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  1. Tastycake

    One of my friends sent me an mms today with a pic of these at Shoprite in Neptune, NJ. I can't wait to get there to try them out!! Any word on if they are made in a separate facility or if they at least batch test them?
  2. gluten-free In Vista, California?

    Oli, Thanks do much for all the info! I'm glad you told me about Frazier Farms- I was planning on going to Boney's but I think we'll hit up Frazier's instead. Do you have to bring your own wraps to Park Deli or do they have gluten-free wraps there? Thanks again! -Patti
  3. We transitioned both our kitties to Blue Buffalo's Blue Wilderness Grain Free Cat food. It was actually cheaper than the prescription food my one kitty was on for a sensitive stomach and her stomach is better on this than it was on the prescription! Both our kitties are more active, with shinier coats and we reduce our risk of cross contamination giving them this food. Barley grass is in the ingredients so there is still a mild risk that there may be some cross contamination, but not nearly the amount that there was in their previous foods.
  4. I'm going to be traveling to Vista, California soon and the gluten free list I've compiled from a combo of Urban Spoon, gluten-free Registry and Google is mediocre at best. The towns we will be in include Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Murrieta. Any tips? We'll need to grocery shop but I'd also like to go out to eat. Also, has anyone eaten at Buca Di Beppo in Carlsbad or Flippin Pizza in Vista? How have you felt afterwards? Thanks in advance for your replies!!
  5. Peter, I used to feed my cats Iams indoor but then I saw it contained brewer's yeast. Isn't brewer's yeast a source of gluten?
  6. Thanks everyone! I contacted Trend and Teacher Created Materials and found out both brands are also gluten free. I contacted Oriental Trading too, but they still haven't replied. At least there are a few options!
  7. Is There A List Anywhere?

    I keep on forgetting things... Panda House is on RT 9 N in Freehold before you reach the mall. They have gluten-free Chinese/Thai food and are careful about cross contamination.. They even make gluten-free egg rolls!
  8. Is There A List Anywhere?

    Joe, you have to try Via Roma! And it's BYOB, so pick up some New Grist from the liquor store on your way over. You won't be disappointed!!
  9. Thanks.. I'll have to see if we can order through that company.
  10. Is There A List Anywhere?

    ... and the Stop and Shop in that plaza has a wide selection of gluten free foods... and the liquor store in that plaza carries 3 gluten free beers- Bards, New Grist, and Redbridge!
  11. Is There A List Anywhere?

    Mileto has now moved to Arnold Ave in Point Pleasant Via Roma, in the Stop and Shop Plaza on Rts 70 and 9 in Toms River has delicious Italian food.. and they even do vegan. Servers are knowledgeable about cross-contamination and the food is delicious! The prices are fair and their portions are huge!!
  12. I have a student with autism that is on a gluten/casein free diet and recently has a new obsession with stickers. He gets so maniacal about getting them that I have a suspicion he's getting gluten from them as it's the same behavior he gets when he's gotten gluten. Are there gluten free stickers that he can play with? I tried to do an internet search for them, but all I found were regular stickers that said "gluten free" on them.
  13. You shouldn't be forced to go somewhere unsafe. I agree with the above responses- if you were vegetarian, you wouldn't be expected to go to a steakhouse. Only, this is worse! Rather than being presented with foods you don't WANT to eat, you are being presented with foods you CAN'T eat... because they'll make you sick! There have been times when my bf and I have split up from the group and met up with everyone later. I'm sure people would rather a little "rudeness" than someone getting sick.
  14. Is There A List Anywhere?

    Some good gluten-free places to go to eat at the Jersey Shore/ Central Jersey (We've tested these all and not gotten sick): Mileto- Higgens Ave in Brielle. It's a Polish/Italian Deli. One of the owners has celiac. They make any of their sandwiches on homemade gluten-free bread. They also have homemade frozen gluten-free meals and bread and cookies and othert grocery items. Carlo's Gourmet Pizza- Rt 9 in Englishtown. gluten-free pizza, pasta, eggplant parm, garlic bread... Lots of choices. delicious food! Employees are very careful to prevent cross contamination and knowledgeable of a gluten-free diet. Charlie Browns- Rt 71 in Brielle, Hooper Ave in Toms River, Rt 70 in Lakewood (I'm sure there's more.. those are just the ones I know) Aside from the one in Brielle, neither of us have gotten sick and I'm not sure if our stomach aches were from cross contamination or just a stomach bug for the one in Brielle. Olive Garden- Hooper Ave Toms River, Rt 35 in Eatontown. gluten-free pasta was gross. Other gluten-free foods ok PF Changs- Rt 9 in Freehold, in the Tropicana Quarter in Atlantic City. Awesome food, pretty big gluten-free menu. Food is served on different plates than regular food. Make sure you ask for gluten-free soy sauce. Bonefish Grill- Rt 70 in Brick. Limited menu and pricey but what they do have is good. Longhorn Steakhouse- Rt 70 in Lakewood/Brick. Good food and haven't gotten sick, though we were worried about their scary menu (a print out from the website) Places to stay away from: Carrabba's- We checked and they make all their food on the same grill so risk of cross contamination is high. Outback Steak House- Rt 70 Brick. My bf has been repeatedly glutened here. Fat Cat Bake Shop- Brick. Despite selling "gluten free" baked goods, they are prepared with the same equipment, by the same people and the same utensils. We asked if they tried to prevent cross contamination and they seemed to have no idea they needed to.