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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Weight Watchers

    If you do on-line meetings the recipe ideas are GREAT! Some really good easy to use gluten free stuff. WW really is geared towards lower carb eating so being gluten-free is not to rough in the plan. I am thinking of doing a WW support page on here for us to share ideas, recipes etc...what do you guys think? Skye
  2. Weight Watchers

    YAY for you taking even more control of your life! I love weight watchers it is a great program. Are you doing the meeting program or the on-line program? I do both, my meetings keep me accountable but there is a plethora of information on the website that I like to use. I find it worth the $12.95 a month. A great thing is the recipe database, if you find something you like but want to change out something (say take out the whole wheat tortilla and add lettuce) it does the points calculations for you. Some suggestions.... Once a week when you go to the grocery store get bulk snacks that you like (dried fruit, nuts, gluten free cereal) and make snack size ziplocks that you can grab on the go (make sure you note the points so you know where you stand). Also if you have the time make a zero point soup to keep in the fridge or freezer in individual sizes, this way when your running late you can grab and go. I have a few individual steamer tupperwares that I use. When I make dinner I often have left overs and will prep my lunch for the next day by putting together my left overs in the steamer saver. They say that members that have the most success are those that have stuff pre-made in their fridge and cupboards ready to go. A fave of mine is spaghetti squash, I make a big one and keep it in the fridge, it's basically zero points and is a great gluten free, grain free base to any veggies and protein. Very versitile squash, you can sweeten it up with a touch of honey and cinnamon or use it with it your fave pasta sauce. Take note that the higher in fiber the item is the less points it uses, go fiber! Fiber comes in many forms other than grains look for those things to be the base of your meals (veggies, beans) and you get to eat more. If you really look the base of a good meal with WW is very gluten free friendly. Just be careful with frozen meals as they often have hidden gluten (sauces can be loaded). Good luck and if you have any questions just ask! Skye P.S. don't forget your water and your exercise!!
  3. More Sensitive Now?

    I too notice more sensitivity to gluten after being gluten free for a while. But, you may look at doing an elimination diet for a few weeks to see if you have any other sensitivities or any allergies. Many people that are gluten sensitive are also sensitive to other foods. The improvement in how you feel deffinately can be worth the time. I know you said you had issues with Cliff bars...have you tried Lara Bars? Gluten free and YUM! Skye
  4. Celiac And Major Allergies, What Do I Eat?

    Thank you for the awesome suggestions! I used lettuce to make my sandwich on "deli sammie night" and it was so nice to be eating along the same lines of what the guys were eating (hubby and sons). We are having burrito night (a total fave around here) and I'm using lettuce leaves again for my wrap I'm sooo excited!! Again thanks everyone!
  5. For Those In College...

    That is AWESOME that you were able to talk to them and get better than expected results. Many times the food and nutrition services department at a college is part of the learning process for students of culinary, hospitality and nutrition and having the opportunity to make changes for folks like ourselves is a great learning opportunity for their students. You have to let us know what yummy meals they come up with for you!! Skye
  6. Good Protein Sources?

    Lots of great advice coming your way! I'm glad to hear that your meeting with an endocrinologist and will have access to a nutritionist. Based on actual nutritional needs you are getting WAY to much protein (as much as double too much). An excess of protein can be really hard on your system and cause further taxation of your already taxed system. The advice your getting on small frequent meals is right on, the fewer "larger" meals your making are not helping your situation. Keep a food journal for a few days before your doctors visit, not just logging down the main components of your meal but all of it, every bite snack and pinch. This can help you look at if your getting the right balance of carbs, protein and fats. Good luck!
  7. Celiac And Major Allergies, What Do I Eat?

    I didn't even think about hard boiled eggs :-) yum. I was thinking about trying to make my own vegetable chips too. Foods I can eat... Any meats with the exception of shrimp Potatoes, yams etc beans all veggies cooked raw veggies I can do romaine, butter, green or red leaf lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower eggs Thats as far as I have gotten so far on what I know for sure I CAN eat. Thanks :-)
  8. I would agree that you would want to have your liver function tested just to make sure you don't have anything major going on. If you have had a full blood panel done lately they are on that test. In regards to your Ph, what are you using to test it? Or I should ask, what bodily fluid are you using? Are you doing the salivary strips? Body Ph in the mouth can be a reflection of what is going on in your body but you need to take into account what you last had in your mouth that will greatly affect the strip (if you do it after a night of a few glasses of wine or a breakfast of coffee, eggs and yogurt they are all acidic and will effect the strip). If you look on-line for foods that are more alkaline they will help balance your system a bit better, also look at what foods are acidic because you will be surprised at what is on that list, most are foods we eat daily. Good luck on your quest for health. Skye
  9. Doctors have finally decided to listen to me that food is my biggest health issue. After allergy testing it turns out that not only do I have Celiacs but an allergy to wheat, rice, oats, most all fruits, carrots, celery, cucumber, shrimp, walnuts, peanuts, almonds and a few other goodies. I also have an intollerance to anything with sugar in it, even a small amount of sucrose gives me a wicked headache. I love my steamed veggies, lean meats, salmon, eggs, beans and potatoes but am seeing an issue in my near future of being bored with my diet. For those of you that live grain free or have an allergy to most fruits do you have any suggestions? I love snack foods (i'm a full time student and need snack stuff for school) but am running out of options and don't really have tons of cash to spend on expensive snacks at whole foods (found crackers that are good but are $7 a box). If you have any faves to share I'd love to hear about them! Skye
  10. Helllo I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member! My name is Skye and I am from Reno, Nevada. I have battled health problems for the better part of the last 2 decades and with my new diagnoses of Celiac and going gluten free I am already finding my health improving. YAY! I am hoping to find other Reno'ites on here as I am not really finding much in the way of support groups in Reno to socialize with. I look forward to reading and learning more here with everyone! Skye
  11. I am a recently diagnosed celiac and learning the in's and out's of this disease is a bit of an adventure. For the past few weeks most everyone I have been socializing with are my fellow students (I am a clinical nutrition major) and they are very supportive and understanding of the major diet changes I am making in my life. Unfortunately a bad side effect of the holidays is I am going to parties and socializing with people I don't spend ton's of time with and for some reason the words "celiac disease" is not getting through to many of their brains. I went to a Chanukkah dinner tonight armed with a gluten free noodle kugel and the hostesses assurance that the latkes were wf/gluten-free (she even called the lady that was cooking the latkes beforehand to double check that there was no wheat in them), well apparently the cook didn't think that thickening the latkes with flour is bad because she did. After dinner when I started to get the beginnings of gastric distress I asked if there was flour in anything we ate, the comment was made that yes there was a few tablespoons in the latkes "but it's not like your allergic" soooooo to ensure the safety of my body do I tell people I'm SEVERELY allergic to wheat (not a total lie I do actually have a mild IgE immune response to wheat) so that they get the point that I can't have a "few tablespoons" in my meal?? I don't want to have to sit in the corner and hide from all the food at holiday parties and I don't want to not go. Any suggestions? Say I'm allergic? Fill up beforehand on a safe meal so I can say I just ate? HELP Skye