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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I use canola oil. It is healthier than corn oil and vegetable oil and doesn't add any odd flavors.
  2. Reaction To Bananas And Pears?

    It definitely sounds like an allergy. My son has a banana allergy. There are actually two different forms of banana allergies. One causes hives and what most people think of as the typical allergic reaction. The other causes a GI reaction which involves vomiting after exposure. My son has the 2nd form. From what I was told the latex link is a lot more common with the GI reaction. I'd investigate it either way though. FWIW, it does not appear that my son reacts to latex, at least not yet. He's only 10 months old though.
  3. Restaurants Near Disneyland gluten-free?

    The Denny's right across the street was awesome too. The manager took my concerns very seriously and personally oversaw the cooking of my meal and delivered herself and told me exactly how they cleaned the grill and what precautions they took. I was seriously impressed by the care she took. They have a list with the allergens in all of their food. It takes a bit to decipher it and it mostly comes down to just eating breakfast, but our experience was so positive there (unexpectedly so) that we went there twice.
  4. Bj's Brewery

    The BJs near me doesn't have a mural, but the Qdoba does. We go there on occassion. The mural shows women grinding wheat down into flour. And their cups showcase different ingredients and somehow I always end up with the cup with the flour tortillas. It makes my husband and I laugh every time.
  5. Are there any gluten/egg/dairy/nut free breads on the market? I have a friend whose daughter has allergies to egg/dairy/nuts and her doctor wants her to eliminate gluten as well. She is hoping to not have to make the bread. Are there any brands out there are free of all of those? Do they taste decent?
  6. Gluten Free Playdoh

    I decorate cakes (gluten free of course). I always have a bunch of fondant and gumpaste on hand. When my kids want to play with playdoh I give them a little hunk of fondant to play and mold with. It works for us because I always have a bunch on hand, but it would probably be more expensive than other options out there for most people.
  7. Completely gluten-free Resturaunts?

    Gluten Free Creations in Scottsdale, AZ. They have 2 locations. The Phoenix location is a bakery only. The Scottsdale location has a small restaurant where they serve sandwiches/salads etc as well as sell their bakery goods.
  8. What I Miss Most.

    I miss having a carefree attitude toward food. Just being able to grab anything and try it without worrying about ingredients and cross contamination.
  9. Please help me understand this. I have celiac disease. I also have an amazing pediatrician for my children who understands that it can be very tricky to diagnose celiac and my children need to be monitored more closely because of my diagnosis. The pedi orders a celiac panel run on my kids every time they have bloodwork done for any reason, figuring it's a good way to possibly catch it quickly without subjecting them to extra pokes. My 9 month old had an allergic reaction to bananas. The doctor wanted an allergy panel run to find out if there are any other allergies and also ran the celiac panel. The allergy panel is still pending, but the celiac panel came back slightly elevated. She just called to tell me a short while ago and said she needed to do more research to find out what that means because she hasn't had any elevated results in babies that young before. Does this mean he likely has celiac too? Is there another possible explanation. I'm not sure exactly what tests were ordered or what his results were. I wasn't thinking all that clearly when she called, I just wasn't expecting her to say that when he's only had a very small amount of gluten so far in his diet.
  10. I'd be just fine washing it well and continuing to use it.
  11. I use the Pacific cream of soups and they work very well in place of campbells. I've made several casseroles for my non-gluten free friends and family as well and none of them could tell any difference.
  12. What's For Breakfast Today?

    I'm bad today. A slice of devil's food cake with buttercream, gluten-free of course.
  13. Your crock pot is fine, just wash it well. I'm not sure on the cast iron question. I would guess google could tell you how to unseason it. I was never using my cast iron anyway so I gave mine away.
  14. Gallbladder

    I had my gallbladder out earlier this summer. The first day I threw up a lot but it slowed down the 2nd day and was completely gone by the third. I didn't feel too hungry the first few days, when I did eat it was peanut butter toast (Udi's). I'm sort of doubting celiac causing gall bladder problems, only because it seems gall bladder problems are so common with the general public that it's not surprising it's common within the celiac community as well. I know a lot of people who've had gall bladder surgery and do not have celiac.