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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was having the same thoughts some time ago but when shared with mutiple doctors and different research-facilities here in Sweden I got convinced that I wouldnt even try it. Reason I got explained was that the enzymes is one thing but since it's not gluten itself thats harming us, it's a part of the gluten that is, namely the gliadine, the enzymes wont help. I cant remember where it was documented but I've read some articles on the subject where they've done some tests and it didnt come out positive. However, it might work for some people but personally, I wouldnt try it out knowing the consequences and the potential time it takes to heal. Would be interesting to know more of your theori though. /Karl
  2. Been to the dentist, nothing special such as nerves or such. Sublingual B12 you said.... Bloodpressure, guess a bit high since I'm stressed out because of my gut. I'm drinking ok with water.
  3. Thing is that the blurry vision for me is (as I guess) neurologic because it occurs at random and 99% of the time prior to actually getting the stuff into my mouth, it kind of happens when I open the jaws...
  4. Hi there, I must disagree. I'm celiac with loads of problems (see other post) but havent got the IBS, however, my sister whos also celiac did get the diagnosis IBS. /Karl
  5. Hi there, Accordingly to the bloodsamples, all my vitamines and so on are normal. Nothing showed up on the CT, nor the MRI. The only thing that showed up was an extra "Bile duct" (not sure about the name though). Since I'm having these problems, I'm extremely strict in following the diet, I.e. not even products with traces are allowed and since a couple of months ago, I'm not eating out, only homecooked meals made by myself so I'm 100% sure that there's no traces. A year ago, I made a meal-diary to count the kcals I eat and I my average was slightly above 12.000 per day. Not gaining any weight (65kg / 176cm) and I'm not an athelete and still, being tired and all. I do excercise everyday, walks about 1.5h per day (got dogs). Any ideas? Thanks in advance. /Karl
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Karl, living in Sweden and just recently found this site. I've got my Dx way back in -74 but was told around -90 that it could actually heal permanently so as a stubborn teenager, I ran off to get a Pizza... This kept going until -05 when my fiance told me to get a grip of myself and re-start the gluten-free diet. Since then, I'm on a strict gluten-free-diet, I've been rushed to the ER a couple of times with pain that I would compare to being stabbed with a knife. If there's an exam available, I've done it. My problem(s) today is apart from occasional diare, pain, extreme fatigue, extreme hunger and heavy pain unless I eat every 2 hours. And my real problem is that the doctors are giving up on me... But recently, I started to experience blurry vision, this occurs most of the time when I havent eaten a lot and it's not diabetic/bs-related and it only lasts for maybe a minute or two but I get all dizzy and unless I sit down, I tend to fall. First couple of times, it was really scary but then I started to get used to the feeling. Has anyone else had these symptoms and if so, what was the diagnose? Thanks in advance, Karl