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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone have any GOOD information about bleu cheese? I have been told that there is a bleu cheese mold that is NOT made from bread but when I contacted the supposed manufacturer they wouldn't tell me anything. Wouldn't even confirm that they made such a thing. Also said their customer list was "propritary". I told them all I wanted to do was find out who manufactured a bleu cheese celiacs could eat. They were no help at all. I had been told that Maytag bleu was made from non-bread mold so I called them but was told their mold comes from rye bread. Is this a hopeless cause? Does anyone have any other info?
  2. Has anyone tried to make or found a place to buy gluten-free puff pastry? I have been rather discouraged making bread type products from scratch. I did make some corn muffins that were pretty good using a mixture of gluten-free flours. But the pizza crust I also made using corn starch, rice flour & tapioca starch was HORRIBLE. Crummbled to pieces & tasted uncooked. ICK
  3. Bone Pain

    Deb: It sounds like people with celiac develop all sorts of other intolerances. What on earth do they eat????? No grains, no milk, no soy etc etc. Sounds like a good way to starve. I have been gluten-free for about 8 months but still feel tired a lot, & now the aching leg at night. I do take B12 & multivitamins. But I wonder if I am getting enough nutrition. I eat a lot of fruit & rice. And I crave sweets much mroe than I used to, maybe it's because I can't eat desserts, so I eat ice cream instead.
  4. I've read on this forum or someplace about bone pain associated with celiac. I have been having a pain in my left leg from the hip down to the knee, including the joints but also the thigh bone and only at night. Once I get out of bed it goes away & I am not bothered with any pain during the day. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  5. Newly Diagnosed Celiac

    Hi Bob: I can certainly relate. I was diagnosed last May & I am still trying to cope with it. (And not doing very well.) It is so frustrating to find that there is so much you CAN'T eat. But there are a lot of us out there, so you will get plenty of advice. If you like Mexican food, you can eat lots of enchiladas made from corn tortillas - I go out to eat Mexican every week & have enchiladas, rice & black beans.
  6. Olive Garden

    I went to Oilve Garden for my birthday & wanted to eat the Stuffed Chicken Breast I saw advertised on TV. I thought "hey, I can eat chicken & cheese". Well I was told the cheese sauce had wheat or flour in it. So I abstained. Well yesterday our local newspaper published the recipe which they said was given to them by a chef at Olive Garden & there was no wheat product of any kind in the recipe. Hmmmm, so why does the same dish in the restaurant contain some sort of wheat product???? What restaurants are typically safe? (Something besides salad please.) By the way, there is a restautant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called "Tess" that has gluten free items on their menu. I've been told one of the owners has celiac & understands the issue. Good food too!
  7. Gf Baking

    Everyone says make gluten-free bread in a bread machine. I used to make bread all the time until I learned I have celiac. Any of the gluten-free bread I have eaten is yucky. Dry & tasteless. I have used Betty Haggman's recipes for biscuits & pizza crust. They are SO hard to work with. Terribly gummy - like wallpaper paste & only taste good when fresh out of the oven. I'd like to make bread, pie crusts (for quiche & tarts) crepes etc. but I'd like them to taste good. Is it even possible to make some that taste similar to the "real" thing? Any good recipes out there?
  8. Discouraged

    Thanks for the input. Rice Crackers, rice cakes, rice bread - ugh. I actually LIKE rice but it is getting old. I have made biscuits & pizza crust using potato starch & corn starch & they are edible - barely & only when hot. I guess I just haven't gotten used to not eating wheat bread or cereals without wheat. I have tried the rice pasta & it too was gummy. I had gluten free bread in the hospital & thought it was like pet food. Dry & tasteless. Maybe it is just taking too long for me to adapt.
  9. Discouraged

    Hope someone can offer some advice. This is my first post. I was diagnosed in May. I have been trying to stick to this awful diet but am getting tired of puffed rice or cream of rice with yogurt for breakfast & only salads or fruit for lunch. I eat egss once or twice a week. Checked out the health food stores but food the food seems unappetizing in appearance & over-priced. What do others eat for breakfast? How about lunch when you have to brown bag it 5 days a week? I am always tired & still have stomach aches. I fear I am not getting enough nutrition, & yes I do take vitamins & iron & calcium. I often wonder what is the point of this miserable diet when I don't feel any better? Can someone offer some advice? Thanks