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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Not yet. It is H Pylori. I meet with my GI doctor tomorrow morning and have allergy testing by another doctor in the afternoon. So, hopefully they can shed some light on this.
  2. I found something in the itunes U you might be interested in. I searched for Eosinophilic Esophagitis. It came up with a lecture called pediatric grand rounds; Eosinophic Esophagitis: Diagnosis and Management. It was for doctors and med school students at U of Arizona so, much of it was over my head but they did mention blood. It is worth looking into.
  3. Thank you Laura. I have been looking for information. There is not as much as the Celiac community. I am getting allergy tested on Thursday and have another appointment with my GI doctor to go over the medications for the bacterial infection. Hopefully he can shed more light on it. He suggested oral steroids but I am not too keen on using steroids. Have you or anyone else out there in cyberland used diet or herbs to treat EE? If so, how successful have you been? I found a site that sells traditional chinese medicine to treat EE and other conditions. Know anything about it? http://hnmrc.net/pd1983722592.html?categoryId=0&gclid=CLfU6dyEwJ8CFVFM5QodaD-63g I heard that NIH has a clinical trial for EE. I'd like to take part in it but, I am a little bit weary about it, as I don't know much about it or what it entails putting into my body. Any suggestions?
  4. I thought I had Celiac because I have a rash on my wrist and my thighs that I have had for 4+ months which kind of looks like DH from the pictures I have seen. I had asked my GI doctor and he wasn't sure, as he is not a dermatologist. I had the celiac panel blood test and an endoscopy. I tested negative for both for Celiac. I tested positive for Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Is DH only associated with Celiac or is it also associated with other diseases?
  5. Thank you for that explanation. The doctor called me today and he said I have EE and a bacterial infection in my stomach. He wants me to take some antibiotics but I haven't heard of which ones because I am also alergic to Penicilin.
  6. I had been wondering if I have Celiac Disease. I have had terrible acid reflux for about 2 years now. I also have had what looks like DH (but am not sure) which now looks like it's subsided. My bother (who is also a doctor) did an organic acid test on me which came back with high levels of yeast. He put me on a wheat, sugar, and dairy free diet for 6 months. The symptoms became much less but still had "DH". I went back on gluten in order to get tested. I had the Celiac panel blood test which came back negative and had the Endoscopy today. The doctor didn't think it was Celiac but saw alot of irritation in the esophagus. He took several biopsies but won't know until next week. My question is if it esophagitis, why the sensitivity to gluten?
  7. Going Yeast And Gluten Free?

    I continued eating corn products, such as grits. In either form I ate corn. So, I think it is fine.
  8. Going Yeast And Gluten Free?

    I have had very bad acid reflux for the past 2 years. My brother, a D.O. in Maine, gave me an organic yeast test. It came back with very high levels of yeast. He put me on a gluten, sugar, and dairy, yeast elimination diet for 6 months. It was basically a vegetable (except mushrooms-due to the fungus), meat, and rice diet. It was hard to begin with but, I eventually got used to it. I am now off the diet and I slowly reintroduced those things I couldn't eat while on the diet. I still have problems with gluten. I am in the process of doing the gluten challenge so I can be tested. I did really well when I was gluten-well. I have several rashes that look like DH which have been there for about 8 months or so. I don't know for sure yet since I have not been tested. I hope this helps!
  9. Type Of Doctors - Sterling, VA

    Ok. I am not sure how to edit the Topic Title to reflect that. Anyway, I live in Sterling, VA, very close to Dulles Airport.
  10. I am in the process of doing the gluten challenge. I do not have a GI doctor per se. I have not made an appointment for testing yet. Could I go to my regular family doctor for this, or would it be better to use a Alergist or find an GI doctor?
  11. First of all, thank you for this site and forum. What a great resource. Second, I have a suspicion that I may have Celiac Disease. About 2 years ago, I started having problems with my digestion (mainly with proteins) in the form of acid reflux. For awhile I was able to deal with it with over the counter drugs. But, then it became chronic. I am a tour director and spend a lot of time talking and traveling. We had stopped at a Golden Corral and spent much of the time in the bathroom, while my group enjoyed their meal. On the way up to DC from Charlottesville, I continued to spit up into a bag. I was hoping a good night sleep would help but, I got no sleep, as all night long I spit up and was no able to talk the next day. Luckily a parent gave me enzymes that finally got me to digest the food from the night before. This was my rock bottom. My brother is an Osteopath in Maine. He had me do an Organic Yeast test. He put me on a strict no sugar, wheat, or dairy diet for 6 months. I am now off the diet and still have acid problems when I eat wheat (though not as bad as that night). I have had a rash on my inner thighs for about 8 months and another on my wrist that is incredibly itchy. I have seen several doctors about this and have used anti-fungal creams and tea tree oil, which help temporarily with the itching but always comes back. I heard on a few podcasts about celiac disease and did some research and found being gluten-free makes me feel better. I talked to my brother about this and he says that I should be tested. My question is this: I have been back on gluten for a few days (in order to do the Celiac test) but don't want to be continually throwing up. How long do I need to be eating gluten foods to get an accurate test result? I have not seen my regular doctor (not my brother) about this yet but, saw him early on and he had suggested one of the acid reflux otc drugs. Thank you again for your assistance and this great site! Cybele