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  1. Thanks so much for all the recommendations - that's what I was looking for! I have begun to realize I will have to plan things out much more than I am used to but I guess once I get the hang of it, it'll be OK.
  2. You can contact me anytime at tmbarke@sbcglobal.net

    I can save you some of the hassle that I had endured with my diagnosis.

    I eat just as normal as I used to so I can get you close to that as well

    Stay strong - it's worth the great feelings you endure after ridding yourself of the gluten.


  3. I was just diagnosed with Celiac's last week, had never really heard of it until a few weeks ago when my doctor decided to test me due to anemia for which no one could find a cause. My doctor did not know much about it, told me to look up information online about what I can and cannot eat. My problem is this diet is already hard for me - I love bread & pasta! I didn't really have any symptoms other than the anemia, so changing my eating is not making me feel any differently which is going to make it even harder to stick to. Also, I am feeling hungry all the time, like I am missing something (which I know I am). Just wondering if this is a normal feeling when you're first diagnosed and if it gets better. I have found gluten free foods online & at the grocery store, so maybe it will get better after trying some of those. Any advice anyone has would be much appreciated - thank you! .