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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Post-Ingestion Bloating

    well hopefully since you said you forced it you didn't strain something. for me, after a glutening my body seems to have this same cycle/sequence of recovering as far as my digestive system- start with bloating, gut wrenching pain and "d" and then i seem to go to constipation but still feel bloated and gut pain, and finally the bloating and pain subsides and my bowels return to normal. this usually spans a course of 5 to 7 days. things that help- very light eating like small meals at a time, eating only easily digested foods like baked chicken or fish, gluten free broth, rice, fruits and veggies. i also take a probiotic daily along with lots and lots of lemon water to help cleanse. it really is just a matter of time and giving your system a rest with a healthy diet to heal the inflammation. i hope you feel better soon!
  2. i dealt with this too and noticed a huge difference since going gluten free. i am not in the medical field but can tell you long story short after MANY tests they determined i had SVT. it feels like a-fib and i have sometimes remained for days with the condition where my heartbeat stayed upwards to almost 200 bpm. it was scary and i truly thought i was going to die. please check it out with a cardiologist. its not a life threatening condition (thank God) but its sooooo scary and dibilitating. if i accidentally eat gluten i find my heart skips and feels out of rhythm. and like the others said it just sort of kicks in high gear and then it pops back into a normal pattern. episodes can last a couple beats to several days. i hope all turns out well for you. best wishes!
  3. sounds like you inadvertently confirmed it! i noticed you said you were a thyroid cancer survivor ... celiac disease certainly attacked my thyroid. if you wouldn't mind answering ... did you have any symptoms before finding out you had thyroid cancer or was it discovered "by accident"? glad to hear you are on the right track ... it takes a while but there's no going back once you heal!
  4. yes for me it hits in a matter of hours and lasts around 2 to 3 days.
  5. Eating At Relative's....

    i agree. it sounds like they are trying to help you in anyway they can but don't fully understand how easy cc can be for you. we get together with our folks every other week specifically for supper and we have them come to our house. i cook, they bring something (since that makes them feel like they are contributing) but i KNOW what exactly is in my food. i said something along these lines - "i know i sound high maintenance and overboard but after researching how to treat myself i have to be extreme or i will never fully get better and since i know y'all love me and want that for me i hope you will try to be understanding." best wishes! and remember cc is just as bad as eating a bite or plate of gluten!!!
  6. Disney In Orlando

    my husband and i recently celebrated our 15th anniversary by going to disney for a few days and i am relieved and happy to report after constantly eating out that i had NO incidents with gluten or contamination. no matter which restaurant we went to the chef personally came out to talk with me and discuss my options and assure me they have dedicated equipment. it was such an awesome experience. after the 2nd meal eating out i felt comfortable that they could and would handle my food safely. they even offered up pancakes, waffles & breads that they could make me if i chose that weren't listed on the menu. it was such a different experience at a disney restaurant than one around town ... my husband joked about how we got the royal treatment there having the chef come to our table and give us his personal attention. completely opposite of if you go to one around town and they roll their eyes at your "high maintenance" order. 2 of our favorite places- the yacht club and cat cora's restaurant "kouzinna" (both at the boardwalk) the chef's there were awesome!!!!
  7. Sore Eyes

    i have dealt with dry achy eyes for several years now. i too was hoping for relief after being gluten free by now. i notice if i don't get enough sleep (most nights) that it tends to aggrevate the soreness even more. they just h.u.r.t. some things that my eye doc told me to do often: take fish oil, eat fish, tomato based foods and green leafy ... all great for eye health and stave off inflammation. if you are on the computer or do a lot of close range activity make sure to step away and look out into the horizon as far as you can to keep eye muscles strong and give your eyes a rest. eye drops to moisturize (i have to use them daily and this for me doesn't help much most days). you mentioned an elimination diet which may help ... i'm thinking of cutting out sugar. i know sugar wreaks havoc so i am hoping by eliminating it i will notice improvement. i hope you find relief soon.
  8. sustenex ... they have a website for coupons you can print too.
  9. Poll Time:

    gooey thick doughy pizza, chic fi la, soft doughy pretzel, cream filled donut and beer battered fried fish with a side of hush puppies!!!!
  10. i have svt after years of tests done. my heart rate will do the same thing ... i've had it in the 200's before on several occassions. i have noticed a MAJOR improvement since being gluten free. i will notice around my cycle that it will act up and that is quite possibly the hormonal fluctuations that naturally occur. i was and sometimes still stop-in-my-tracks scared to death because of the palps along with racing for no apparent reason. but like i said i've had many tests to rule things out and its best for you to see a cardiologist that is just as serious as you are about discovering the root cause. if he/she tells you to drop a few pounds or its all in your head or anxiety find another doctor if you are not satisfied. i was told all of the above but it ended up being a real problem with my electrical system in my heart. if it is svt ... relaxation techniques, staying away from gluten, msg, alcohol and other triggers will help aleviate the frequency. and it is benign for the most part ... but again make sure the specialist who ruled everything else out confirms that. best wishes.
  11. i just don't eat over sparing their feelings (moms included). moms generally want the best for you but if they don't fully understand the disease they don't *know* what the best is for you. so you just gotta be tough and more insistent then they are. EVENTUALLY they'll get it. oh and give them information overload.
  12. Any Help Is Appreciated :(

    for me, my chronic insomnia has taken months before i saw improvement. its by no means cured but i have noticed a significant difference. on that note, i also notice if i accidentally eat gluten that my nights will consist of mostly tossing and turning and no matter how tired i am i will only get a few hours of restless sleep. i seriously do not understand how i functioned all these years on the amount of sleep i got. i think for most people insomnia just takes longer to improve. oh and i got some helpful tips about b vitamins and sleep so find those links and check them out. have you had your b levels checked? best wishes ... sleep will improve, it just may take longer than you want!
  13. Severe Bone Pain- Anyone Else?

    i'm 3/4 of a year being gluten free for the most part except for accidents and a challenge but the bone/joint pain for me is magnified a great deal if i eat gluten. its awful and scary to feel that poorly. hope you feel better soon.
  14. Had To Share

    enabler. now i want some.
  15. Do You Take A Probiotic?

    sustenex (and if you go online they have $1 & $5 coupons you can print out).