bad tooth decay. Just recently I tried to go gluten free for 2 weeks, but failed miserably, which led to more depression. I'm so overweight and my body hurts like I have the Flu daily, and has been for the past 3 years. After reading this thread, I'm willing to give it another shot, I'm so skeptical though.
  5. I was reading last night about too much Candida can cause mouth ulcers/sores. Read up on it if you haven't. Do you take a probiotic?
  6. I definitely want to keep eating healthy!!!! It feels fantastic, loads more energy. Why should I stay away from dairy?
  7. Update! Day 7......no changes. Except I have more energy, but I think it's because I haven't had carbs and barely any sugar. I am eating way more healthier now than I ever have. Is there any point on me continuing to do this? (not eat gluten or wheat) (I'm still going to continue to eat healthy)
  8. I love anything natural, nothing has helped my Candida on my ears/scalp, I will definitely check it out! Thanks!
  9. I was curious, because I've always had eczema and low blood sugar (low blood sugar since a teen), I've always also basically eaten carbs and sugar. A few years ago I went to a dermatologist for my severe eczema on my ears and she said it wasn't eczema that it was yeast overgrowth. I didn't take the medicine and blew her off. It's still here and has spread since then. I'm on day 6 of no wheat (or yeast) and no sugar (except for fruit and only one per day). I've been reading on Candida, I think it's slowly been growing over the last 10 years, as it started with gastro problems and has progressed because it was never treated. I am going to buy some probiotics today, but what is Candex? I'm also going to buy some organic tea tree oil to put on the skin.
  10. Ok-how did that happen? My reply is mixed in with Lisa's reply! Ooooops!
  11. I have terrible, terrible anxiety. And have for 11 years. I don't leave home much, and when I do it's only to my comfortable places. I had wondered if Celiac can really be the cause of that severe of anxiety. I've also wondered if vitamin deficiency can cause that severe of anxiety. Have you ever had your B's and D levels checked? I haven't. My depression isn't as severe, it's mainly due to having such debilitating anxiety, I think. I've cut out SO much sugar these past few days, hoping that would help the eczema, depression, and anxiety as well. Day 5!
  12. IF I have Celiacs, then yes, I divorced over it and lost several jobs because of my poor health, depression, pain, anxiety. My current husband could care less if I feel good or not, he won't even take the time to read about it.
  13. How did you know it was yeast overgrowth and not low blood sugar?
  14. Thank you for the links! Doing this has made realize how bad we eat as a family. I won't expect them to go gluten free, but I am making changes for them! Like organic and staying away from processed junk! Our diet used to be wheat, dairy, sugar, processed foods, and fast foods. Big changes have happened!