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  1. She has had four negative blood tests, two negative scope/biopsies, and positive Enterlab stool results and diet removal results. What is telling you she was positive on DQ9? I have no idea how to read this results at all!
  2. I had the gene testing done on my daughter but I'm not sure they did the right tests????? What do you think.... Results HLA Class II, Locus DQB, Allele 1 Results:0303 HLA Class II, Locus DQB, Allele 2 Results: 0604 Serological Equivalent: DQ 6, 9 Explanation says "If less than 2 alleles are reported for a locus, the patient is likely homozygous" I thought the gene testing was DQ 2 & 8? What do you think the scores of 0303 & 0604 mean (greater than 2?)
  3. BK fries make me sick within hours of eating them every time. However, I seem to do just fine with the McD's fries.
  4. Joint Pain

    joint pain was one of my main symptoms. In fact, I was actually dx'd with Fibromylagia before discovering that gluten was actually the problem. I have also removed dairy from my diet and have noticed that any "accidental" dairy ingestion actually causes the joint pain to flare up again. You also may be suffering from other food intolerances.
  5. Advil?

    I've had problems with both Walmart and Sam's brand generics. Both companies assured me that they were safe but after a week on generic Ibuprofen with tummy problems, extreme fatigue and depression-I've ditched the generics!!
  6. I've been gluten-free/CF for about five months. I've felt really great with the exception of when I've accidently glutened myself. However, the last two weeks I've noticed that the fatigue is starting to creep back. This is different then the extreme exhaustion I felt before. I'm wondering if I'm anemic or if my B12 is low. Has anyone had a similar experience after being gluten-free for awhile???
  7. Passionfruit I'm struck by your statement regarding how you lost the urge to go. I have a 7 year old who has struggled with chronic constipation and encopresis since the age of 2. Long story short her GI has spent the last 5 years telling us that it was a behavioral thing and we just needed to repotty train her. She tells me that she soils in her pants because she doesn't feel the need to go or her brain doesn't tell her it's time. She's been tested for celiac three times and biopsied once. Her first blood test showed her AGA IGG at 54 with normal <10. Biopsy was normal. GI said no celiac. I just found out last month that my Fibro is actually gluten intolerance (stool test and diet change was positive despite negative blood tests). I'm still not convinced that she doesn't have issues with gluten. I need to have the stool test done on her. Your statement just reminds me of her.
  8. For you experienced gluten-free cooks-every time I try to make a gluten-free, vegan cupcake I end up with a gumy, undercooked blob. The taste is good but the texture is way off. Any suggestions on what may be causing this and how to remedy it. I cook from scratch-no store bought mixes. I used Bette Hageman's gluten-free flour mix, xanathum gum, and egg replacer.
  9. Day four and I finally hit the brick wall. Terrible headache, fogginess, can hardily keep my eyes open, little tummy ache, constipated. Looks like I may be on the right track after all.....
  10. You should start a food and symptom journal. Dairy is also a big allergen for a lot of people. You might try eliminating that while you wait for the celiac test to be done.
  11. One of the reason's I choose to go ahead with the challenage is because the pain had returned in my legs and arms. I also was trying to locate the suspected cc but couldn't find anything. Interestingly, the soreness in my thighs (now I have it in my lower legs)has actually disappeared since eating gluten again-makes me suspect that I may also be intolerant to one of the gluten-free flours or starches. I had a very difficult time taking that first bite-I was ready to burst into tears at the restaurant. My seven year old was very cute-she stared at me like she was waiting for me to pass out or throw up. LOL I feel more confused than ever about the gluten since starting this challenage.
  12. I've been gluten free for about 2 1/2 months. All tests were negative but I'm still waiting on the results from Enterolab. I reintroducted gluten this weekend (today is the third day) and I was expecting to be really sick by now but that isn't the case. I've noticed that I have a burning sensation in my legs and arms, feel more tired than a few days ago, today I have a slight headache, heart palpatations last night, and a little bit of brain fog. I feel like if I wasn't paying close attention I could easily miss these symptoms. I've never had GI symptoms. If you reintroduced gluten did it take a while before you noticed major symptoms? I'm feeling confused since I haven't been extremely sick the last few days. I did feel extremely better after removing the gluten two months and all my Fibro symptoms seemed to disappear. I'd love to hear some of your experiences.....
  13. Does anyone know where I can view this slide show? The link is broken.
  14. Hi Traveler My daughter whose is 7 was dx'd with Eosinophilic Esophagastis last September. They actually found the cells in her esophagas, tummy, and colon. She does not have celiac. Through standard allergy testing-skin & blood-we have found eleven food allergies and a bunch of environmental. She has improved since the allergens were removed but not 100% We are expecting to see more eosinophilic cells when she has another endoscope next month. I believe that I am gluten intolerant so we have not ruled out the same possiblity for her. Have you visited the apfed.org or cured.org websites yet? They are both on EE disorders. Good luck.
  15. Hi, I was dx'd with Fibro a few years ago. Decided to try a gluten-free diet to see if I felt better. I noticed immediate improvements with the brain fog and exhaustion. The muscle pain took longer. I had the blood work done prior to going gluten-free and it was all negative. I believe I've been glutened a couple of times because the above symptoms returned. I decided it was time to test the gluten-free diet and see if it was really the culprit. I ate two slices of bread yesterday and several real chocolate chip cookies. Today I again had bread and cookies. Last night I had an extremely foggy feeling and had a hard time staying awake but when I woke up this morning I felt really good--so I ate more gluten today. My typical symptoms have been consistent with those of Fibro except most Fibro patients feel at their worst in the morning and I have always felt good in the am and progressively worse as the day goes by. I was expecting to feel like I'd been hit by a truck by that really hasn't happened yet. Is two days too soon for some--should I continue to eat gluten for a few more days before I make any snap judgements? I've never had GI issues caused by gluten (although I do from dairy). I'm wondering what symptoms others who are Gluten Intolerant and not full blown Celiac have experienced? I've had the following: brain fog joint/muscle pain extreme fatigue depression lack of motivation burning sensation in legs and arms extremely cold hands and feet feeling like the inner core of my body is shivering and unable to get warm Restless Legs extremities falling asleep often headaches