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  1. Sorry--- slow responder! lol I have been taking 5k of vitamin D in the morning and because of possible malabsorbtion 2k at night. My levels are just now reaching normal. I still have pain if I'm pushed on or poked but it has decreased.
  2. I called Sandoz on their generic Amox-Clav generic for Augmentin. They said that there are no gluten ingredients but that they do not test for gluten so they cannot say that they are "gluten-free". Interesting change. I'm wondering if that has to do with the government getting more strict on what they can call gluten-free. If I do not repost to this topic it means I did not have a reaction! Bridget.
  3. I am interested in this connection. I was dx (diagnosed) with fibromyalgia and celiac around the same time. I've always been basically sick and am in my 30s. I went gluten-free and have been for about over 1 year. I took a supplement that basically made my pain go away (was expensive and had gluten in it) before I was dx with celiac. Several months ago I found out that my vitamin D level was very low. I've been taking a supplement and my pain has decreased but not gone away. I want to get the rest of my levels checked because I believe that I may have some other deficiency that is causing this pain. Definately fascinating!