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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Several years ago (before I knew I had gluten issues) I started following the WW plan with books that a friend had given me. I basicly cut out any processed food aside from a very few like salad dressing which I used for cooking my chicken. My diet was fairly simple, but about the only item I ate that was gluten at all was the WW bread (which always resulted in tight pants and cramping). I'm not sure if you eat a lot of gluten-free food that are available in stores, but I am finding these things are recently giving me new problems, including stubborn weight. I am now getting back away from any boxed or processed foods, and am already seeing that my clothes are less tight. My diet is kind of simple (boring) again, but I will have applesauce in the morning with some gluten-free granola, maybe a side of quinoa (I'll cook some up and eat it alone for a snack). I go and buy bulk nuts and drid cranberries to make my own trail mix. And then lunch and dinner are usually a mix of fruit, chicken breast, salad, quinoa again, or brown rice, and a variety of raw veggies. My treats are the occasional chai latte from startbucks, or a bit of chocolate. Just wanted to share my story in case it could help anyone
  2. http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com She has been my saviour in this so far. My family LOVES these recipes, and for some reason (maybe the extra energy after getting this garbage out of my system) I am so eager to experiment with different flavour variations! For just starting out it's a great go-to site, the breads are fantastic, and she's also got a tonne of vegan recipes now too. I just know that anything I make from her blog will taste delicious, and be quick and easy to make! Makes the journey soooo much more bearable.
  3. From what I understand if I take the blood test for celiac's while NOT eating gluten it will come up negative. This means I would have to go back to eating gluten, for how long I don't know, to get a true result...is there any real benefit to an official diagnosis? Or should I just listen to my body? I can't reconcile with purposely suffering without a good cause, it's bad enough when it's accidental, or just a mild reaction.
  4. Starbucks Confused?

    I wonder if the caramel syrup is coloured? Doesn't caramel colour have gluten? I had a white mocha steamed milk and didn't have a reaction. This is all so overwhelming! Even after talking to a chef I got sick, pretty sure it was via cross-contact, but he said his girlfriend has celiac's so how the hell do they do that? Found out after that pizza is their specialty , maybe I'm more sensitive then I first thought...
  5. Starbucks Confused?

    I just had a caramel non-fat steamed milk, I am in agony and have gone up about 3 pant sizes! About an hour ago I was just admiring how even though it is 'that time of the month', I was so non-bloated. I don't know if it was cross contaminated or what, but it's killing me. (I should mention I did also have a kahlua chocolate, but the ingredients on that were a-ok as far as I could tell)
  6. Stomach Ache After Glutened

    I'm not diagnosed celiac disease but after going gluten free and then eating gluten, my symptoms seemed to be more severe then before and I wondered why it took so many years for me to consider this ailment. I think maybe when eating gluten all the time we might feel so cruddy already, that we don't notice another hit, but when the body feels good and defenses are down, the symptoms feel more severe. Just my 2 cents
  7. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    Hi all, I'm new to the gluten free life and live in beautiful BC. I haven't been officially tested for celiac disease or gluten allergy/sensitivity, but got tipped off to the gluten-free diet when a friend was diagnosed. I've had multiple autoimmune issues since I was 9 (and more suspected since I've started to look at connections), and had a range of severe pain symptoms over the last year, some attributed to internal scar tissue, some to injury of the ureter. Ultimately the Dr suggested my bloating and cramping was due to adhesions wrapped around the intestines, but merely days after avoiding gluten I've had pretty much zero bloating and pain after eating. I don't know that I'll go for full testing at this point, everything I've read online suggest that I can still be healthy as long as I get enough grains and protiens. I just wanted to say hi because I intend to follow the diet someone who has celiac's would and may go for testing in the future. I am confident this is the answerr for me, my brain is clearer, I'm WAY more calm and rational, I have no more digestional problems after eating, and my skin is no longer so itchy I cuould claw it off. I have noticed a bit of acne which is abnormal for me, but I'm hoping it's just any toxins leaving my body.