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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Onset Of Glutening Sx

    15-20 mins my stomach starts to bloat and hurt. This lasts for hours and then the humdinger bathroom visits are usually 6-8 hrs later.
  2. Joint Pain

    Yes, when I get glutened. I just posted about this very topic two weeks ago!
  3. Need To Cleanse

    My natural medicine doctor was not big on colon cleansing either. He had me do detox by supplements, rebounding :-), and sweat.
  4. Many of us have thyroid disease as well. I have not noticed any change in my disease since being gluten free. That would be wonderful if you experience that benefit. I think it depends on the amount of disease you have, whether you will experience benefit from being gluten-free.
  5. hee hee that was funny Jestgar. Thank you for all the great info everybody. I appreciate it.
  6. Treating Vitamin D Deficiency

    I've been dealing with that for two years. Every time I go, I end up with another Rx for 50,000 IUs a week. Usually for 3 months then a recheck. A doctor told me to just start taking 4,000 IUs daily. I do, and haven't had a problem since.
  7. I think at this point, I just give up. I have been eating gluten-free, and will just continue to eat gluten-free. It doesn't matter that he thinks it's not really necessary. I know my body. And I knew he would not hold any accountability to the Enterolab report. Sigh... it's like no one believes me. I will be dumbfounded if my labs show anything on them. Thanks everyone.
  8. I have been gluten-free for six months. I did enterolab testing and that came back with very high antibodies (Transglutaminase IgA: 98 AND Anti-gliadin IgA: 57)10 and under is considered normal. I cut gluten out and had a literally miraculous recovery. I finally established myself with a new doctor and told him my story, and of course he said the stool testing meant "diddly squat" and he would do a blood test. Did I mention I'm on a Rx for B12, mag and D?????? My understanding is the blood will come back with normal antibodies since I have been gluten-free for so long. He said if that's the case, I don't have Celiac. He said the gluten-free diet was an unpleasant lifestyle and why put myself through it if it isn't necessary? I know I have a severe intolerance, not sure about the actual Celiac since I have not had a biopsy. I am sick in 10 minutes if I eat gluten, I am NEVER EVER eating gluten again. I guess it's just frustrating and I wanted some opninons. He said if the antibodies came back elevated, I really should do the biopsy, that even after six months the villi would still show damage.
  9. Can I ask if the test was painful or uncomfortable? Did they put you to sleep? I'm sorry to intrude, but my doctor wants me to have the biopsy and I am afraid.
  10. Glutened: Numb Hands

    yes- left hand and left foot!
  11. Somebody Stop Me...

    I agree. I think many of us go through this. I did it myself a couple of months ago. I ate two sunchips, just to "see" what would happen. I WILL NEVER do that again. My reaction was so severe, I was sick and in agony all night long. If you decide to do it, just know that you could have that type of reaction.
  12. Joints

    Yes, only after I have eaten dairy or gluten. Then it seems to cycle out and become normal again.
  13. Explaining It To People

    I also say food allergies. If they ask for specifics, I tell them. Most people just say "oh" and that's the end of it.
  14. Success! Sweet sorghum flour- I really like it. Anybody else ever try baking with it? I have tried every kind of bean, potato, tapioca, etc. Finally, something I like!