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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. That's interesting that DGP is definitive for celiac. Can you reference that? The reason I ask is I had all the testing, and all the labs were normal except DGP, which was 4x the upper limit. I've had two separate biopsies and both were negative. I have mega-stomach issues with bloating and constipation. So, I've always wondered if I really am celiac due to that one test. Of course, the doctors tell me no because of the negative biopsies. I just began gluten-free yesterday.
  2. Pain in gut, I am also positive on my deaminated anti-gliadin at 45(0-10). My last biopsy two years ago was negative, so was told I'm not celiac. I am having a repeat biopsy soon with another doctor, and then am going gluten-free. May I ask what your level was on your test? Have you had symptoms your whole life? I am 50, but my stomach symptoms of horrendous bloating began 11 years ago.
  3. In my case, I had the biopsies and they were negative. So, I am left to wonder what the high anti-gliadin means.
  4. I'm in the same exact boat as you. I have normal or negative everything, EXCEPT my deam. anti-gliadin at 45.4(0-10). Mine is really high also, but was told I didn't have celiac. I'm not too sure. What other reason would make that so high?
  5. I do know one thing--celiac or gluten intolerance is NOT an easy, logorithmic thing that can diagnosed by a flow chart! I am still sitting as undiagnosed. Let me show where my numbers fit into this: My tTG is 0. So, if you stop there, I am completely negative. BUT, my doctor also tested my deaminated antigliadin IgA, and it was 45.4(0-10). According to their chart, a negative tTG just means no celiac, stop testing. BUT, if it is positive, THEN test the antigliadin. Why? I thought the tTG was "the" blood test to rule in/out celiac. So why do further testing??? Then, if the antigliadin is over 10, biopsy. Mine was 4x the upper limit, yet the biopsy was negative. So, where do I fit into all this? I think they are missing something here, possibly that my 4x antigliadin maybe represents gluten intolerance? This is soooo confusing.
  6. Doctors In Houston?

    By the way, thanks for the explanation! I actually have not made an appt. yet with Dr.Verm because my stomach is too bloated to travel! It would be a three hour one-way trip for me, and when I am bad like this, I am most comfortable reclining or lying on my side. Until it lets up, I won't be able to navigate the trip AND the big medical center. But, I hope soon....
  7. Last November, I went through the labwork for celiac. Everything was normal except the anti-gliadin IgA of 42. Had an endoscopy and all was "normal". So, told celiac was not my problem. So, what exactly does a 400% above normal mean with the anti-gliadin IgA?? I think they at least owe me an explanation of why I have a high test result, instead of telling me I'm normal. What else could it mean? By the way, I am predominantly constipated and AWFUL BLOATING. I have a whole host of other issues, but not sure they are related.
  8. That is great! It must be something to find the real "you" after all this time. I know when i had to go into the hospital for a 3-day fast to check on why I get hypoglycemia all the time, my body was weak and whacky after those 3 days, but my mind was so CLEAR and I felt so HAPPY on the drive home! I don't have depression, but I just feel like I have a "neutral" mood all the time. So, whatever I wasn't putting into my body for 3 days sure let some of the old "me" come out, for a little while anyway. I haven't yet gone gluten free, but will soon.
  9. Hi! I am new here myself, so don't feel I am able to give much advice or info. I wonder if they could do an endoscopy and get some biopsies. Your stomach would not be healed yet by any means. Are you thin or have you lost weight? I also thought of a cortisol deficiency when you mentioned nausea and tiredness.
  10. Forum So Slow--Is It My Computer?

    Okay, I just came to my desktop computer, and my pages load normal, like in 5 seconds. Must be something about the netbook. But, in the netbook's defense, it isn't unusually slow when I browse other places. I guess their is too much info for my little netbook to reload on every page--maybe this will help someone else down the road that is using a netbook. I have health issues that keep me for sitting up too long, so I tend to read through my forums in my recliner on my netbook.
  11. Forum So Slow--Is It My Computer?

    I am using a netbook I got last Christmas, so assume it has up to date stuff. I have the highest speed internet through our Centurylink phone company, as I use the internet for our business, so I know it works fast enough. I use Google(don't know what chrome is) as my search engine. Anything else I can try? I'm sorry if this post started out sounding "negative". That was not my intention. It honestly just keeps loading slow, and I am not a "tech" person, so didn't know if there was anything I should be doing on my end, as far a settings or something. It takes about 30 seconds for my page to go to the next page.
  12. Hi. I love this forum, but it is super slow going from post to post. I have deleted my cookies, but that didn't help. Other forums I am on are not slow, so wondering if this is going to get better?? I hope so, because I want to read alot of the old posts to get alot of info, but not when it is so slow to go from post to post.
  13. Doctors In Houston?

    Thanks for the contact info for Dr. Verm! You sound like me--I've been fighting hypoglycemia for almost 20 years. Is it related to celiac?
  14. I have had bloating for 10 years. It has reached a critical level that makes me short of breath. I had the celiac testing locally: anti-gliadin IgA 42 (0-10) every other blood test was negative. Had the biopsies, and told they were negative also. I guess whoever I would go to in Houston that kind of specializes in celiac would also be a gastroenterologist also, so could address my intense bloating, whether it is due to gluten or not. Could someone give me a name or two? Thanks!
  15. Hi! I can't help much as I am waiting to hear back from my endoscopy. My gliadin antibody(IgG) was 45 (0-10), and in the same boat. I was curious, what did your pancreatitis feel like? I get bouts of SEVERE upper abdominal bloating that makes it hard to breathe, and it comes and goes. I don't really have any pain with it, just "uncomfortable" more describes it.