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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vegan Celiacs?

    Yes- I forgot to mention Vegiacs for Vegetarian and Vegan Celiacs- great site. Thanks for mentioning those other sources- it's very helpful- I've never seen any of those burgers, but will have to look into it. Cheers:)
  2. Vegan Celiacs?

    I've been a Vegetarian for some time now and since learning about my Celiac and additional intolerances, such as dairy, casein, and lactose, I have decided to go Vegan. Currently I have Candida, too, so talk about restrictions, I'm living them. However, fortunately, I can eat nuts and possibly soy, I'm waiting out to test for sensitivity or not with that. That being said: all lentils (those with bean sensitivities, I do not know if this is why or not, but they have to be prepared in an arduous/advanced way (usually) to remove all of the gas, maybe that is causing the problems?); chickpeas; soy (almost double protein of any meat/poultry/fish); spinach; broccoli; cauliflower; kale; nuts; coconut (coconut oil); flaxseed (flaxseed oil); quinoa; gluten-free oats (if you can tolerate them) and many other sources provide protein. Mix the sources and eat appropriately and one can have more than adequate protein on a gluten-free Vegan Diet. There are gluten-free Vegan and Vegetarian Cookbooks now and most Vegan cookbooks can alter towards a gluten-free and other restriction lifestyles. Vegan cookbooks can provide so many tasty ways to cook the same ol' same ol', I believe it can keep the palette from becoming bored. I think it's possible, it's just a matter of what an individual feels they can or cannot deal with and how they do or don't want to. I am willing myself to be a gluten-free Vegan, but I support anyone else's choice/s to go in whatever direction they choose.
  3. Why The Weight Gain?

    OK. I'm Back. So, for those of you who have experienced weight gain made sure to get off lactose/dairy and other difficult to digest/often allergen foods, too. For alteast two months, while your intestines heal, you are supposed to have little to none of any of the above, but definitely no lactose. Slowly you can introduce those foods back into your diet after that extended time. Those foods are any refined/bleached sugars, dairy, lactose (can also be found in soy products), cassein (milk protein), corn, white potatoes, soy(temporarily for some), and the gluten-free pastas,carbs,crackers, and/or sweet food alternatives should be minimal for that length of time,too. Otherwise your body won't properly digest and/or absorb these products and nutrients either. Also, you might find you have other food sensitivities, too, which can also hinder weight loss. Another thing to check is to see if you have Candida. Look it up, the internet(the legitimate sites only) can answer all of your qustions about this. This can be healed by a strict diet and with it untreated has many similarities as Celiac, but loads of others, too. Two of the main things are weight gain and lethargy. It's worth a look into for those of you who are trying everything and nothing is working. It does go away by following the diet restrictions for the set amount of times. As for what I was suggesting with the heart monitor, in simplest terms, there are phases your heart/body/lungs/blood pumping collectively goes into when you are exercising- Aerobic (with oxygen (into the system)) and Anaerobic (without Oxygen into the system). Both should be looked into and learned for your height and weight (you can find heart rate charts on the internet). A heart rate monitor can help make sure you mostly stay in the aerobic range, optimum fat-burning, while exercising. You should challenge yourself atleast a couple of times a week by pushing yourself into the Anaerobic stage of exercising (J.I.C.- you are still breathing, without Oxygen just means it's not being registered) by sprints, heavier weights (known as "Maxing Out"), whatever challenges you and your body. However, for people with weight problems, it's best to keep it simple and in the Aerobic range for you to burn fat and lose weight. I hope this helps- if I can think of anything else, I'll post again. Cheers
  4. Why The Weight Gain?

    eeek. I am newly diagnosed and this has been my biggest fear, too. I actually cried about that instead of my diagnosis- haha. Although I believe I have had Celiac for almost 20 years, I know I had/have Hypothyroidism and was diagnosed 15+ years ago. For that amount of time, plus, weight gain has always been a hurdle. It didn't/doesn't matter how little I eat, how healthily or how much I exercised, I kept packing on the pounds and often annoying, I'd get to hear the doctors try to tell me that I wasn't doing what I was saying (aka cheating) and/or wasn't aware of it. Ahhhh condescention is the knife into the weighty wound. The best thing I can offer is tips and what happened to me and what worked and or didn't work. I hope something might help, and in this see of neverending abyss of struggles, I hope I can remember the more crucial points. For the most recent weight gain- I'd become so ill, for the first time in ages, I couldn't exercise in addition to a number of things. From what the doctor's have suggested and from what I researched and was told ages ago is not unsimilar to what some people have warned about. There is the cruel thing called "warrior gene" *don't look into it, all of the listings at the top of searches are about a violent Scottish warrior gene- that's not what my endocrinologist labeled*. This gene senses that you are in starvation mode and stores everything you eat like you are trying to survive the famine. The only good and probably unrealistic plus of this is, if you are stranded, starving, etc., you will outlive all of the others in the identical situation. The mean thing is- it stinks and is not fair. Seriously, not many will ever understand, so you have to fight to get well and to make sure your voice is heard about this and you are going to have to try harder than others always. Additionally, I was told I have lactose intolerence and more than likely a carbohydrate intolerance and possibly more new food allergies or intolerences. From what I was told and with my other "diabetic" symptoms (I do have hypoglycemia), that more than likely, with the Celiac's disease and my unhealed intestines, that I was processing carbohydrates (especially refined ones) like a diabetic, because my body couldn't recognize the nutritional elements of foods, especially those, and it was storing it completely as fat. So, one- you may have a thyroid, diabetic, and or other autoimmune disease that could be acting like this, and/or you could have another intolerance/allergy to food and your body still has not healed properly, and/or you may be consuming unknown gluten like medications, etc, and/or you may not have any of those problems and might not be eating as healthily as you think, and/or you may be exercising out of your heart range, and/or it may be a combination. I would look into everything, especially getting regularly checked for additional autoimmune disorders. *I'm going to have to finish this later- I'm whooped.