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  1. I am in Keller and belong to North Texas GIG. I also teach so I know the feeling!
  2. I just found single servings of Bush's baked beans
  3. Dr. Mary Van Hal is my internist. She is Keller Texas
  4. Your post is something I have needed. I would love to be part of this forum.
  5. Rereading this thread has convinced me to stick with WW. I had reached goal and then was diagnosed. Put on 30lbs. I have taken off 10 and have been struggling ever since. I would love thread on this subject.
  6. Kuddos to Contential Airlines for serving Honey Nut Chex for our breakfast flight. Thank you!
  7. I have been going to WW and with plenty of exercise, have been able to slowly lose weight. I use the popcorn by General Mills for munchies and use very few prepared gluten free products. Glad to know you are are. I need the support.