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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Puffee, I just posted something about this same problem! Pregnant-looking, severely bloated for over a year and a half. Cannot figure out what's causing it. Some days are better, but the bloating is taking over my life. I get very fatigued, sleepy, nauseated and unable to function. I cannot wear my clothes unless they have a stretchy waistband because I never know when it's going to swell. My food intolerances: wheat, soy, peanuts and aspartame Anyone else have a similar story or any advice for us?
  2. I too suffer from the extreme bloating, but sometimes I cannot connect it to anything I've eaten. I've been asked if I was pregnant it was so badly swollen. I've also been told by a doctor to go on Weight Watchers, and I tried to explain that if it was weight, it wouldn't come and go to that extreme. Any wisdom or advice anyone wants to share. When I get glutened, I have flu-like symptoms...chills, sweats, nausea and of course the bloated stomach. Will this EVER end???
  3. Got my TSH results in and it was 1.340. What is normal? I took a quiz on the internet and I have 30 of the 33 symptoms of thyroid problems - weight gain, dry skin, sleeplessness, EXTREME fatigue (was in bed two days this week), ringing in the ears. I have pregnant-sized stomach that would go up and down, but it's been bloated now for three weeks. I have only been gluten-free since December and got better, but now I am *sick* again ANY help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Feeling Helpless

    I meant to tell you that I have a problem of looking 9 months preg one day and not the next
  5. Feeling Helpless

    Hang in there. I feel your pain, frustration and loss of *normal* life. I am fairly new, December '09, but I am beginning to see that everyone experiences days/weeks of depression. I have no words of wisdom, but praying and wishing you peace.
  6. Bloating...

    Does the bloating ever go away? I've been extremely bloated looking preg for a year and a half now. The bloat goes all the way around my back and is very uncnomfortable. I can't say pain, but it makes it hard to breathe. I cannot seem to get any relief since going gluten-free since December. Felt lots better at first, but now I am severely fatigued, ringing in ears, depressed and just want my life back. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. I am too! I salt stuff that I've NEVER salted before.
  8. Jackson, Ms

    Hey Jackson, MS! I am in the Tupelo, MS area. Outback in Tupelo is VERY safe. The manager's daughter has Celiac, so he's very aware of gluten-free and cc. Do NOT eat at The Olive Garden in Tupelo. Thanks for the info!
  9. I too have the ringing in the ears and asked my natural doc about it Monday. He thinks it is connected to my liver, which has/is congested, and thinks it will clear up when I get straightened out.
  10. I too have extreme bloating and the other symptoms you described. I went gluten-free December 7th and my bloating has been better, but I still cannot get into my pants. I've had NO weight loss whatsoever and am VERY discouraged. I feel 100 percent better. I also find that right before my cycle I get extremely bloated. I went back to my natural doc Monday, and he said my thyroid and hormones are out of whack too. Anyone have any wisdom or knowlege for me.
  11. Olive Garden gluten-free Menu

    Oh, you are so right! Nothing is worth the year I lost of my life. I ordered from their gluten free menu, but it so was NOT! I am sticking to my tried and true food at home. Just wanted to warn everyone of my bad experience so they would not get sick. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thanks for your response
  12. Does anyone know if Obagi is gluten free? I have emailed them and no response back. It doesn't seem to be bothering me, but I do want to switch to gluten free when I run out.
  13. ....Hope it's beneficial. B&G FOODS INC. - GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT LIST AC'CENT Flavor Enhancers (all varieties) BRER RABBIT Molasses Mild, Full and Blackstrap BRER RABBIT Syrup Light & Full B & G Pickles, Peppers, Relishes, Capers, Sauerkraut, Green & Black Olives B & M Baked Beans
  14. Olive Garden gluten-free Menu

    So glad to hear your symptoms. I am new to this, one month, and I was deathly ill. I never threw up or anything, just ached all over with chills and sweats. No one else got sick, but I was the only one ordering from the gluten-free menu.