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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Embarrassing Question

    Thanks for the honest answers. I know I can live with the gluten free diet, it just means I need to follow it when I go out with family and friends even if the dear hubby is not with. After I put this out here it got worse for a few hours, I was passing gas every minute or two. I went to the spare room to sleep just so I wouldn't gas my poor husband. Than I could let it flow freely so to speak. Forutnately I did not get the severe cramps that I used to get. So A lesson learned. I read somewhere a few months ago women over 40 are at risk of becoming gluten intolerant even if the never had a problem with it before. I feel this is do to the grenetic changes they continue to make on our foods so they can mass produce them. I grow my own garden and use heritage vegetables whenveer I can find them. So that helps, and I raise my own chickens both for our meals and for laying eggs, plus we raise our own turkeys too. An organic turkey is soooo much taster than a store bought. I don't know if I could ever go back. Again thanks for your answers and have a great week!
  2. I have an embarrassing question to ask all those who are not celiac but eat gluten free because of a family member. I find that if I go out with friends now and have a pizza or something with wheat in it, I get severe gas. And I mean severe! Not an few minor farts, but long ones every minute or so, and this lasts for hours after eating gluten. If I hold it in, I end up with cramps. This is accompanied by bloating as well. Is this normal? I have had to ask to eat "same" foods and my friends say, you don't have to eat that way, your husbands not here. Is this a side affect of being of glutens and then going back on them? I used to get gas like this on donut fridays at work. To the point I was in severe pain from holding it back. I always thought it was the sugar and bread from the krispy cremes, now I'm not so sure. When I passed on the donuts on Fridays I seemed fine most of the time. Am I a silent sufferer because I don't get the other symptoms that so many celiacs show?
  3. Very Sick

    I am so sorry to hear how your Mothers Day was ruined We have never tried Amy's products because of all the horror stories we've read. Stick with a fairly blan meal for the next couple of days until you fell better. You need to give your system a rest after that. When my husband has a flare up no matter how small or large we go back to the basics, easily digestible foods, like bananas, rice, chicken soup, nothing processed until he feels better. Our favor is chicken soup that I make. It really helps and he doesn't feel like he's being deprived because his system needs a break. I hope you're feeling better soon!
  4. I agree with ravenwoodglass, the doctor should be congratulating you on a wonderful job done on bringing that number down so low. And you're only 8 points away from where he wants you be below. I think you are doing a fantasic job! And having a more experinced celiac mom come into your kitchen is an excellent idea. She not only can tell you what you need to change but can reinforce what you are doing right already. Also did you replace your toaster or do you use a separte toaster for her? I was cross contaminating my husband because he didn't think a new toaster was necessary, but after being hospialized the dietitian put it this way " A toaster doesn't cost that much and no matter how well you clean it you are still cross contaminating". I bought a new toaster while he was still in the hospital. If she is symptom free, I wouldn't worry to much, and if she is having symptoms, try keeping a food diary so you can see what she's reacting to, if the foods are made in a factory that makes gluten foods you may be getting cross contaminated without realizing it. Keep up the good work, 8 points isn't far to go!!
  5. I see all your response are from the gluten free half of the equation. My husband is the gluten free (the one with Celiac)half of our equation so to speak. Since I do the cooking we are both gluten free. I have learned how to re-create some of his favorite meals and desserts so he doesn't feel to deprived. We have found that we absolutely HATE gluten free store bought bread! I found a recipe that is very close to the "real thing" though. The one problem I have come across with it is it dries out to fast. Otherwises its really good. And thats saying a lot when it comes to bread. We have had family over for holidays and the whole meal is gluten free, much to their surprise, they all like what they are eating. I guess my husband is pretty luck, he got a wife you loves to bake and cook, or this could be a real pain in the backside for use both! I find there are things I miss once myself, but don't dare have them in our home. What matters more to me that a moments pleasure is my husbands health. So if I am away from home on rare occassion (by myself) I might eat something I miss having, but most of the time I eat gluten free away from home out of habit. There's not much I miss as I have found substitutes for most items, thank goodness. I'm glad to hear that your husband is willing to go gluten free for you. You are very lucky, not many spouses are willing to take that step. It will get easier as you find recipes and foods to substitute your old favorites with. I found Gluten free brown rice Lasagna Noodles, what a treat! Best of luck to you!
  6. Enough! I Just Need It All To Stop!

    I understand how frusrated you are! Still dealing with frustrations of our own. I think it might be time to check other food intolerances, not just gluten. Other foods can and will give you intense intestinial issues depending on the severity of your intolerance. If your docotr is not very understanding and supportive it might be time to find a different doctor. There are still a lot out there that don't understand Celiac and think its all in your head. If you have been gluten free for a year, nothings going to show on your gluten test results as unless you have been getting several cross contaminated the entire time. I hope this is helpful.
  7. Canceling Social Plans...

    Keep on being positve! And don't shut yourself out from the world. We went throught the same thing. Friends would ask "are you still on that weird diet?" or "Are you on that diet yet?" It was so frustrating to my husband who has celiac (I eat the same way so he doesn't have to worry about eating something he shouldn't when I'm not home). Than in December he was hospitalized, we had been gluten free for about 6 to 8 weeks at the time. We learned a lot during that time, like yes you need to replace your kitchen stuff such as toasters, mixing utinsels, frying pans, etc, etc. Family came to the hospital to see him and realized this is very very serious and not just some fad diet or anything. Now his entire family has gone gluten free, a few had been gluten free prior to his hospitalization but the rest joined the gluten free life style after seeing just how serious this can be. I personally think I have been a silent sufferer as I feel much better on this diet as well. I just wish I could lose some weight on this diet, lol! I can feel a big difference in how I feel though! I no longer feel bloated and gasy all the time, and if I eat something that has gluten in it, I can tell, usually minor discomfort, but discomfort just the same. I know it can be frustrating to be posstive or be around others, but this is when you need them the most, not just for support but for your well being as well. My husband and I make it a point to eat before going to visit and bring foods we can eat, yes I know, its a royal pain in the butt, but why miss out on special occassions and holidays? My sister now makes an effort to buy a few things that are gluten free to have around when we come to visit, and several family members try to bring fruits and veggies instead of cakes and cookies. We in turn bring the desserts and they are usually quiet surprised and say they wouldn't have known it was gluten free by the taste. I have had several trial and errors in my kitchen and I tell my husband to be honest about the foods I serve. I really do want to know if its a yes, please serve that again or No I can live without eating that version again. I have had several under both catagories now. But I keep trying. I have finally found a cookie recipe he says is almost the same as "Normal" cookies, he can hardly tell the difference. The best of luck to you!
  8. My husband and I went gluten free in late October. He has had several wonderful weeks at a time and then out of the blue a day or two of discomfort. He says compared to what he went through prior to starting this gluten free he can handle the discomfort. From what I've read it can take at least 2 years for your system to completely heal, so 40 days of feeling really good is fantastic! There may be other things you are reacting to also. If we have onions says he can tell he ate them. So we haven't had them in a while and them about a week ago I made something with onions again and again he could tell we ate onions. So for now and maybe forever we avoid onions. I am a silent sufferer myself, and if I eat frito lays corn chips even thought they are only made of corn, corn oil and sea salt, I get a bit of discomfort from them. It may be that they where cross contaminated, I don't know, I just know that I tried them several times and had the same reaction each time shortly after eating them. So I bought some organtic corn chips and I can eat them no problem. I know how frusterating it can be as does everyone else in your shoes, only time will heal, and we all need to remember this does take some time. I wish you the best of luck!
  9. New Format

    Tried it, it logged me out but I still have the list and not the forum where I can read each one without opening each individually. Is there something else I need to change??
  10. Just Wondering Who's From Minnesota

    Hi there! We're from Milaca. I do enjoy the posts and seeing we Minnesotans aren't as few as it feels like. To bad we don't all live close by, lol! I live in the country and raise a huge garden, chickens for eggs, and some for butchering too. But when it comes to stuff you can't grow on your own I get frustrated sometimes because of the limited resources and expense from living in a small town. I have gone to St. Cloud to try the Godfathers gluten free pizza and was not impressed. Oh the things we miss out on, lol! Sun is shining so I need to get outside and enjoy it!
  11. Hola From Minnesota!

    I am also from Minnesota. But central MN and I understand your frustration. We live in a small town and theres nothing here. We have to travel to the twin cities for anything like that. I don't know how far you live from Rochester but there is an All gluten free shop in town that might be able to help you find groups in your area, depending on how close you are. The name of the business is Gluten-Free Cupboard and the address is 1833 3rd Ave S.E. Rochester phone number is 507-529-1132. The owners have celiac disease so they might also have information on local groups. Another suggestion is check the local colleges if you are from a larger town, you might be surprised on what you can find for support groups etc. I hope this helps you. Best of luck finding a local group with members your age.
  12. There is no topic display mode to select. I hate all these changes with no information on how to set it they way you want it without them changing it again!!!!! GRRRR!!!!!!!!!
  13. New Format

    Really hate the new forum set up!. Not very helpful when all I've got to go on is a mini heading and would really like to read each comment without all the wasted time required to click each one individually. Tried changing to forum same thing as list in settings UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. some days you're the windhield some days you're the bug.

  15. Need Help With This Board

    When I go to forum results I get 2 options One is something about list another is something about forum. I have tryed to save both ways and still have to individually open each response. What am I missing????????? Very frustrated,help!